Xu Jiayin's wife made her first public appearance.

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Xu Jiayin's wife made her first public appearance.

2018-12-16 20:25:17 252 ℃

Xu Jiayin returned to his hometown and took his wife, Ding Yumei, to visit the father and the old folks, to distribute candy to the children of the gathering village, and to take photos with the father and his wife in the yard. Ding Yumei, a family member of ordinary workers, said with emotion, "When I got home with my family in 35 years ago, the village was poor. The poor couldn't say that it is changing now."

It is understood that Ding Yumei and Xu Jiayin have been silent and have been silently supporting their husband's career. This time, I went back home with Xu Jiayin to visit my parents and take a group photo with everyone. It was her first public appearance.

In Xu Jiayin's biography, there was such a confession that Xu Jiayin said that his success is inseparable from the dedication and support of his family, especially his wife Ding Yumei. "I owe her too much. After so many years of marriage, we have quarreled but never really turned over. I don't dare to say that it is the company's first, but the relationship between husband and wife has always been an example for Evergrande employees to learn."

It’s been a long time, and there aren’t many people who can grow old. There are too many half-way couples, and many of the half-way couples are walking and walking. The really enviable emotion is the pair of couples who are old and white. This is the greatest love in the world, the most worthy of the love that people respect.