Can A shares go out of the independent market? Pi Haizhou: The possibility is great!

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Can A shares go out of the independent market? Pi Haizhou: The possibility is great!

2018-11-20 10:25:18 181 ℃

Recently, the Chinese and US stock markets have clearly shown a trend of differentiation. Since November 9, US stocks have fallen significantly. Among them, the Dow Jones index fell more than 600 points on the 12th, down 2.32%, and on November 9 and 14, the Dow Jones index also fell more than 200 points. However, the A-share market, which has been keeping up with the decline, has not followed suit. Especially last Tuesday (13th), in the case of US stocks plummeting more than 600 points, although A shares have a low opening trend, but the index opened higher after the opening, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.93% throughout the day, the day The K line is a 54-point Zhongyang line.

Does A-shares out of the market's long-awaited independent market? Faced with the recent trend of the differentiation of A-shares and US stocks, investors can't help but look forward to the independent market of the A-share market. After all, in recent years, the trend of A-shares is really too bitter for investors. US stocks rose, A-shares did not rise or fall, US stocks fell, and A-shares even fell more than US stocks. This trend has made A-share investors miserable, and investors are afraid when they see the decline of US stocks. The A-share market is led by US stocks. Therefore, investors in the A-share market are looking forward to the A-shares to get rid of the US stocks as soon as possible and get out of the independent market.

So, in the face of the recent differentiation of A-shares and US stocks, does it mean that A-shares have already ushered in their own independent market? It should be said that this possibility is still very large. The A-share market has entered “Beijing time”.

After all, as far as the A-share market is concerned, "without the fall" is really Can't afford it. After all, the US stock market has gone through a decade of bull market, and the current US stocks are in a historically high area. The A-shares are at a four-year low, even less than the historical “half-mountain”, and the valuation is also at a historical low. Therefore, A shares and US stocks are in an unbalanced position. For US stocks at historical highs, the decline is normal, even if it falls by 30% to 50%, it is normal. However, A shares are already at a historically low level and are already falling. Under this circumstance, if A shares are to accompany the US stocks, the A shares will not fall. Even if A shares have fallen their own indexes, US stocks are still high! Therefore, after the A-shares fall to a certain low level, there will inevitably be a trend of differentiation with the US stocks. This is both a normal thing and a surprise. The emergence of this kind of differentiation will inevitably come, and A-shares will eventually welcome their own independent market.

From the current situation of the A-share market, the timing of A-shares entering the independent market has matured. This is not only because the current A-share valuation is low, but the market shows a certain investment value. More importantly, the policy support, that is, the "policy bottom" was born. The most prominent sign is the "one line and two sessions" leadership on October 19 and the high-level leadership of the government to maintain the stability of the call, plus the October 30 "Symbol" of the Securities and Futures Commission, to optimize trading supervision, reduce trading resistance, and enhance market liquidity. To reduce unnecessary intervention in the trading process. Although the current round of stability, the top did not stop IPO, did not organize the national team funds to enter the market to save the market, there is no reduction of stamp duty, but the "CSRC Statement" still gives the market a lot of vitality.

Of course, the most important thing is that with the birth of “policy bottom”, the hot spots of the market have also emerged. For example, in the face of the equity pledge crisis, there have been concept stocks of state-owned enterprises that are assisting private enterprises. These companies are expected to be freed from the equity pledge crisis and are therefore sought after by the market. Another example is the management's support for mergers and acquisitions, which makes the shell resource concept stocks subject to market speculation. Another example is the concept of share repurchase. Since the amendment of the share repurchase clause of the Company Law on October 26 has been reviewed and approved by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the repurchase of shares of listed companies has culminated, which is undoubtedly a hot spot in the stock market. It is also a landscape.

In addition, the Shanghai Stock Exchange will set up a science and technology board and pilot registration system, which not only brings the active stocks of science and technology, but also brings investment opportunities to venture capital concept stocks. All aspects of the policy benefit. In addition, in the face of the management's statement of “reducing trading resistance, increasing market liquidity and reducing unnecessary intervention in the trading process”, Zhengyuan Wisdom took the lead in kicking off the high-selling hype. In short, the current stock market is not short of hot spots, and there will be hot spots when there are hot spots. Therefore, with the support of these hot spots, the A-share market is completely possible to get rid of the independence of the US stocks.

Of course, it is not difficult to see from the hot spots of the above market that these hot spots are used for hype. Therefore, the current market is mainly based on speculation. Regardless of the white cat and the black cat, it is a good cat to stir up the price first. After all, for the current stock market, there is nothing more important than scrambling the stock price to ease the crisis of the listed company. Even if it is the "demonstration", it is also tolerant. However, for investors, it is still necessary to have a sense of risk. Don’t end up viping themselves, give benefits to others, and leave the risk to yourself.