Beijing house price of 6,000 yuan a flat? Empty joy! It turned out to be oolong

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Beijing house price of 6,000 yuan a flat? Empty joy! It turned out to be oolong

2018-12-04 10:25:35 226 ℃

Author's Bengbu City Feng Chenchen

Editor|Old Take

Beijing Chaoyang District's house price is only 6,000 yuan / square meter?

On the morning of December 3, a chief analyst of a large real estate agent in Beijing exposed a "magic" picture with a chain of watermarks in a circle of friends. The picture shows that Beiyuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing is named n times. Fang's residential area, with a construction area of ​​66 square meters, the transaction price is only 450,000 yuan, and the unit price is only 6,819 yuan / square meter. In response, the chain staff responded that it should be a data error.

According to the picture, The plot is located in the north court of the Chaoyang District, Beijing, and is owned by the commercial housing. It was completed in 2014. However, the city (ID: newsseeker) has not searched the source of this suite in the chain official website. The remaining 10 suites in the community have an average price of more than 35,000 yuan / square meter. Compared with the house, the price difference is about 4 Times.

This is the chain home The staff said: "Now the house price does have a trend of price cuts. The n-th power side belongs to the 50-year commercial office class. The price cut is even larger, but it is impossible to reduce the unit price to more than 6,000 and one level. It should be a data error." p>

It is reported that since March last year, with the continuous adjustment of Beijing's property market regulation policy, the price and volume of second-hand housing in Beijing began to drop. As of now, the second-hand housing market in Beijing still does not change its downturn, and prices continue to fall. Even so, it seems that the price of 6,000 yuan / square meter is not likely to intersect with Beijing.

The city boundary (ID: newsseeker) found that the Pinggu District, which has the lowest average house price in Beijing, has to be 23,862 yuan/square meter by querying the house price map given by the chain official website. Even the recent plunging Yanjiao house prices, the average price is still 16669 yuan / square meter, and the "Oolong House" price difference of nearly 10,000 yuan / square meter.