Ofo has trouble in Singapore! The supplier reminded the arrears of $510,000

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Ofo has trouble in Singapore! The supplier reminded the arrears of $510,000

2018-12-29 18:33:21 140 ℃

The media said that at least two companies have pressured ono to pay off their arrears, with arrears of more than $511,000; at the same time, there are more than 170 users under the official Facebook account of ofo in Singapore. Message request a refund. As of press time, the ofo has not yet responded to this.

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Author|Zhang Chao

Because of the financial crisis, the situation of Ofo has become increasingly severe, and it is not an exaggeration to describe it with "internal and diplomatic difficulties."

On December 29th, according to Singapore’s local media, Today’s report, the cash crisis of ofo has affected its foreign business, and Singapore is one of the countries whose international business is in trouble. The media said that at least two companies pressured ono to pay off the arrears of the logistics, the amount owed more than 511,000 US dollars (about 3.515 million yuan); at the same time, under the official Facebook account of ofo Singapore, there are more than 170 A user message asks for a refund, but no one responds.

For this news, all-weather technology to verify the ofo, as of press time, the other party has not yet responded.

In July 2017, the Senior Minister of State for Transport of Singapore warned the sharing of bicycle companies, demanding that the phenomenon of chaos and arbitrage be resolved, and even hinted that if the chaos was not resolved, such business models would be banned. This also makes theo's business in Singapore always face tremendous pressure.

In October of this year, the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) rectified local order and restricted the number of bicycles by issuing operating licenses to some shared bicycle companies. Although ofo was allowed to continue operations, it was forced to reduce the number of bicycles from 25,000 to 10,000.

This is not the first time the crisis has occurred in the Singapore market. In June of this year, Mobile Technology has revealed that 50% of the employees of theo Group of Singapore have received notices of layoffs. In a local logistics company in Singapore, ofo is offering discounts at a price of 50 new vehicles per vehicle. The currency is equivalent to about RMB 240.

In response to the ofo: "ofo has a business relationship with a freight forwarder/logistics company in Singapore and has agreed to pay for the service. Since theo is discussing with the company, we think the other party At the same time, this action is too radical. While considering the resort to legal means, ofo is also working hard to avoid the sale of ofo property."

Different from the massive expansion into overseas in 2017, ofo this year In the first half of the year, they successively withdrew from India, the Middle East, Israel, Australia and other markets. In July, they announced the adjustment of their overseas market strategy, saying that they will enter the second strategic stage from the previous development stage and deepen the scale of Singapore, the United States and France. A key market that is growing rapidly.

ofo also said that its overseas urban users have high consumption levels and have formed payment habits. The riding prices in these cities are about 6 times higher than in China, bringing overseas revenue. After entering the new strategic stage overseas, theo will carry out refined operations on large-scale or fast-growing areas such as Singapore, the United States and France. In different markets, ofo will deepen market cooperation and strengthen service upgrades according to different user habits and market characteristics.

However, the Singapore market, which was deeply cultivated, was exposed to the crisis twice in six months. It is foreseeable that the cash flow of ofo is facing a severe test.

Before, the issue of ofo deposits broke out in a concentrated manner, and more than 10 million users were queued for repatriation. It is conservatively estimated that the total amount of deposits required by ato should be at least 1 billion yuan. According to all-weather technology, from December 18 to December 29, more than 163,000 refunds have been completed.