US stocks are rare now more than a thousand points increase Global stock market pessimism will reverse?

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US stocks are rare now more than a thousand points increase Global stock market pessimism will reverse?

2018-12-27 10:25:24 267 ℃

As the leader of the global capital market, the US stock market has experienced irrational declines in a row, monthly The decline was over 10%, and the cumulative decline from the previous highs exceeded 20%, leading to the pessimism of the global stock market to the extreme. Perhaps, under the guidance of the irrational decline of US stocks, the world's major stock markets have also entered the bear market.

However, judging from the performance of the latest US stock market, there has been a single-day skyrocketing trend, and US stock Dow Jones has seen more than a thousand points in a single day, which has become the biggest single day in the US stock market in recent years. The magnitude of the increase. At the close, US stocks Dow Jones rose 1086.25 points, or 4.98%; US stocks Nasdaq index rose 361.44 points, or 5.84%. As for the S&P 500 index, it rose 116.60 points, or 4.96%.

The US stock market has seen a single-day surge. In addition to the dramatic changes in market sentiment, the market has reported that US corporate pensions need to increase their stock portfolio by $64 billion by the end of the year. One of the fuses for the stock market's sharp rise. In addition, in addition to the expected rate hike by the Fed, factors such as a sharp downturn in the stock market and weakening economic growth expectations may lead to a slowdown in the Fed’s rate hike.

However, compared with the policy news, the recent pessimism and panic in the US stock market have been brought to the extreme, which has also accelerated the tremendous changes in market investment sentiment, and created positive conditions for the US stocks to counterattack.

US stocks have a rare one-day gain of more than a thousand points, which will have a positive impact on the performance of the global stock market. However, whether the global stock market pessimism can be substantially reversed, it still needs to look at the performance of the next stage of the US stock market, whether it has a sustained rebound and substantively out of the conditions of falling haze.

From the actual situation, although the US stock market is the leader of the global capital market, it does not necessarily have a very strong linkage effect on the global stock market. Among them, the A-share market has had a certain degree of independence in the past few years, and the impact of the sharp rise and fall of US stocks on the A-share market has gradually weakened.

US stocks have fallen sharply, and the A-share market has gradually formed a certain degree of resilience. However, when the US stock market is experiencing a rare surge, it is still to be seen whether the A-share market can follow the trend of the rise. However, for market investors, it is still more worried that the A-share market will once again show high performances, while the market tends to stage the trend of rebounding under the downward trend from time to time, resulting in new liquidity outside the market. Late, I dare not easily enter the A-share market.

As a market-oriented US stock market, in the panic and pessimism of the market, a series of measures to boost the stimulus have been adopted to stabilize the stock market. This may be worthy of reference in the A-share market.

In fact, although the stock market has certain rules of its own operation, the reversal of the trend and the easing of the decline are more or less dependent on appropriate policy guidance. As a market-oriented A-share market, its sensitivity to policies is higher, and capital risk appetite and enthusiasm for funds entering the market are also closely watching the changes in the policy environment, and paying attention to whether the stock market policy environment will be substantive. Better.

Nowadays, although the A-share market is in the bottom of the historical valuation, it still needs to take into account factors such as the slowdown in economic growth, real estate price changes and the impairment of listed companies' goodwill. This series of factors will also affect The profitability and performance of some listed companies in the future. Looking at it from another angle, it is still not possible to confirm the bottom of the valuation of the stock market at this stage, and the next quarter and even the next two quarters may confirm whether the bottom of the stock market valuation is solid, and the off-exchange funds seem to It is also waiting for the resonance effect of factors such as market bottom, policy bottom and valuation bottom.

From the unilateral downside, to the accelerated decline, and then to the bottom of the shock, the performance of the world's major stock markets seems to have reached a consensus. However, for the market, a long-term trend in the US stock market may not fundamentally reverse the market trend, perhaps a long-repressed emotional catharsis. For the next one or two trading days, the trend of the US stock market is quite critical, and the US stock market is still in the watershed of the bull market. The US stocks also seem to be stubbornly protecting the bull market results built over the years.