Zhongyu Information: International crude oil market is facing obstacles, domestic refined oil market is firm and rising

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Zhongyu Information: International crude oil market is facing obstacles, domestic refined oil market is firm and rising

2018-09-28 20:25:06 204 ℃
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China New Jingwei client September 28th: ​​"Zhongyu Information: International crude oil gains hinder domestic oil market is strong 》

Author Liu Biao (Zhongyu Information)

Price Forecasting

The US crude oil inventory report is biased towards bearishness while the US dollar is in the Federal Reserve The low rebound after the resolution of the meeting also put pressure on oil prices. International crude oil prices fell on Wednesday. September 27: On the 7th working day of this round, Zhongyu crude oil valuation of 79.764 is 2.313 or 2.99% higher than the benchmark price. It is expected to increase the price limit of refined oil by 150 yuan/ton at 24 o'clock on September 30.

Domestic average price

September 27 Zhongyu Information Monitoring China's 30 major provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, PetroChina, Sinopec wholesale price: Guowu 92# gasoline It was 9382 yuan/ton, down 5 yuan/ton from the previous working day; Guowu 0# diesel was 8143 yuan/ton, which was flat compared with the previous working day; gasoline and diesel were lower than the average retail price of 745 and 372 yuan/ton respectively. .

The majority of the refined oil market is rising steadily

The international crude oil continues to climb and continues to hit high levels. The Iranian issue is still a lingering support factor. And the recent OPEC production increase plan also encountered resistance. Although the API and EIA crude oil inventories have successively increased continuous pressure, the Fed’s interest rate hike boosted the US dollar and the crude oil was bearish. However, the intraday crude oil still showed an upward trend on the 27th. Under this situation, the domestic refined oil market has mostly stabilized and risen: South China's diesel oil has risen by 50, gasoline is stable; East China's steam and diesel mainstream maintains a sporadic increase of 50, and the main gasoline and diesel prices along the Yangtze River market are stable, with small adjustments. Within one hundred yuan; northeast and northwest are stable. However, some markets are facing sales and shipping pressures, and they are not flustered by the recent rise in crude oil: the price of North China is sporadic, the southwest is stable and the market is rising and falling, and the price reduction of individual main units is actively moving. The price of gasoline and diesel in Shandong's refining industry fluctuated slightly, with a range of 20-50 yuan/ton, and the terminal wait-and-see atmosphere was strong.

Market forecast

Although the Fed’s interest rate hike caused the dollar’s ​​rebound to put pressure on crude oil, but under the influence of Iran’s problems and OPEC’s production increase The supply of crude oil is still facing a tight trend. Short-term crude oil is still likely to continue to rise. Moreover, the domestic market not only faces a new round of price increase of refined oil products, but also has the support of downstream demand for the 11th holiday. It is expected that domestic refined oil prices will be strong in the short term. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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