Xinzheng is now the test of 131 melon strains in Zhengzhou record Guinness

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Xinzheng is now the test of 131 melon strains in Zhengzhou record Guinness

2016-08-06 00:16:50 4622 ℃

"Gourd doll seven brothers what, we have 131 'brothers'"." On August 3, Xinzheng together on the test of 100 square meters of Tanaka, agronomist Zhu Xuegang proudly looked at the ground covered with watermelon family, tells the story of the first in the world. After years of research and development, the Zhengzhou City Vegetable Research Institute under the Zhengzhou Research Seedling Technology Co., Ltd., at the end of July to create the largest number of fruit per plant of watermelon field feat. In the Guinness Book of world records.

Reporters saw hundreds of square meters of test Tanaka, uniform distribution of the melon vine, a fish crest shaped spread, the longest vines can reach 5 meters, tendril tail bear fat watermelon, hundreds of produce "crystalline" melon vine holding fruit eventually radiation exhibits a week around the field "watermelon sink. Maximum melon 19 kg, the smallest melon is not less than 5 kg, an average of 10 kg weight of 131 watermelon family. July 31st, China's well-known agricultural chief expert Wang Jiqing and Guinness world records chief certification officer to this point, that this strain of Zheng Yan 1508 watermelon to break the Guinness world record.

April 26 this year, the company's research and development of watermelon seedlings "Tianlong 1508" with a mission are cultivated buried; May 1, seedlings just dew jianjianjiao; July 1, flowering and fruiting; July 31, melon Wang family startled day available. Less than one hundred days, the birth of a fruit world record. At noon yesterday, responsible for braving the sun this piece of experimental field agronomist Zhu Xuegang and assistant Miao Mingyu, wipe edge edge tells the story of the origin of the world record. "We just let seedlings into full play, fully explore the crop high yield potential amplitude."

From the beginning of seed buried, Zhu Xuegang and Miao Mingyu began to serve the day and night". Seedling "Tianlong 1508" growing apart, than normal melon Rally strong, strong disease resistance, are not susceptible to infection, but also in the sand soil can not is cold water irrigation, Zhu Xuegang specialized beside melon dug cisterns, both dissolved water and fertilizer, and can ensure the constant water temperature, can also be used for the case of a burst of power and water outages and other irrigation emergency measures.

"This technology has the promotion significance." According to Zhengzhou Research Seedling Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Wu Xiuqi introduction, "such a fruitful broke 'a vine a melon' traditional production history, we have confidence and breaking a new high."