Last year, China’s billionaire wealth evaporated by 76 billion US dollars, Wang Jianlin’s net plunged the most

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Last year, China’s billionaire wealth evaporated by 76 billion US dollars, Wang Jianlin’s net plunged the most

2019-01-02 09:04:01 141 ℃

Source/China Securities Journal

The latest release of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index list shows that as of December 31, 2018, Bezos, Bill Gates and Buffett were the top global players. Three rich people, worth $124.9 billion, $90.4 billion, and $83.8 billion. Affected by the poor performance of the global financial market, except for Bezos, the other two wealthes have shrunk in 2018. In China, the net worth of hundreds of millions of high-net-worth people has evaporated by nearly $76 billion in 2018.

Top 10 on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index

Global Billionaires 2018 A total of $500 billion was evaporated throughout the year, and the top 500 richest people on the list lost a total of $451 billion, in stark contrast to the $1 trillion increase in 2017. Facebook's founder Zuckerberg's wealth has shrunk by $20.7 billion, shrinking to the size of the world's richest man in 2018.

Several happy couples. Although the financial market fell into the main tone in 2018, it still does not prevent people from getting huge wealth this year. Bezos, the founder of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, Lei Jun, and the founder of the company, Huang Wei, are among the lucky ones.

Bezos became the biggest winner

As of December 31, 2018, a total of 31 "news" were on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index single. Mitchell Zoyner, managing partner of WE Family Offices, said: "(2018) is a good year to create wealth, although it is a tough year for financial markets, but for those who create wealth through the company. The economy itself is very strong."

According to Bloomberg, the producer of the global explosion game Forttite, Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney's wealth in 2018 reached $7.2 billion. The oil company Endeavour Energy Resources will be acquired, bringing the founder, Otley Stevens, to $11.4 billion.

Amazon founder Bezos became the biggest winner for the second consecutive year in 2018. His wealth grew by about $25.9 billion annually to $124.9 billion, ranking first in the list of billionaire wealth and the annual growth in wealth. However, due to the stock market crash, his wealth also shrank in the second half of 2018. Since the beginning of the US stock market in early October, his wealth has decreased by nearly $50 billion.

The personal wealth of China’s smartphone maker Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun increased by $8.6 billion in 2018, Next to Bezos, ranked second in the annual growth of billionaire wealth. China’s richest man in the list of wealth annual growth scales has many founders, Huang Wei (increased by $7.1 billion, ranking third), Ningde’s head, Zeng Yiqun (increased by $4 billion, ranking ninth), and Xiaomi President Lin Bin (increased $3.5 billion, ranked thirteenth).

The top global winners in the annual growth scale list are UNIQLO founder Yanai Zheng (increased by $5.9 billion, ranking fourth) and Microsoft’s major shareholder Ballmer (adding $5.8 billion, ranking Fifth), LVMH Group founder Bernard Arnott (increased by $5.3 billion, ranked sixth) and Tesla's head of Musk (an increase of $4 billion, ranked eighth).

Zuckerberg’s wealth has shrunk the most.

Social website’s leading Facebook book has been leaking in the night of 2018, and the user’s personal information leaked scandal The stock price fell sharply, leading to the decline in the wealth of its founder Zuckerberg, which led the 2018 Bloomberg Billionaire Index. His wealth has decreased by 20.7 billion dollars to 52 billion dollars.

Facebook share price continued to fall in 2018

Inditex Holdings Group founder, global fashion industry Giant Amancio Alte’s wealth fell by $16.7 billion in 2018, second in the billionaire’s annual shrinkage scale; the wealth of George Schaeffler, head of the German auto parts company Schaeffler Group Reduced by $13.6 billion, ranking third.

The data shows that after the end of the 2018 year, 50 rich people fell out of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index list, 11 of them from China, 9 from the United States, and 4 from Russia. Russian rich Oleg Jeripaska fell to a record low of $2.9 billion because of a fall in its holdings of Russian aluminum. The wealth of Czech Prime Minister Andrei Barbiz is mainly from Agrofert, its holding chemical and agricultural company, whose wealth has fallen to $3.1 billion.

There are many Chinese high-net-worth individuals in the list of global billionaire wealth annual shrinkage. According to statistics, the net worth of China's billion-dollar net worth population has evaporated by nearly $76 billion in 2018.

Where, Wang Jianlin’s wealth has shrunk by 10.9 billion U.S. dollars, ranking fourth; Ma’s wealth has shrunk by 9.8 billion U.S. dollars, ranking sixth; Ma Huateng’s wealth has shrunk by 8.7 billion U.S. dollars, ranking seventh; SF Express founder Wang Wei’s wealth has shrunk by $6.8 billion, ranking ninth. Li Ka-shing, who has occupied the position of the richest man in China for many years, has also shrunk by 6.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, ranking 11th in the list of the annual shrinkage of billionaires in the world.

In the list of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, several rich people died in 2018, including Microsoft's Paul Allen, Hong Kong real estate giant Guo Bingxiang and Premier League Leicester City club bosses, Thai businessmen. Vicki Srivatana Brapa.