"The secretary of the board of directors was beaten" company rumors, but looking at the falling stock price, you have no impulse to do it?

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"The secretary of the board of directors was beaten" company rumors, but looking at the falling stock price, you have no impulse to do it?

2018-09-11 20:25:03 146 ℃

When stocks don’t make money, everyone points to a variety of gossip in the stock market. Oh.

Today's Weibo is a big hit. You pass me and I pass you on. I said that when a group of researchers and fund managers went to the listed company for research, they beat the company's relevant person in charge.

According to screenshots posted on the Internet, Hangguo shares (002534.SZ) Dong Weiwei Wei Feng admitted to being beaten in the WeChat group chat, also sent a Zhejiang The WeChat location of the Provincial People's Hospital.

Detective Jun went to the investor exchange platform to interact with the easy-to-see, the Hangguo shares of the board of directors did not post photos, but it is indeed the name, the number is on .

But think carefully This is not in line with common sense. The secretary of the board of directors was born in 1983. His work experience seems to be quite rich. He has served as the securities affairs representative of Tianma Bearing Group Co., Ltd., the securities department manager of Zhejiang Weihai Construction Group Co., Ltd., and securities affairs. representative.

One thing that was so humiliated, why did you say so much? Did you fight?

In another more detailed WeChat chat screenshot, the group chat name shows the owner of the Hangguo shares, Dong Weiwei Wei Feng, who said that he was beaten because When the market is good, I said that the stock price of Hangpan is “buy below 10 pieces”. Now the stock price of Hangguo has dropped to 5.69 yuan/share, which is more than half when the company’s stock price is the highest.

Sharers have a cloud: listen to the director’s stocks lose half, listen to the director Long stocks are all losing money.

Do you have high-level "migrant workers" in the financial circle who will make this mistake?

Real Detective Jun Calling Hangguo shares to confirm this matter, the other lady said that although her own secretaries are indeed called Wei Weifeng, there is no agency to investigate the company in the near future. He always works in the company, not in the hospital, nor is he beaten. The WeChat screenshots circulating on the Internet may be forged by others.

Some netizens also said that the source of the news was that the Secretary of the Board of Directors was joking in the WeChat group, and the screenshots were passed out and everyone was taken seriously.

Hangzhou, the representative of Hangzhou Stock Exchange Securities, also sent a friend The circle said that there is no such thing.

It can only be said that the capital market days are too dull. The ability of the process to rely on editing has been greatly enhanced.

However, some netizens pointed out that if you don’t pass on others, you will be told that you are being beaten.

The research report last year was still on the Internet. The fierce organization of the company, the executives of the turn-around executives all reduced their holdings, and the performance in the fourth quarter fell. 30%+.

So, it’s estimated that you want to play a lot...

I don’t blame the public for their conviction on this gossip. After all, the capital market is not a reasonable place. If you don’t agree with it, try not to compare it. It is.

The roadshow brokers and fund managers are out of action because of the language!

The microblogging big V rice cooker boss said, this can be seen as the bottom mark of this round of bear market.

Sister Miss started For another big V that has "no gaps", the stock market is now moving, seemingly worried about being beaten by more than the secretary of the board, and the teacher.

Little friends, watching the stock price drop now, do you want to start the impulse? There are people or things that make you want to start, come to the comment area and talk to the detective.