State Administration of Taxation: Ensuring that tax reforms allow taxpayers to enjoy special bonuses in a timely manner

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State Administration of Taxation: Ensuring that tax reforms allow taxpayers to enjoy special bonuses in a timely manner

2018-12-26 00:25:09 291 ℃

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China New Jingwei Client December 25th According to the State Administration of Taxation Website News On the 25th, the video conference on the personal income tax reform of the national tax system was held in Beijing. Wang Jun, secretary of the Party Committee of the State Administration of Taxation, and the director Wang Jun attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Wang Jun pointed out that personal income tax special additional deduction policy will be officially implemented on January 1, 2019., the national tax system should concentrate on the difficulties, overcome the difficulties, go all out to ensure a tax The reform has been smoothly implemented, allowing taxpayers to enjoy the special deduction policy dividends in time.

Wang Jun emphasized that this tax reform is a major decision made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council to focus on optimizing the tax system, promoting economic development, and benefiting the people's livelihood. Tax authorities at all levels must profoundly understand the great significance of the reform, earnestly enhance their sense of mission, responsibility, and urgency, and effectively put all reform tasks in place.

Wang Jun pointed out that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, tax authorities at all levels talked about politics and the overall situation, and all tax cadres worked hard and bravely, and completed the first step of tax smoothly and orderly. Reform work.

There is only a few days left before the second step of the tax reform on January 1, 2019. Wang Jun asked the national tax system to further focus on key issues, focus on the target tasks, deepen the progress, and make precise efforts to ensure The reform was implemented smoothly.

Wang Jun proposed that the task of deploying work should be more focused and clearer, so that training and guidance should be in place, responsibilities and responsibilities should be in place, and the system should be in place. Counseling and taxation should be more active and precise, and find ways to create Conditions help the withholding unit to facilitate taxation; service taxpayers should be better and more intimate, “questionable and answerable” for taxpayers, “difficult to solve”; promote social co-governance to be more active and effective, and actively strive for local party committees The government supports and actively strengthens coordination and communication with relevant departments, and relies on the strength of all sectors of society to create a good external environment for reform. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)