Opening: Two cities opened lower, the Shanghai index fell 0.12%, auto parts concept stocks rose

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Opening: Two cities opened lower, the Shanghai index fell 0.12%, auto parts concept stocks rose

2018-12-04 10:25:29 184 ℃

December 4th news, as of today's opening, the Shanghai Composite Index was 2,651.56 points, down 0.12%; the Shenzhen Stock Index reported 7916.55 points, down 0.28%; the index was 1370.29 points, down 0.18%.

Automotive parts concept stocks continued to rise, Vantone Zhikong, Disheng force increased the price to open, Shuanglin shares almost opened and closed, Jinfei Kaida opened 6% higher, Zhongyuan internal distribution, Zhengyu industry, etc. Individual stocks also have a high performance.

Unicorn + Venture Capital Complementary Super-Tech (6-board) opened 3.87% higher, Yuxin Technology (2 boards, near-new) opened 3.69% lower, Guangbo shares (2 Linked board), Sunrise East (2 consecutive boards) opened 3.57% higher; Auto parts Shuanglin shares (2 consecutive boards) opened higher by 9.91%, Vantone Zhikong bidding limit, Di Shengli bidding daily limit; 5G Eastern Communications (6 days and 4 boards) opened 1.29% higher, Wanma Technology (2 boards) opened, and the broadcasting network (4 days and 3 boards) opened 4.46% lower; futures Xinhuajin (2 boards) bidding limit, Meierping Open, China opened 2.2% higher in the medium term; intellectual property Guangyi Technology (2 connected board) opened 2.75% higher, Huacai Holdings opened 0.44% higher; pharmaceutical Galaxy bio-bidding daily limit, Sailong Pharmaceutical opened 3.23% higher.

Message side:

1, Li Keqiang: Implement more efforts to reduce taxes and reduce expenses, and moderately expand domestic demand.

2, Yi Gang: The monetary policy should be flexibly and appropriately adjusted according to the changes in the situation, and strengthen the counter-cyclical regulation.

3. The central bank and other three ministries: strengthen supervision and enforcement, and establish a unified bond market enforcement mechanism.

4, the Shanghai Stock Exchange quickly promoted the creation of the board, and has established a new registration department and supervision department.

5. The relevant rules and listing indicators of the science and technology board need to be discussed in several rounds and submitted to the CSRC for approval.

6. Hubei will set up a 10 billion yuan listed company's bailout fund, with a first phase of 4 billion.

7, PPP regulations will be issued to prevent local disguised debts.

8. Maotai Sauce and Wine Company has completed sales of 27,000 tons and achieved sales of 8.016 billion yuan.

9, Tencent Music is expected to issue 82 million ADSs in the US IPO with an issue price range of $13-15.

10. The fentanyl anesthetic market was regulated. More than 10 companies including Sinopharm and Livzon issued an announcement to clarify that there is no export to the United States.

Market View:

HuaXun Investment Analysis pointed out that the A-share market has ushered in a major turning point, and the heavy profit has caused a strong resonance among the bulls. High, the market once again strong upwards, the strong follow-up volume can reflect the market sentiment and the significant repair of market confidence.