Real estate price cuts are being talked about? Hefei is the perfect epitome of China's property market changes!

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Real estate price cuts are being talked about? Hefei is the perfect epitome of China's property market changes!

2018-11-09 00:25:32 97 ℃

Summary: History is always strikingly similar

Author | Honey Sister

History is always strikingly similar.

Today, the honey sister received a phone call, and the other party said for half a minute. I didn’t hear a word. After repeated inquiries, I realized that he was a sales agent of a real estate agency in Beijing and asked if I had plans to buy a house in the near future.

I have been away from Beijing for 3 years. I didn’t expect the local real estate agents to remember me. Their professionalism is awe-inspiring.

Think carefully, the last time I received a call from a Beijing real estate agent was in 2015. Yes, it is on the eve of the new round of rising prices.

In the past three years, China’s property market has been turbulent, and some people rely on him to become rich in financial freedom. Some people have become a house slave every day.

It may be that the honey sister is getting older, or the house price is getting more and more out of reach of ordinary people. The voice of the discussion house has become the majority around me.

After something is highly regarded by most people, various "creative inventions" will follow. In the past few years, we have learned what is called tea and water, channel fees, and fee protection rights in the property market...

Today, my sister has learned a new word: the price has not been reduced.

There was an authoritative media report that Anhui Hefei recently reported that a real estate price was reduced by 6,000 yuan/m2, and the real estate director personally went to the investigation. Soon, the house prices rose again.

What's more, after Anhui, the price reduction of a real estate in Lushan, the local government organized a symposium on “the attempt to reduce the price”, suspended the pre-sale permit for the relevant real estate, and cooperated with four companies at the same time. The bank will impose penalties.

There is no way to think of such a singular routine.

Coincidentally, this time Hefei, the housing price correction incident, its property market is also the same as God. This seemingly unknown provincial capital city has opened the door to soaring housing prices.

In 2016, when most of the capital cities were still in the pipeline, Hefei attracted the attention of the whole country because of the amazing increase. Later, some studies found that Hefei was the city with the highest increase in global house prices in 2016.

After 2017, more voices began to sing, and some media even said that the price of real estate in Hefei was almost swaying. The various property market rumors, or sensational slogans, and various rights defending events that are now popular in other cities have all been played in Hefei.

Then, Hefei is silent. But silence does not mean collapse.

In September this year, for example, the data shows that the average residential price in Hefei in September 2018 was 14,789 yuan per flat. In the same period, Changsha was 9,988 yuan per flat, and Chengdu was 12,774 yuan per flat. So even though it has been shouting, the price of Hefei is not low.

In fact, since 2011, the average transaction price of Hefei’s houses has been rising. Even the “cold market” issued by the March 2011 purchase restriction has maintained an overall upward trend, but the annual increase The difference is large.

The logic of the soaring housing prices in Hefei in 2016 is actually an extreme model for housing price increases in second-tier cities in China, which is worthy of reflection and dissection.

Under such a market, for Hefei just need a family, 2016 is of course a nightmare, and 40% of the upswing, except for desperation, only to catch down the compact money, to aggravate the market.

It’s a pity that the drumming pass is always the moment when the drums stop.

Hefei is not a strong provincial capital, and its attraction to the province is completely incomparable with the provincial capitals such as Wuhan and Chengdu. You are welcome to say that, compared with Zhengzhou in Henan, the charm of Hefei in Anhui does not account for much cheaper.

Now, the once popular first- and second-tier cities have shouted and defended their rights, and no matter whether they are true or false, but at least from the guidance of public opinion, the wind is indeed changing. Under the big trend, Hefei can't escape.

The pressure on developers is that the “chives” are not so good, and the government’s steady state is very obvious. The three-party game is getting more and more fierce.

The price is originally determined by the market, but you understand that China's housing prices are often not completely determined by the market. Because the price house contains not only economic factors, but also many social factors, even unspeakable factors.

Oh, our government is tired and we are also kidnapped by real estate. The government is naturally more afraid of seeing a big fall than rising. Once the national situation is not good, the big probability will be irritating. In other words, it must be true that the whole country has fallen, and no one needs to be troubled. The government can't stand it first.

History is always strikingly similar. Therefore, to a certain extent, the Hefei property market may be just a superb episode in the changing realities of China's property market.

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