Guan Buyu: Man scum and woman base! Economic Analysis of Wu Xiubo's Derailment

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Guan Buyu: Man scum and woman base! Economic Analysis of Wu Xiubo's Derailment

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< p > Wu Xiubo and Chen Yulin's stories are popular on the internet, such as derailment, breakup, blackmail and set-up. The climax is better than the climax, which is more brilliant than most of the domestic TV dramas.

Wang Sicong, Huang Yiqing, Venus and Liu Liu appeared one after another. I personally agree with the comment of the writer, Ms. 66, that the slag men and the bitch women are not worthy of sympathy.

Since the focus of the problem has shifted from emotions to economic interests, it is helpful to improve the "three views" by using economic theory. < p >< section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > 01 < / section > < section > < section > role identity < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > family is an independent economic unit, which can be compared with a company, and there is a partnership of close economic interests between husband and wife, and the share proportion is the same.

and what is the third child? At best, it is the atypical employee of the derelict, not even the employees of the company. In particular, we should emphasize this point because it is often compared with the system of keeping concubines in ancient times. This is a serious misunderstanding and misguides a large number of aspiring young people who devote themselves to the cause of "raising junior three". The concubines in ancient times were well-known and one of the family members. Although the personality and the original wives are not equal, the rising space is limited - according to ancient etiquette law, even if the original wives are vacant, concubines can not ascend to power; however, the rights and interests of concubines are guaranteed. Comparing with the company system, concubines are secondary shareholders with limited rights, and their rights and interests are more stable than those of formal employees.

and Xiaosan is nothing, neither a shareholder nor an employee. The protection of rights and interests is extremely fragile. The difference between

family and company is that members have no salary at their disposal, and their personal expenditure is more similar to the reserve in the company system. Users have the obligation to ensure their proper use.

For example, Wu Xiubo hired a full-time health consultant for himself, which was justified, so he could sign a formal contract. Chen Yulin's services are obviously not what the company needs. Wu can't sign any kind of contract with her. She is an atypical employee. The relationship between the two parties is agreed orally, pay salaries irregularly and terminate the contract at any time. More lethal is that because Wu's payment is an abuse of the "company" reserve, Chen's earnings are also grey and black. Ms. Venus said quickly that "after six or seven years of sleeping with you, you should also pay for others", which is very dispelling.

but more seriously, it does not hold. Wu Xiubo's money belongs to his "company". Without the consent of He Zhenya, the money should not be given. It can be seen that Xiaosan is a high-risk industry, and the practitioners must consider it carefully.

In this play, the development of the incident is indeed derailed, and there is a rare case of junior three being imprisoned. The difficulty factor is so high as to burst the table. Where is the problem?uuuuuuuu Observing the plot carefully, this is mainly due to Chen Yulin's poor game skills.

plot conflict
Chen's requirement is nothing more than a "golden parachute", which could have been achieved in the past. But Chen misjudged the situation. The purpose of the game is to maximize the profit. The precondition is that it must be feasible, that is to say, the other party should be able to implement it. Regardless of the bottom line of the other side's endurance, excessive demands are put forward, and the game is difficult to sustain.

Wu Xiubo has been popular for some years, but the situation of investment failure encountering economic difficulties has long been exposed. This should be clear to Chen. Chen has asked for money many times and the price is higher than that one time. Wu's "reserve fund" is certainly not enough to pay. She should have overestimated Wu's credit.

Wu Xiubo's "derailed door" hostess Chen Yulin, who has been picking up all the big luxury goods by herself

An economic entity will have credit decline and financing difficulties after its own business situation has been problematic. Popularly speaking, the poorer you are, the less money you can borrow. I can't borrow any more. It's no accident to call the police.

and her other game trick is that the operation of asking for money many times releases the wrong information. In the course of the game, we should hide our own bottom line to a certain extent, but we can not let the other side lose the expected confidence.

Chen repeatedly demanded money and gave the other party two wrong expectations: either he was insatiable or he had other plans. Either way, the other side loses confidence in solving problems within the framework of "Pay - Keep Secret" game. The most lethal thing is that Chen doesn't know who he's playing with. Although Wu Xiubo is said to have "set up a set" for her, from Wu's studio announcement and a series of other initiatives, Wu has lost the dominance of the development of the situation, which was originally handled by Ms. He.

Ms. He has neither the psychological burden of "nostalgia for old feelings" nor the heavy concern of "maintaining image". No matter what chips Chen holds, they are all aimed at Wu Xiubo, which does not threaten Ms. He. After Wu Xiubo lost his dominance, the situation of both sides of the game had actually tilted, Chen was unconscious, and it was not surprising that he was finally "set up".

Throughout the development of the plot, Miss Chen's operation is chaotic and failure is inevitable. If the information disclosed by the Sixth and Sixth Classes is correct, Wu Xiubo has actually paid Chen a very high price. Chen collects money while exploding material, and his "professional literacy" as a junior is too poor. Miss He's disposition is decisive, rational and powerful, and she really possesses the qualities of professional managers. < p >< section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > 03 < / section > < section > section > < section > Wu Xiubo's half-court "good" play < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < section > < / section > < p > Wu Xiubo's true performance in the play, performed "good" in the first half and smashed the second half.

There are a lot of risks for the executives of "company" to take advantage of such things as eating inside and outside, making false public and private benefits. Wu Xiubo carefully avoided several minefields in the first half of the game, which was really high.

First, compare Malong. The target of Ma Rong's derailment, Song Zhe, is her husband's broker, who belongs to senior employees of the company. Although they are highly efficient in seeking money, they are also at great risk. As long as the incident was exposed, Song's iron proved that the hammer was caught without suspense, and then in order to save himself, he pushed the responsibility to a higher level of Ma Rong.

This is a typical case of corporate nesting, and there is no doubt about the follow-up development. This is no longer a probabilistic question of the size of the risk, but a matter of necessity. Ma Rong pays the price of being completely blackened, and there is no possibility of turning over.

Next, look at Li Xiaolu. The target of the derailment is the original brother, who belongs to "uncle-sister" and is a sensation for a while. Better than Ma Rong, it doesn't involve financial relations and breaks up. < p > < p > 3. The article derailed Yao Di. Both sides were celebrities in the circle, and the impact was superimposed. But Yao Di and the article family have no deep relationship, nor economic disputes, the situation is simple, follow-up treatment is still active.

It is obvious that the more complex and close the relationship between the characters in such incidents, the more uncontrollable the consequences will be.

Wu Xiubo's mind is much deeper. When he established his relationship with Chen six or seven years ago, Chen was still young and almost vegetarian. Additionally, the risk is really minimized by such adjustments as the Tongdian Sutra.

Photo Source: Chen Yulin ins

and, although Wu Xiubo let Chen appear several times, it was just to satisfy the vanity of the other party. Wu Xiubo's awareness of risk prevention and control is in place. Over the years, he has been an old man who has played Sima Yi with low risk, low cost and high profit.

However, in the final analysis, people have to bear the consequences for their actions. The unruly relationship of derailment lacks binding force and can not be compared with the stable relationship of husband and wife running a family together. The longer the relationship lasts, the deeper the interest disputes are, the closer to the nature of the transaction relationship between the two sides - like all employment relationships, there is no unilateral payment, only the transaction that is accepted by both sides.

There are very limited options in derailment transactions. After the "emotional shelf life" (if any), Wu Xiubo can give Chen Yulin only three kinds: abandoning the original family, organizing a new family; giving career support; and giving financial support.

The story of "Xiaosan Shangshan" has been heard from time to time, and it is also the most anticipated outcome of "Xiaosan Industry". However, the probability of success in reality is very low. Because the cost of derailers is enormous, the loss of social image, property and interpersonal relationship is all-round.

To give career support, we need to look at the cooperation of personal qualifications of "Junior Three". The mud that can't support the wall can't succeed even if we invest resources to fill it. In the entertainment circle, which attracts public attention, this choice is more dangerous and too easy to turn negative, so the cost risk for derailers is not low.

to give "junior three" monetary support is the most common and effective consideration in the short term. Nevertheless, it is difficult to continue in the long run. On the one hand, the economic ability of derailers will change. On the other hand, the "small three industries" can not be used as a lifelong career. The insecurity of their future will become stronger and stronger, and the higher the demand for money will be.

Wu Xiubo chose to pay for money, so he chose the final outcome. If there is not enough money, the paper will not be able to wrap up the fire. Both the film and television industry he invested in encountered the accidental factors of the black swan, and the inevitable law of the development of events. If Chen is smart enough to accept a "reasonable" break-up fee and leave quietly, he will probably not be so smoothly controlled by Wu for 67 years. The so-called transaction must be completed by cooperation between the two parties, and the foolishness of the counterparty is not to be congratulated. < p >< section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > 04 < / section > < section > < section > conclusion: don't take chances < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < section > < section > < section > < p > family is the basic unit of society and the carrier of economy and emotion. Morality and law have formed an effective protection mechanism for thousands of years. If you want to be a junior or a junior, you must be prepared to pay a heavy price and not be fluky. The romantic imagination of extramarital affairs cannot conceal the essence of money and sex trading. Neither good nor happiness. Since it's a deal, is it worth it for both sides to make a good calculation? You are the master of your youth, but he may not be the master of his wallet. Wu Xiubo's scheming man could not escape liquidation, and Chen Yulin ended up losing both money and money. The

< p> organ has exhausted, but it has missed life and destroyed the future, which is the final outcome of most derailments.

As for Chen's parents, after all, it is human nature to save their daughter's heart, and public opinion does not need to be over-criticized, but they should also reflect on why they did not expect to spend their daughter's money today.

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