Ma Mingzhe horse racing? China Ping An added three joint CEOs

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Ma Mingzhe horse racing? China Ping An added three joint CEOs

2018-12-15 00:25:02 420 ℃

China Ping An (601318.SH) announced that in order to further clarify the positioning and responsibilities of the CEO, the company added three joint CEO positions, responsible for Coordinate the management of three major business lines of individuals, companies and technology.

The three co-CEOs are Li Yuanxiang, Xie Yonglin and Chen Xinying, who are in charge of personal, corporate and technology businesses.

The announcement stated that on the basis of the current “executive officer responsibility system”, three joint CEO positions were created, and Li Yuanxiang was in charge of individual customers’ integrated financial business. Xie Yonglin was in charge of the company’s customers’ integrated financial business. Chen Xinying was in charge of technology. business. Under the leadership of Chairman and CEO of the Ping An Group, Ma Mingzhe, the three co-CEOs have unified leadership and professional division of the main lines of individuals, companies and technology businesses.

Li Yuanxiang, born in 1965, graduated from Cambridge University with a major in finance and finance. He used to be the deputy manager of Prudential Insurance in Singapore; the regional finance director and senior vice president of Prudential in the UK; Manager and other duties. He joined Ping An in 2004. He has served as special assistant to the chairman of the board of directors, general manager and chairman of Ping An Life Insurance. He is currently the deputy general manager of Ping An Group and the chief insurance business executive.

Xie Yonglin, born in Hubei, graduated from Nanjing University with a master's degree in science and a doctorate in management. In 1994, he started his business from Ping An. Starting from the company, he held senior positions in Ping An Property & Casualty, Life Insurance, and Ping An Bank. In September 2016, he became the deputy general manager of Ping An Group. Since December 2016, he has served as the chairman of Ping An Bank.

The 41-year-old Chen Xinying graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a master's degree in electrical engineering and computer science and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. And a bachelor's degree in economics. He has worked as a partner of McKinsey & Company for 12 years, specializing in financial services. He joined Ping An in 2013 and has served as Chief Information Officer of Ping An, Chairman and CEO of Ping An Technology, and Chief Operating Officer of Ping An, China. He served as the deputy general manager of China Ping An, and became the company's deputy chief executive officer in October 2017.