Wuhan Supports Households to Release and Check Out for Clearly Unreasonable Refinement Housing

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Wuhan Supports Households to Release and Check Out for Clearly Unreasonable Refinement Housing

2019-01-22 17:12:56 285 ℃
< p > Wuhan has given a clear attitude to the problem of fine-decorated houses, which is obviously unreasonable for the buyers, and supports the buyers to cancel their contracts and check out.

The Wuhan Real Estate Exchange Center issued a circular to the district housing administrations on the 22nd that 79 projects involving stabilization of real estate could be cancelled if the purchaser proposed to cancel the contract. Moreover, the purchaser was not required to submit other certificates except identity certificate, household registration certificate and marital status certificate. On December 6, last year, Ma Guoqiang, Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, gave instructions in his report "An analysis of letters for visiting commercial houses with fine decoration in Wuhan City". He asked the Municipal Housing Administration to study the resolution plan with relevant departments, strengthen management according to the law and regulations, and support the rescission of contracts for buyers who are obviously unreasonable.

First Financial and Economic Journalist noted that many well-known developers, including Rongchuang, Poly, Jindi, Hengda, Huafa, Zhengrong, Greenbelt, Biguiyuan, Jinke, Xuhui and Yuexiu, all included in the list of 79 stable key projects.

In recent years, there have been successive consumer rights and interests protection incidents in Wuhan real estate market. According to the local media Jingchu big data public opinion monitoring system, since November last year alone, there have been more than 20 buildings in Wuhan set off a fine decoration rights and interests protection incidents.

"Tofu dregs project", "poor quality", "bundling sales", "garbage decoration", "overlord clause", "double contract", "super-large stall"... Most of the reasons for owners'rights protection come from unequal purchase contracts and related clauses.

Since 2016, Wuhan's housing prices have risen considerably. The housing management departments have urgently promulgated regulatory policies to implement price regulation and one-room-one-price policy. Developers see recruitment and demolition, do not sell blanks to sell refined decoration housing, a time refined decoration has become a sharp tool for developers to raise prices in disguised form.

On May 10, 2017, the Wuhan Housing Administration took the lead in introducing the guidance price for renovation houses throughout the country, requiring that all renovation houses be executed according to the housing record price, with the highest standard not exceeding 5,000 yuan per square metre, and that advance sales certificates be postponed for projects that do not accept the guidance price. However, developers began to do "hands and feet" in fine decoration. Li Guozheng, executive director of Hubei Real Estate Economics Association, told First Financial and Economic Journalist that in recent two years, due to price restrictions, developers have been forced to control their costs, and many projects do have flaws in decoration, even the quality of rough houses.

"When buyers see the decoration process and decoration materials and decoration effect, it is easy to form psychological expectations that the quality and price do not match." Li Guozheng said.

Many owners are blunt, mainly dissatisfied with the decoration quality of developers when they make house calls. Real estate enterprises do not hesitate to damage the owners'rights and interests in order to maximize their interests. They hope that the regulatory authorities can form a joint force and formulate strong control measures instead of mutual prevarication and omission. Under this background,

, only the Secretary of the CPC Committee of Wuhan and the notice of the Wuhan Real Estate Trading Center can be obtained.

Li Guozheng believes that the above notification is a "compromise method". To cancel the purchase contract together with renovation, and to open a green way to check out for this purpose, concessions can not be said to be small, and the pressure on enterprises is greater. "There are economic benefits, brand image, and product strategy development strategy."

"Although the checkout list only covers 79 items, it is expected that the following items will be expanded." Li Guozheng said that under the pressure of price limit and purchase restriction, real estate enterprises will face a new test in 2019, which is also a hard-hitting baptism of the market.

According to the statistics of opening monitoring of Zhongzhi Hospital, Wuhan launched 171143 sets of apartments 528 times in 2018. The number of compact disc units accounted for 60%, which was significantly lower than that in 2017. The phenomenon of one room difficulty was alleviated, and the sales slowdown in some areas was obvious.

< p> Some defenders have changed their minds when they heard the above notification. An owner who bought No. 1 Courtyard of Rongchuang Center told reporters that if only the refund of decoration money was acceptable, but if the house and decoration money had to be refunded together, it would not be refunded. "The location of this house is good, there is still room for appreciation," the owner told reporters. The owner also questioned that such a one-size-fits-all approach was not human enough. How to calculate the time cost of home buyers? Why can't we send a third-party supervisor to urge developers to build houses with the same quality and price? According to Li Guozheng,

from the perspective of implementing the main spirit of "stabilizing land prices, stabilizing house prices and stabilizing expectations" of the central government, the major hidden danger of consumptive rights and interests of fine-decorated houses can be resolved, or it is more conducive to the steady and healthy development of Wuhan's real estate market.

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