Zhonghong shares past events: the debt group blocked the door, the boss left for the actress 砸 100 million

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Zhonghong shares past events: the debt group blocked the door, the boss left for the actress 砸 100 million

2018-11-09 00:25:25 150 ℃

文| AI Finance and Economics Liu Chuanping


Zhonghong shares are a foregone conclusion.

On the evening of November 8, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange made a decision to confirm that Zhonghong’s shares were delisted due to the stock price below the face value (1 yuan) for 20 trading days, and since November 16, 2018 Enter the delisting period. The deadline for the delisting period is 30 trading days. On the next trading day after the delisting period expires, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will delist the company's stock. At this point, Zhonghong shares have also become the first delisting “penny shares” in the history of A-share delisting.

On July 24th, Zhonghong shares stood up and clarified that the company’s actual controller, Mr. Wang Yonghong, has been staying in Hong Kong since the beginning of 2018. The contact has been smooth, and it has been involved in negotiating restructuring and coordinating the sale of company assets."

Twenty-one months have passed since the beginning of 2018, and Wang Yonghong’s return to the mainland has never been heard. In the 11 months when Wang Yonghong avoided Hong Kong, Zhonghong shares have already reached the point where they are running out of water.

As of October 29, the total amount of accumulated overdue debts of Zhonghong and its subsidiaries was 7.816 billion yuan, all of which were all types of loans. Zhonghong said that the company and its subsidiaries have recently repaid part of the loan. The company is currently negotiating a proper solution with the relevant creditors and is working hard to raise debt repayment funds.

To some extent, Zhonghong shares have been poor. On July 12, Zhonghong announced that it plans to sell 100% of the equity of Hainan Ruyi Island Tourism Holiday Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, for 1.4 billion yuan. Behind the sale of the island, Zhonghong fell into a rehearsal farce. On August 27, Zhonghong issued several announcements saying that it had “hands-on” with Jiaduobao to complete the restructuring. After a few hours, Zhonghong shares were immediately beaten, and Jiaduobao clarified that it had never signed a restructuring agreement with it. In the end, the reorganization of the "Golden Tea King" on the "Jingcheng Real Estate Tycoon" list ended in vain.

Behind the initiative to raise funds, Zhonghong was repeatedly pushed to the auction floor by creditors. On November 7th, 24 sets of shops of Zhonghong shares in Haikou were auctioned online in Ali. The evaluation price of 24 sets of shops exceeds 90 million yuan, and the auction time is from 10:00 on December 1 to 10:00 on December 2. In addition, Beijing Dongfu Cargill Investment Management Center, a subsidiary of Orient Assets, which is one of the creditors, also placed a loan owed by Zhonghong on the auction website of Ali. The estimated price was about 3.067 billion yuan and the bidding time was November 10. Until November 11.

At present, Zhonghong shares have been suspended since October 19, the stock price stayed at 0.74 yuan, and the market value remained 6.2 billion yuan. Prior to this, the company's stock has been trading for 20 consecutive days (2018) From September 13 to October 18, the closing price is lower than the face value of the stock (ie 1 yuan). According to the relevant regulations of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the decision to terminate the listing of the company's shares will be made within 15 trading days from the suspension of the company's shares.

On November 8, it was the key moment for the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to decide on Zhongsheng’s “life and death”. According to several media reports, Zhonghong has recently gone to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to attend a hearing to defend whether the company has withdrawn from the market, but the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has not made a final decision. On the evening of the 8th, Zhonghong’s withdrawal from the market was a foregone conclusion. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange decided to confirm that Zhonghong’s shares were delisted for a price of less than one face value for 20 consecutive trading days.

Waiting for the final referee is the 270,000 shareholders behind Zhonghong. In several groups of investors, the group owner directly added the words "Chinese monsters" in front of the group name. In the group of investors added by AI Finance and Economics, some began to fry the pot at 6 or 7 in the morning of November 8, and the investors searched, doubted and comforted each other in the group. Some people hope that Zhonghong can reorganize successfully, and do not withdraw from the market; some people think that they are unlucky, and they are suffering from it; some people encourage everyone to have a common heart.

The old man of the stock market entered the market at a price of one yuan. Now there are still 800,000 shares in his hand. "If I withdraw from the market, I will go to Hong Kong to find Wang Yonghong." Pharaoh told AI Finance and Economics, " This is not even a casino." It seems that the premise that Pharaoh went to Hong Kong to find Wang Yonghong has already been established.

In this context, on the morning of November 8, AI Finance visited the office of Zhonghong Holdings near Beijing Caofang Station.

"There were not a few people today." The staff of Zhonghong office was separated by a glass door and told AI Finance. When AI Finance further asked if you wanted to see the person in charge, the staff member replied directly that “the person in charge is absent, these days are not there.” Subsequently, AI Finance received the same answer from an employee who claimed to be Zhonghong’s executive. .

Property personnel told AI Finance and Economics that from last year to this year, there were a few waves of rights defenders coming here almost every month. What impressed him the most is that in the late October, there were 100 people around the building to go in. Zhonghong’s four internal security stations stood at the door to stop. Three defenders were injured because of the emotional rights of the defenders. , came the ambulance. When the security guard talked about it all, the mood was steady, as if such atrocities were commonplace.

AI Financial and Economics noticed that more than 20 private cars were parked in the parking lot in front of Zhonghong Office Building. The security guard told AI Finance and Economics that the parking lot was public and the car was a few employees. of. While staying near the building, AI Finance only noticed one or two employees who came in and out.

Under the dilemma, the real controller Wang Yonghong had avoided Hong Kong at the beginning of this year, and Wang Jihong, the chairman of Zhonghong, and Zhang Jiwei, the general manager, chose to leave the company on October 16. In the well-known news, on the eve of Zhonghong’s debt crisis, Wang Yonghong, the real controller, also took a worth of HK$124 million (about 109 million) for actress Han Xiting (who participated in “Jinling Thirteen”) in May 2017. Yuan Renminbi) Antique 雍正粉青双龙尊. Regrettably, in the end, there was no money to pay the defendant to court.