A stocks have fallen for a year and there are still bright spots! Li Dazhao: 2449 points bottoming!

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A stocks have fallen for a year and there are still bright spots! Li Dazhao: 2449 points bottoming!

2018-12-26 20:25:29 136 ℃

The Shanghai Composite Index fell nearly 24% this year and is one of the worst performing major stock indexes in the world.

Many investors suffered losses this year, but the market still has some bright spots.

(The Shanghai Composite Index fell nearly 24% this year)

Listed in China's Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges Of the 3,566 stocks, only 309 rose this year.

According to Wind's consultation (Wind), most of them are small-cap stocks, and 71 is just new shares.

The short-term performance of new shares is often good.

Large stocks did not achieve as much growth.

Of the 238 A-shares that were added to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index earlier this year, only 22 were up.

The biggest gainers this year were UF Network, which has risen nearly 38% since the beginning of the year. The Beijing-based company provides software and cloud services.

China’s largest travel agency, China International Travel Service, rose 35.2%, ranking second.

Pipa 癀 rose 32.8%.

Other companies whose stock prices have risen include food and beverage companies and certain IT companies. A small number of industrial companies have also benefited from the central government's use of infrastructure projects to boost the weak economy.

Foshan Haitian Flavoring Food Co., Ltd., one of the most profitable soy sauce producers in China, rose 23.4%.

The energy supplier Huadian International Power Co., Ltd. shares rose 29.2%.

In the face of this turbulent market, investors flocked to energy companies and consumer staples to hedge against these defensive stocks.

Li Dazhao: The stock market adjustment is already in place at 2449!

At the beginning of December, Yingda Securities Li Dazhao said that the A-shares are not moving because China’s economic potential is huge, economic restructuring is underway, tax cuts and reductions are underway, and endogenous growth It is strengthening, the private economy has received strong support, and the stock market adjustment has been put in place at 2449. Fundamental support is matched with the valuation level, and the A-share performance is extremely tenacious and has a foundation. Coupled with investor sentiment stability, short-selling arrogance has converge, positive stock market policies are running, policy bottoms and market bottoms are highly coincident, and of course opportunities are limited to good stocks. China's stock market has formed a golden cross in technology. The giant short-selling traps carefully laid down by the main institutions are preparing to close the net, and the time is ripe for the most stubborn malicious shorts. I smelled that the calf was getting stronger and stronger. I felt the calf getting closer and closer and seemed to have felt the calf's heartbeat. 2449 points became the fifth outsole in the Chinese stock market and it is getting solider.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange closed at 2498.29 points, only less than 50 points from the bottom of Li Dazhao.

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