Liu Qiang East Australian Villa Housing Sale: Loss of nearly 20 million yuan compared with 3 years ago, property rights in Zhang Zetian's hands

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Liu Qiang East Australian Villa Housing Sale: Loss of nearly 20 million yuan compared with 3 years ago, property rights in Zhang Zetian's hands

2019-01-22 17:12:52 199 ℃
It is believed that Zhang Zetian, sister of milk tea, is no stranger to everyone. As an early net red, he just graduated from university and married Liu Qiangdong, president of Jingdong University, who is nearly 20 years old. Since their marriage, they seem to have been very loving.

However, in the second half of last year, a scandal happened in Liu Qiangdong, which made everyone curious about their future marriage. Shortly after the Liu Qiangdong incident last year, foreign media reported that Zhang Zetian was selling his luxury home in Australia.

Today, according to foreign media reports, Zhang Zetian successfully sold her top-floor luxury apartment in Sydney for A$13.5 million (65.4 million RMB). After several months of the sale, a buyer finally bought the luxury apartment.

It is known that the luxury house is situated near the mountains and rivers and can see the far seaside in the house. The total area of the luxury house is 589 square meters, with luxurious interior design, high-end furniture, fashionable decoration and expensive household appliances. It adopts contemporary design style. Equipped with a porter, administrator and meeting room, as well as swimming pool and gymnasium and other fitness facilities, it is really a very good villa.

It is known that the real estate was purchased by Zhang Zetian six months before he married Liu Qiangdong, CEO of Jingdong, and the property right was under Zhang Zetian's name. At that time, it cost about 12.21 million US dollars (about 84 million RMB at that time), so the price of Zhang Zetian's apartment was nearly 20 million RMB less than the original price.

and only three years later, the house was sold at a discount, losing nearly 20 million yuan, while in recent years, the property price increase, luxury house decoration, inflation, this wave of selling is somewhat inexpensive. For Zhang Zetian to sell this luxury house, many people thought it was because of family conflict with her husband before they decided to sell it. Now that Liu Qiangdong's scandal has been dealt with for nearly two months, their marriage seems to be calm again.

But they also became low-key. The last time they were photographed in the same frame was on Christmas Eve, when they were occasionally met by netizens and couples in a scenic spot and took pictures with friends.

At that time, Liu Qiangdong also graciously hugged Zhang Zetian's waist, looking as sweet as ever, and Zhang Zetian had cut short hair and matured a lot. Although there is a standard smile in the picture of my sister, it seems less clear than before.

and a suspected new year friend circle of Zhang Zetian circulated on the Internet in the past, which seemed to be dissatisfied with the status quo and marriage at that time. However, this time, it was not the appearance of two parties, but Zhang Zetian's father who created a rumor for his daughter: "There is no divorce."

Now this luxury house under Zhang Zetian's name has been sold at a loss of nearly 20 million yuan, which has attracted people's attention again.