Domestic oil prices are falling for 3 consecutive months, but they are not cheap.

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Domestic oil prices are falling for 3 consecutive months, but they are not cheap.

2018-12-05 00:25:09 193 ℃

At 24 o'clock on November 30, the domestic refined oil price adjustment window was officially opened. This oil price is not expected to usher in a three-day losing streak. The result of this round of oil price adjustment: the price of gasoline was lowered by 540 yuan / ton, and the price of diesel was lowered by 520 yuan / ton. According to the commonly used price increase, the No. 92 gasoline has dropped by 0.42 yuan / liter, while the No. 0 diesel oil has dropped by 0.44 yuan / liter. The number of oil price adjustments since the beginning of this year has been fully 24 times. In these 24 cases, the number of oil price increases was 13 times, the number of strandings was 1 time, and the number of declines was 10 times.

After the fall in oil prices, various arguments have come out. The owners and ordinary people are of course happy, saving tens of dollars every month. However, a small number of experts have come out. One of the reasons why the high-sounding opposition to lowering the price of oil is very surprising is that it claims that low oil prices hurt new energy.

A financial commentator said in an authoritative media that oil prices are too low and will hurt energy innovation. Long-term enjoyment of such low oil prices may cause harm to various areas of the development of the new energy industry, including the development and pursuit of new energy vehicles. More importantly, there is concern about the development of new energy sources, which will be detrimental to new energy demand. If people think that since the oil price is cheap, then continue to use oil, why bother to think of other methods, so the oil price is too low, bringing the most serious problems, may hinder the development of new energy, so we must lengthen development Eyes.

This reason is very wonderful, but this reason has already existed. The average price of gasoline in the United States is about 4.7 yuan / liter, so the adjustment of China's oil price to more than 6 yuan is actually not cheap. So why is China’s oil price so high?

According to publicly available data on the market, the domestic gasoline refining level of the refined oil rate is About 60% is about 20% lower than the international advanced level. Therefore, in the process of petroleum refining, this loss is much higher than the international average. The real oil price in China is not high, but the tax is too high. This is a fact that cannot be changed. At the same time, this is also a common practice in all countries, not just China.

After the oil crisis of the 1970s, Germany and other countries in the European Union imposed high taxes on refined oil products to curb the sales of large-displacement vehicles and the frenzied growth of the entire fuel vehicle market. Norway, a major oil exporter, has imposed high taxes on refined oil in order to promote electric vehicles. Take the local No. 95 gasoline as an example. The price of a certain day is 16 kr. per liter, of which the tax rate is 78%, which is the most expensive gasoline in the world. That is to say, the price of the oil company is only 3.52 kr., which is about 2.97 yuan. The price is exactly the same as that of China, but the price is RMB 13.5, which is more than double the price of Chinese oil.

However, the development of new energy sources cannot rely solely on raising oil prices. From January to June 2018, the global sales of new energy passenger vehicles reached 720,000 units, of which China's sales reached 350,000 units, accounting for nearly 50%. The second largest single market is the United States, with sales of 115,000 units in January-June, accounting for 16%, and the growth rate in the first half of the year was as high as 31%. The price of oil in the United States is not high, and new energy is still developing very well. Between 2012 and 2016, annual sales of new energy vehicles in the United States grew at a rate of 32%. Some experts predict that according to the current growth trend of new energy vehicles, by 2050, the number of cars in the United States will account for more than 65% of the total number of cars.

Therefore, people use new energy vehicles instead of whether the price of oil is six or seven. Yuan, the key lies in the technical strength of new energy vehicles. At present, there are many problems in new energy vehicles, such as battery life, charging problems, battery recycling and disposal, winter battery life decline and the price is generally higher than traditional gasoline vehicles. In particular, the endurance and convenience of charging are a major factor that restricts many riders from purchasing new energy vehicles. As long as the problem of endurance is solved, many problems are solved. Therefore, low oil prices hurt new energy is untenable, and the key to developing new energy is to upgrade its own technology.