Is it a good time to enter the stock market?

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Is it a good time to enter the stock market?

2018-12-03 20:25:05 83 ℃

The stock market has seen a sharp rise today. The Shanghai Composite Index rose 66.61 points, or 2.57%. The three major indices of Shenzhen City have all increased by more than 3.26%. The most direct reason for this trend of big rise today is that the trade war of "big troubles" has eased. As the index seems to be approaching the bottom, the real estate market seems to be less attractive. For this reason, for the current stock market, is it a good time for investors to enter the market?

It is not a good time to say that it is a good time to enter the market. After all, many problems that have plagued the current healthy development of the market have not been substantially resolved. For example, if the stock market is positioned as a financing service, the interests of investors cannot be effectively protected. As a result, the IPO is constantly being raised, and the door to refinancing is even more open. The cash-out after the release of the restricted shares is even followed. Even state-owned enterprises and private enterprises have become an opportunity for cash-strapped shareholders to cash out. Although the management has strongly encouraged listed companies to repurchase in the near future, the repurchase of listed companies is more likely to become a means for listed companies to cut investors' leeks. Because the shares repurchased by the listed company can be resold to investors in the secondary market after six months. Listed companies can “make a good job” on their stocks, and investors may only be able to surrender their guns. From the perspective of stock market funds, there has not been a fundamental improvement. As far as the macro economy is concerned, there has not been a trend of bottoming out. Therefore, the stock market will not show a trend of rising prices.

But despite this, the stock market is currently lacking a downward downward trend. . After all, 2449 points is a policy bottom. And this policy is built by multiple departments. Even the relevant person in charge of the government department has called for this. Therefore, 2449 points were established as the policy bottom. Although this policy needs to be tested by the market, and therefore find a market bottom, but due to 2449 points, the valuation of A shares has entered a historical low, showing a certain investment value. Therefore, even if the 2,449-point policy requires market testing, the market will not be too far from 2,449.

Because of this, the current stock market is more suitable for low absorption. After the low suck, the stock market does not necessarily rise immediately. On the contrary, the stock market is expected to enter the bottoming stage. Under the current situation that the stock market lacks significant positives to push up the market, bottoming may be the most realistic choice for the stock market. Just like the market from 2012 to 2014. Although as early as September 2012, the index reached the bottom of 2000 points, but the stock market did not reverse the trend, but has been in the process of bottoming, until the end of July 2014, the index is only around 2000 points. Rise, and then go out of a mad cow market.

So, the current position is hard to think of as a good time for investors to enter the stock market. Maybe in the days to come, there will be better opportunities to enter. From the perspective of the medium and long-term, the current stock market is more likely to enter the bargain-sucking stage. For the evolution of the future market, investors also need to be patient.