The oil price has dropped by 30%. The picture shows the small plot behind the big drop.

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The oil price has dropped by 30%. The picture shows the small plot behind the big drop.

2018-12-14 10:25:10 161 ℃

There is a big country behind the oil price fluctuations. Russia and Iran Saudi Arabia want to make money. The United States wants to save money and tears each other uninterrupted.

Now several countries in Qatar and the Middle East have collapsed, and it is natural to withdraw from OPEC. There have been two-thirds of the world’s oil under OPEC, and member countries have jointly cut production. It will make the international oil price rise sharply.

In the 1970s, the Middle East hit the group. OPEC and Israel made a temper and engaged in an oil embargo, from $3 to $13, and suddenly rose to four times the price. This was the first oil crisis.

It’s not long before, the second oil crisis, the troubles in Iran in the 1980s, revolutionary, overthrow the Pahlavi dynasty, after the end of the run, the ass did not sit hot, next door bully Iraq felt When the new children came up to bully, they ran heads-up and the Iran-Iraq war struck. As a result, oil prices began to skyrocket in 1979, from $13 per barrel to $41 at the end of 1980.

Oil is expensive, plastic rubber fiber is expensive, and finally stationery tires are expensive, and the world can’t stand it~

Since these two oil crises, the world has been aiming at developing new energy. To replace oil, OPEC's internal relations are not good, and its influence is gradually weakening.

There is a downturn in the economy. Trump hopes that low oil prices will promote his tax cuts and manufacturing returns. He has been making various efforts to take advantage of Saudi Arabia’s perverts and crack down on them. It can be regarded as the price of oil has been reduced.

The price of oil is still cheaper. If the price is low, everyone will be happy to buy and buy it~