Compound 2018: The per capita loss of 100,000 shareholders is a natural disaster or a man-made disaster?

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Compound 2018: The per capita loss of 100,000 shareholders is a natural disaster or a man-made disaster?

2018-12-29 18:33:15 107 ℃

This Friday is the final ending day of the A-shares in 2018. The three major A-shares index will meet New Year's Day in a collective redemption. However, it is unfortunate that according to the data of Zhongdeng Company, as of December 14, the number of investors at the end of the period was 146 million, and the market value decreased by 14.46 trillion yuan. The average loss of A-share investors this year was 99,000 yuan.

The current market conditions are not good, not only the stockholders have suffered huge losses, but the brokers’ days are not good. As of December 26, the Shanghai Stock Exchange had a total turnover of 89.27 trillion yuan during the year, while last year's annual turnover was 111.94 trillion yuan, a decline of 20%. At the same time, due to the optimism of stock funds this year, this year's loss is further expanding, and the data will be announced later.

In all fairness, this year's stock market is not good. From the 3,500 points at the beginning of the year, it has fallen by more than 1,000 points. Unless it is short-selling A-shares in stock index futures, it will inevitably not cause large losses, but it is slightly comforting. Yes, about 10% of the investors this year expressed their own profits, and more than 10% of the investors said that they are still short. In this regard, we believe that the short-selling stockholders are very good, and learning to wait is also an investment, but such people are still a minority, and most of them lose money this year.

If you say that the per capita loss of 100,000 yuan this year is a natural disaster The market is not good. However, we can also find out that it is a bear market by looking at the big trend, so that we can reduce our own operations and keep cash as the king, so that we can escape this disaster like a few short-sellers. And some of our investors are overly optimistic about the market outlook, but they forget the risks. As a result, the more they operate this year, the more they lose.

In fact, this year’s stock market is in a high position, monetary policy continues to tighten, the regulation of capital inflows into the stock market continues to strengthen, the domestic economy is under pressure, and so on. These are not big bulls. The conditions are. Since the bull market does not exist, why bother to operate in the stock market throughout the year, to slash blood, to do things badly, to waste money and time? We have an ancient saying that the gentleman does not stand under the wall. This is the truth. You must learn to avoid disadvantages.

Let’s talk about it, even if it’s a bear market, it’s just that there are fewer opportunities to make money. At least one percent of the shareholders have made money, but for most people lose money. There are so many types of stockholders who have lost most of their money this year: the first category of people like to chase up and down, and see which stocks perform well, they follow closely, and such stocks are often fishtails, and the result is quilt. Above the high level. Some investors ask me what to do? I am also helpless.

The second type of people like to operate frequently, as if they don’t buy stocks one day. It is unbearable. Even if the technology is so hard, the first nine times have made money. The last time, as long as there is a loss, the previous profits will be lost. The old saying of China is good: "I often walk by the river, how can I have wet shoes?" I hope that in the new year, investors will learn to "consider more and move less" to constrain themselves. In the stock market, the chances of truly changing the destiny are just a few times. To be tossed in the stock market every day, there is no chance of getting rich.

The third type of people, frequently convert shares. This type of people saw that the stocks in their hands were more resistant, while other stocks fell sharply. They thought that the stocks with large declines were safer and the risks were all lost. Therefore, the stocks in the hands were sold and converted into stocks with huge declines, but Who can think of this type of stock is returning to the valuation, the stock price is not the lowest, only lower.

In all fairness, this year's stock market has performed poorly and has been on the way to a long-term decline. This requires us to learn to look at the general trend. If the stock market trend is down, it is not necessary to enter the market to cut blood. Because the stock market is not a big winner in the bear market, it is better to hold the cash and watch it. Really arrived at the bottom of the current bear market, most people found that they have no money. Therefore, in addition to the performance of listed companies for no reason, most investors can avoid losses.