Opening: The three major stock indexes opened lower, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.25%, the oil price plummeted, causing the oil and gas sector to fall

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Opening: The three major stock indexes opened lower, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.25%, the oil price plummeted, causing the oil and gas sector to fall

2018-11-14 10:25:13 178 ℃

November 14 news, as of today's opening, the Shanghai Composite Index was 2,488.31 points, down 0.25%; the Shenzhen Component Index was 7942.08 points, down 0.27%; the GEM was at 1388.23 points, down 0.27%.

Affected by the plunge in international oil prices, oil and gas industry chain stocks fell in early trading, Jereh shares fell 6%, COOEC and petrochemical machinery fell 5%, Tongyuan Petroleum, China Petroleum and other stocks Falling more than 3%.

[Focus stocks today's bidding performance] The highly leading Hengli Industry (14 days and 13 boards) opened 6.49% higher; the venture capital leader Hongye shares (8 boards) opened 9.96% higher. The city's North High-tech (7-link board, park) continued to massively limit the daily limit, Minfeng special paper (7-piece board, paper) bidding limit, Qunxing toy (7-piece board, equity) bidding limit; Venture Capital make up stocks Development (5 consecutive boards) opened 3.63% higher, Guangyang shares (4 consecutive boards) bid for a huge amount of daily limit; sent to expect Chuan Jinnuo (4 boards) opened 5.59% lower; repurchase North Latitude Technology (2 boards) high Opened 3.45%; Cultural Media Imprint Media (2 boards) opened 9.62% higher, Great Wall Anime (2 boards) bidding limit.


1. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange introduced the recent regulatory measures for hot stocks: “Two-pronged approach” focuses on monitoring Hengli Industry, * ST Changsheng and other abnormal transactions; Economic Daily commented that the "shell" stock pricing power is given to the market.

In February and October, the national general public budget revenue fell by 3.1% year-on-year, and the first year of this year has been negative growth.

3. In the same month, the number of new social financing was 728.8 billion, a new low in 27 months; the new RMB loan was 697 billion, a new low in 10 months. M2 increased by 8% in October, in line with the historical low set in June.

4, the National Bureau of Statistics will release a number of economic activity indicators such as industrial and retail in October today.

5, Tencent will announce its quarterly results after the close of trading on Wednesday. According to the quotation of the options market, Tencent's share price volatility may reach 6.6% after the results are released, which is the biggest volatility in more than three years.

6. The size of the Southern CSI 500 ETF is close to 38 billion yuan, a record high.

7, Hengli Industry (14 days, 13 boards) suggests the risk: the stock market price has recently deviated from the company's fundamentals.

8. Zhongliang Holdings launched its listing in Hong Kong. The asset scale is the largest in the past eight years.

9, the GEM index rose 1.7% to 1392.05 points yesterday, and the volume of transactions reached a historical level; the turnover of the entire A-share market was 60.226 billion shares, also hit a new high since November 15, 2016.

10. Jiangquan Industrial, Yazheng Home, and Nanfang Co., Ltd. have three consecutive daily limit stocks and indicate risks.

11. After the US stock market fluctuated widely, the Dow closed down 100 points, and the technology stocks rebounded and the Nasdaq closed flat.

12, the price of gold fell for four days, hitting a new low in a multi-month; US oil plunged 7.1%, and the 12-day losing streak set a new record.

13. Crude oil futures opened at the main limit, down 5%, following the decline in oil prices overnight.

Market View:

Junfeng Investment believes that the concept stocks such as VC, 5G and Shell Resources were active last week, but the financial adjustment index rebounded. The Shanghai index confirms the top of the box at 2675 points and then withdraws the middle rail of the box. After the Shanghai index returned to 2600 points in early trading on Tuesday, venture capital, shell resources, ST and so on continued to rise sharply; in the afternoon, brokerage stocks rose, heavyweight stocks returned, driving the market to strengthen overall, more than 100 low-priced stocks daily limit. The GEM has created the highest number of days in history, and the future market is worth looking forward to. Overall, the broader market is still a box shock, operational, short-term focus on the liquidity of the oversold varieties, especially the low-priced stocks.