The chairman of the annual salary of 2.93 million resigned, and the company at the helm has deducted a net profit for three years.

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The chairman of the annual salary of 2.93 million resigned, and the company at the helm has deducted a net profit for three years.

2018-11-11 10:25:31 215 ℃

Author's Bengbu City Feng Chenchen

Editor|Old Take

A paper of Haizheng Pharmaceuticals announced that Bai Wei, the chairman of the annual salary of 2.93 million and 71 years old, resigned. It is reported that this is already the second executive of Haizheng Pharmaceutical's resignation within one month.

Haizheng Pharmaceutical's share price trend is somewhat condolence. At the opening, it once touched the daily limit, but then it fell sharply. At the close, it closed at 12.28 yuan/share, an increase of only 0.9%.

On the afternoon of November 9, Hisun Pharmaceutical announced that the board of directors had received the resignation request from the chairman of the board, Due to his age and physical reasons, Bai Yan resigned from the chairman of the seventh board of directors, directors and nomination committee members, and standing committee members of the expert committee, and no longer served as the legal representative of the company.

Haizheng Pharmaceutical also attached a comment on Bailu at the end of the announcement: During the company’s chairmanship, he worked diligently and diligently. Responsible, implement strategic transformation, strive to improve the company's operating level, and achieve the company's value and value creation capabilities. The Board of Directors fully affirmed its professionalism and work results and expressed its sincere gratitude to the company for its contribution.

In fact, this is already the second executive of Hisun Pharmaceuticals who left in a month.

On October 17, Haizheng Pharmaceutical announced that the board of directors recently received a written resignation report from Ms. Liu Yuanyan, the company's chief financial officer. Ms. Liu Yuanyan applied for resignation as the company's chief financial officer for personal reasons. Ms. Liu Yuanyan will not hold any position in the company after resigning as the chief financial officer. Before the board of directors hired the new chief financial officer, the director and president Lin Jianqiu acted as the chief financial officer.

It is reported that the chairman of the resignation, Bai Hao, was born in May 1947. He is 71 years old this year. He has been the chairman of Haizheng Pharmaceutical since 1991 and has been serving for 27 years. . Official public information shows that Bai Yu, born in May 1947, is a professor-level senior engineer and a licensed pharmacist. Haizheng Group Party Secretary and Director; and a number of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Haizheng Group; successively served as technician, workshop director, deputy director and director of the original Haimen Pharmaceutical Factory.

Haizheng Pharmaceutical announced that it is the acting chairman and legal representative of Chen Xiaohua, the vice chairman. Chen Xiaohua was born in 1964 and has served as the vice chairman since June 2017.

According to the third quarter report of Hisun Pharmaceutical, Haizheng Pharmaceutical’s operating income for the first three quarters was 7.8 billion yuan. , a decrease of 4.55% over the same period of last year; although the net profit increased by 39% compared with the same period of last year, it was only 7.11 million yuan.

In addition, Hisun Pharmaceuticals lost a loss of 110 million yuan in non-net profit. In fact, in 2015-2017, Hisun Pharmaceuticals' non-net profit has been losing for three consecutive years, with losses of 139 million yuan, 283 million yuan and 141 million yuan respectively. Looking at this situation, Haizheng Pharmaceutical's deduction of non-net profit this year is still not optimistic.

The performance is not satisfactory, but the salary is not low. According to the annual report, in 2017, Bai Hua led the executive compensation list with an annual salary of 2,935,900. Another three executives also earned more than one million a year, that is, President Lin Jianqiu earned an annual salary of 1,640,500, and senior vice president Wang Haibin earned an annual salary of 1,054,900.

The city's enquiry found that Haizheng Pharmaceutical's current largest shareholder is Haizheng Group, with a shareholding of 33.22%. The actual controller is Taizhou Jiaojiang District Government. The government subsidy is to maintain Haizheng Pharmaceutical. One of the main factors for continuous operation.

Haizheng Pharmaceuticals mentioned in the semi-annual report of 2018 that the net profit of the company in the first half of the year was 0.15 billion, an increase of 9.93% over the same period of last year. The main reason was the government subsidy. Non-operating income increased year-on-year.