How much does the American people need us?

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How much does the American people need us?

2018-12-27 10:25:17 106 ℃

On November 15, the micro-loan network was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The founder Yao Hong did not ring the clock. The interface news report said that Yao Hong was only allowed to send a bell to Hangzhou to knock out because he was restricted from leaving the country. This clock is very uncooperative and can't be knocked.

Alix Ibrahim, president of the International Listings Department of the New York Stock Exchange, is very busy this year. In order to get closer to Chinese companies, he always wears a red tie with a puppy pattern. "Because this year is the Lunar Year of the Lunar New Year."

The Americans have not seen so many Chinese companies queuing in the US for eight years.

This year, 39 Chinese stocks have been ringing in the US, far more than last year's 27, raising funds of 8.9 billion US dollars, twice as many as last year.

The Chinese are very colorful people. Yao Hong’s “Send Bell” and Ibrahim’s “Dog Belt” did not bring good luck to Chinese companies listed this year:

80% of the IPOs listed this year fell, and nearly 90% broke.

Be aware that the A shares that are overlooked by everyone are less than 10% broken this year.

The worst market value of Suntech’s institutions has evaporated by 1.6 billion U.S. dollars, which is nearly 80% lower than the issue price. The fun headlines and B stations have been mixed up, and they have not escaped. The technology companies that have chosen to go public in Hong Kong have not been spared. Ten unicorn companies, including Meituan, Yingke, Xiaomi, etc., fell by an average of more than 40%.

Iqiyiyi is a Nasdaq with a three-year loss of nearly 10 billion. On the day of the landing, Iqiyi’s share price broke, and founder Gong Yu said that we were undervalued. Over the past year, the market value of iQiyi has fallen by nearly 1.8 billion US dollars.

This year, almost all companies listed in the US will tell you that we are not bad. For example, Yao Hong of Microfinance Network, he said that we are not listed for financing.

Really, the financing amount of micro-loan network has dropped from 400 million US dollars to 100 million US dollars, and it has finally been listed successfully after falling to 45 million US dollars. If it is delayed for a while, I don’t know enough to pay the underwriting fees. .

Cui Rongfeng, CEO of Tiandi Club, said: "Going to the US is to better serve our customers in the United States!" Daxing heard that Ichi, the boss of Iqiyi, likes to chat with pedicure technicians and find them. When you use Youku, you will be very anxious. American investors have not experienced pedicure yet. Please ask General Gong to learn from Cui and serve American customers.

Wei Lai Li Bin also said that it is not bad money, his anxiety comes from how to refuse investors. After burning more than 100 small targets in two years, Li Bin wanted to get a $2 billion in the US stock market. Even if the Americans only gave a 50% discount, they happily knocked the clock.

The media said that the golden decade of Internet entrepreneurship has quietly passed. In the winter of the Internet, the former venture capitalists tightened their wallets. Internet giants are beginning to lay off employees, lacking the ability to make blood, and model companies that continue to lose money have to look to overseas listings because:

There is no money to hang.

Last year, when Snap was rejected by Google’s $30 billion takeover offer, the company alerted investors:

"The company is still losing money and may continue to lose money and never make a profit."

The famous analyst Nicholas Jintao once said: "The Internet has reached the final stage of information technology when it develops into the Internet. In the future, the industry will enter maturity and recession."

2005 Baidu’s listing surged 3.5 times on the day of the listing. In 2014, Ali’s listing was worth 25 billion US dollars. Many people miss that era because they can buy stocks with their eyes closed and each can make money.

You can also buy it with your eyes closed, and you can always be closed.