Great price increase! Next week, the price adjustment of refined oil will be a foregone conclusion. It is expected to increase by 110 yuan per ton.

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Great price increase! Next week, the price adjustment of refined oil will be a foregone conclusion. It is expected to increase by 110 yuan per ton.

2018-09-13 10:25:13 100 ℃

■Reporter Su Shizhen

The current round of refined oil retail sales is expected to expand. As of September 12, the 7th working day of this round, Zhongyu Information estimates that the rate of change of crude oil is 3.06%. Crude oil was valued at US$77.094/barrel, up 2.629 USD/barrel from the benchmark price. It is expected to increase the price limit of refined oil by RMB110/ton at 24 o'clock on September 17.

Zhongyu Information Oil Researcher Hu Xue told reporters yesterday that crude oil rebounded strongly overnight, and the refined oil market quotation trended up. Yesterday, gasoline and diesel continued to rise steadily, and the increase was significantly larger than the previous day. . Crude oil fluctuated at a high level, and the intraday market weakened. The news still has short-term support. In the refined oil market, the trend of sales promotion of the merchants is positive, and the short-term trend is difficult to decline. In addition, the retail sales of the refined oil products are expected to continue to increase, and the market will continue to rise in the near future. It is expected that the market price of gasoline and diesel will remain high in the near future. Firmly up and waiting for the market.

Jin Lian, a refined oil product analyst, said in an interview with the Securities Daily yesterday that there is limited room for crude oil to fall in the short term. After the US Labor Day on September 5, it meant the end of the peak US crude oil consumption, so the recent rise in crude oil prices was blocked, but the continued increase in positions meant that funds were still coming in, supported by speculative forces, and falling in oil prices. Space is very limited and will continue to maintain a small range of shocks in the short term. Affected by this, the rate of change in the remaining days of the cycle will also fluctuate slightly in the positive range. From this point of view, the current retail price of refined oil products (next Monday) is likely to rise.

In terms of the wholesale market of refined oil products, Xu Peng said that although the retail price of refined oil products has an upward adjustment forecast next week, the increase may be limited, so the market guidance for refined oil products is relatively limited. Under the support of high operating rates in industrial and mining, infrastructure and other industries, as well as the fishing season and autumn harvest will support fisheries and agricultural diesel oil. The demand for diesel continues to improve.

Xu Peng said that the next Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day will come, the progress of gasoline consumption will accelerate, and the market demand for goods will be enlarged. On the whole, there is room for further improvement in the rigid demand for gasoline and diesel. In addition, the industry is generally optimistic about the later period. Therefore, after the inventory is digested, the replenishment is relatively fast, driving the refinery and shipping rhythm, and the price is under the pressure of no inventory. There is no doubt that it will continue to climb.

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