Opening: Shanghai index opened 0.16% higher

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Opening: Shanghai index opened 0.16% higher

2018-12-07 10:25:15 104 ℃

December 7th news, as of today's opening, the Shanghai Composite Index was 2,609.34 points, up 0.16%; the Shenzhen Component Index was 7741.73 points, up 0.09%; the index was 1344.13 points, down 0.12%.

Pharmaceutical stocks continued to fall, Lepu Medical fell by a word, and Puluo Pharmaceuticals fell 5%. Yiming Pharmaceutical, Huadong Pharmaceutical, Hisun Pharmaceutical, Huahai Pharmaceutical and other stocks all fell. In the news, the 4+7 quantity purchase pre-selection results were released, and the maximum price reduction was over 90%.

[Focus stocks today's bidding performance] Space board Senyuan shares (5 boards, unicorn + Xiong'an + intellectual property) opened 4.61% lower; Xiong'an plate four new materials ( 2 even board) opened at 2.91%, Nanguo Real Estate opened 0.74% higher; auto parts Dengyun shares (2 consecutive boards) opened 2.4% lower, Zhejiang Shibao opened 3.62% higher; military industry has the same technology bidding limit, Tongda shares high Open 1.52%.


1, Li Keqiang: Deepen the reform of the science and technology system, protect intellectual property more and create a good innovation ecology.

2, Guo Shuqing: Adhere to the supervision of the surname of the surname, and resolutely fight against the illegal financial activities that trample on the law.

3,4+7 with the purchase of pre-selected results, the maximum price cuts over 90%; AstraZeneca Gefitini pre-standard price cuts 75%.

4. The SAFE routinely notified foreign exchange violation cases, and enterprises and individuals were included in the central bank's credit information system for the first time.

5. The regulatory authorities convened a brokerage discussion, and the draft of the science and technology board may set six listing standards.

6. Shanghai Xuhui District has a maximum subsidy of 20 million yuan for artificial intelligence enterprises, supporting its listing in multi-level markets such as Science and Technology.

7. The three major operators have obtained the nationwide 5G medium and low frequency test frequency license.

8, China's first domestic quantum computer control system was born.

9, Shanghai Stock Exchange: Extend the bond pledged repo transaction time to 15:30.

10. Dashang: The ethylene glycol futures contract will be listed and traded on December 10.

Market point of view:

Analysts said that the market’s callback in recent days has mainly ushered in the profit-taking of many previous themes. The index has a back-to-step space, and the event's drive, or will make the back step quickly. The current A-share valuation is at a historical low and the margin of safety is relatively high.