Lenovo advised Huawei and Xiaomi not to enter the personal computer business, the computer is too difficult to play?

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Lenovo advised Huawei and Xiaomi not to enter the personal computer business, the computer is too difficult to play?

2018-12-23 20:25:40 253 ℃

Not long ago, a reporter asked Liu Jun, president of Lenovo China, Xiaomi and Huawei successively entered the field of personal computers, what is the biggest computer seller in China, and whether their participation will affect Lenovo. Liu Jun responded that he is also incredible about this, the profit of the computer industry has been a downward trend, more importantly, in the entire computer industry, only Lenovo, Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard is a powerful computer technology company, personal computer The industry is very challenging. Lenovo’s revenue in the first quarter reached 12 billion and once again surpassed HP. While stabilizing the world's number one sales position, Lenovo also said that its annual R&D expenditure is as high as 10 billion yuan. Lenovo's R&D institutions are all over the world, with years of sales experience and sales channels. Therefore, Liu Jun also said that he does not recommend Huawei and Xiaomi. Entering the personal computer business.

Seeing Lenovo’s confidence in the PC market, many people It will be strange. Then we can see that Lenovo has already had sufficient advantages in the hardware field compared to the booming Internet market, but it does have its own flaws. This is the market for the entire PC market. The downward trend in consumption is a big problem for the entire market industry, not what Lenovo can change.

Then we will first discuss a question, is the personal computer really difficult to manufacture? Personal computers are different from large computers, and the technical difficulty of personal computers is relatively low. We can see any computer, no matter which brand, when you really find out all its accessories, you will find that it is a combination of different computer accessories manufacturers all over the world. So in essence, any brand of personal computer is a large assembly machine. Asking if you are Lenovo or Apple or Dell, there is no essential difference.

Why does Lenovo advise Huawei and Xiaomi to enter the PC business? What? The most important reason is that the sales of personal computers and his research and development have a set of processes. Although the assembly of PCs is not difficult, if you want to lead the development of the entire personal computer market and achieve the status of a leader in the market, This is relatively difficult, and Lenovo has been working on this point for a very long time. Therefore, it is not difficult for any company to enter the personal computer field. However, it is not easy to do a personal computer to do a good job. It is not easy to get started.

But we can imagine that although these Internet organizations or we say that mobile phone companies have certain difficulties in entering the personal computer field, they have obtained it through some of their own products or some products. Certain market competitiveness, and certain development in the local market, is still possible.

Because for any industry, as long as the industry is large enough, then Industry competitors are competitive enough to make this market more prosperous and free. So from this perspective, we can think that Lenovo's advantages exist, but we can't say that we completely give up vigilance, because Xiaomi and Huawei are both a black horse that has been killed in the mobile phone field. This requires the attention of any company.