Hengyang Official: Cancel the "Pause Limit" document on the same day

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Hengyang Official: Cancel the "Pause Limit" document on the same day

2018-12-28 00:25:19 91 ℃

China Net Real Estate News On the evening of the 27th, the Hengyang Municipal Government issued a notice saying that in view of the suspension of the implementation of the sales and price of new commercial housing in the urban area, the Hengyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Hengyang Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau jointly issued Notice of Notice> (Hengfa Reform Service [2018] No. 45), the judgment on the complexity of the stable control of housing prices is not accurate, and the persistence of the stability expectation is not sufficient. The introduction of the document has caused market misunderstanding and online The hype, its influence is contrary to the original intention of the department to issue documents, the Hengyang Municipal People's Government decided to cancel the document.

The government of Hengyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will resolutely implement the principle of “the house is used for living, not for speculation”, adhere to the people as the center, pay close attention to the development of the real estate market, and scientifically control Resolute attitude, firm tenacity to maintain the stable and healthy development of the Hengyang real estate market, and safeguard the vital interests of the masses.

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