Shenzhen Regal has sold 2.1 billion in 3 years: it has just turned against the "White Horse Knight" and is waiting for state-owned assistance.

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Shenzhen Regal has sold 2.1 billion in 3 years: it has just turned against the "White Horse Knight" and is waiting for state-owned assistance.

2018-12-03 20:25:01 82 ℃

Shenzhen Nanshan’s Suo Ling shares in the capital market in the past few years, but the role of the car in the hype When driving, it was once a pig that flew in the sky. Suo Ling is a leading manufacturer of in-vehicle electronic systems in China, and its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia. The founder of the company, Xiao Xingyi, was born in 1964. Before he founded Suo Ling, he worked as a project manager for Zhongshan No. 3 Plastics Factory for two years and a workshop director for three years of Shenzhen Sanwei Plastics Factory. It is not easy to go from a salesman who rides a bicycle on a street to a small factory that leads several people to produce a horn, and then to a technology-based enterprise that has its own research and development capabilities.

In 1991, Xiao Xing also founded Shenzhen Suo Ling Company, which started from several injection molding machines. After some painstaking efforts, in 1993, the business expanded to the processing of abrasive tools. By 1999, with the revitalization of the electronics industry, Suo Ling began to produce speakers and involved in the audio industry. In 2001, Suo Ling began the development and production of power amplifier products. Since 2002, Suo Ling has entered the R&D and production of single-disc machines. In 2008 and 2009, Xiao Xing was also rated as one of the top ten people in the Chinese automotive industry. In the 2017 Guangdong Regal Rankings, Xiao Xingyi’s family ranked 269 in Guangdong’s richest with a population of 3.3 billion, with 1311 in the country.

Now, Suo Ling’s shares have been in crisis, bank accounts and funds have been frozen, and the court has been included in the “untrusted enforcer”, and the two shareholders who are still in the “honeymoon period” with listed companies have suddenly turned their faces. And the third quarter results fell sharply.

1, and "White Horse Knight" turned against February and was asked to return the loan

On November 17, Suo Ling received Zhongshan Lexing related party Jianhua Building Materials (China) Co., Ltd. filed a lawsuit because Soluxe did not use the loan as agreed in the agreement, requiring it to repay the loan of 190 million yuan and 874,500 yuan. As a "white horse knight", Zhongshan Lexing was "falling out" with Suo Ling shares in a short period of time and eventually rose to the point where it was in court. The "White Horse Knight" not only pursued the loan owed to the listed company for only two months, but the two directors of the listed company also voted against the third quarterly report, and then the two directors resigned. It turned out that Jianhua Building Materials found that the original loan, which was originally earmarked for the daily operating expenses of Suo Ling, was used for other purposes. Jianhua Building Materials sued Soiling for the court because it was not used as agreed.

On September 4th, Zhongshan Lexing Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was granted 47.78 million shares of Xuanxing, the actual controller of Suo Ling, accounting for 11.33% of the total share capital. Zhongshan Lexing eased the financial pressure of Xiao Xingyi and was also regarded as the “White Horse Knight” of Suo Ling. After the equity transfer, the people of Zhongshan Lexing entered the board of directors of Suo Ling.

2, the real controller has passed the equity The pledge and share agreement transfer "cash out" more than 2.1 billion

The first financial reporter combed the public information of the company's listing more than three years ago, found that the company's real controller Xiao Xing has also passed the equity pledge and The share-based agreement transfers "cash out" more than 2.1 billion. As of September 28, 2018, Xiao Xing has also pledged 99.71% of the shares of his company.

Suoling was listed in June 2015. After one year of listing, Xiaoxing began to pledge the shares in his hands. In the past two years, the total amount of funds obtained through the share pledge has reached 1.669 billion yuan. In September 2018, Xiao Xing also transferred 11.33% of the company's shares, or 47.78 million shares, to Zhongshan Lexing Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., which in turn received 430 million yuan.

3, another out of a Souling technology, a 30 million 冒

Suo Ling Technology is the company that is the sole controller of Suo Ling, which is also 100% owned by Xiao Xing. As the largest shareholder of Suo Ling, Xiao Xing currently holds approximately 143.3 million shares of the company, with a shareholding ratio of 33.99%. This is equivalent to Suo Ling Technology's sale of 30 million yuan of claims to Suo Ling's third-party factoring company at a price of 20 million yuan. The latter's attorney sent a lawyer's letter to Suo Ling. However, Suo Ling shares said that Suo Ling shares did not have any transactions with Suo Ling Technology, so there is no debt to Suo Ling Technology, and Soling Technology does not have any accounts receivable claims against Suo Ling.

4, Suo Ling shares become old Lai, was included in the list of untrustworthy enforced persons

On October 31, Beijing No. 3 Intermediate People's Court ordered the company and its legal representative, principal responsible person, direct responsible personnel influencing debt performance, and actual control After receiving a restricted consumption order, a person may not engage in high-consumption behaviors prohibited by laws and regulations except for applying to the Beijing No. 3 Intermediate People's Court for permission.

In the case of negative entanglement, the performance of the third quarter made the company's shares worse. According to the financial report, in the third quarter of 2018, Suo Ling's operating income reached 342 million yuan, down 13.05% year-on-year; net profit was 269,700 yuan, down 99.47% year-on-year; net cash flow from operating activities was negative 194 million yuan. It fell 10116.8% year-on-year.

This company is now waiting for state-owned support. On October 24, Suo Ling said that the company has arranged staff to dock with Shenzhen Gaoxintou. The other party is collecting company materials. The specific assistance plan has not yet been formulated. Further discussion is needed. Can the aid plan be reached or the amount and impact reached? Can not be sure.