Should pensions also be diverted from South to North?

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Should pensions also be diverted from South to North?

2019-01-22 17:13:16 1740 ℃

The National Bureau of Statistics today released a series of "magical" figures:

China's GDP grew by 6.6% in 2018, and its total economic output exceeded 90 trillion yuan for the first time. At the same time, also announced the demographic situation (

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Suspicious Economic Growth+Aging of Society+Experts suggest that pensions in the South should be used to support the Northeast, so that this heated issue of pensions once again topped the headlines. Jia Kang, Vice President of the Chinese Finance Society and former Director of the Institute of Financial Science of the Ministry of Finance, believes that

tax reduction should be reformed in a coordinated manner, and the standard contribution rate, especially the most important basic pension contribution rate, must be lowered as soon as possible. To put it into practice, we should upgrade the overall mechanism of basic old-age care in the whole society as soon as possible, combine at least dozens of reservoirs scattered in the past, and its integrated supply function will be improved immediately. The accumulated balance of < strong > years in the South can be transferred to the urgent need of relief in the northeast, and there is room for the reduction of the payment rate. <<<"<<

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Many people are worried about the hard work of paying pension insurance for decades. When we retire, will the < strong> pension be enough?? The question of

is really not optimistic. Although the relevant person in charge said that the cumulative balance of the pension in 2018 was nearly 5 trillion yuan, basically guaranteeing the timely and full payment. However, it is very difficult for pensions to balance their income and expenditure in the future.

Reason 1: Population aging is increasing

This is a national problem. By the end of 2018, China's population aged 60 and over reached 249.49 million (249 million people), accounting for 17.9% of the total population, of which 166.58 million (167 million people) aged 65 and over, accounting for 11.9% of the total population.

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< p> It is generally believed that the elderly population aged 60 years and over accounts for 10% of the total population, which means entering an aging society. Although the number of new elderly population declined last year, the new number is still huge, indicating that the degree of aging in China is still rising rapidly, and the pressure of providing for the aged is not decreasing.

Reason 2: The continuous loss of young people

population flow has a great impact on today's social and economic development. The net outflow of population and the obvious aging of population for many years make the three eastern provinces face the embarrassment of "no successors". The A side of the population crisis is the lack of momentum in economic growth, while the B side is the lack of new blood.

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Annual Report on the Development of Social Insurance in China, compiled by the Social Security Management Center of the Ministry of Human and Social Affairs, shows that there are seven provinces in which pensions can not be paid in the current period, namely Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Hebei, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Hubei and Qinghai. Among them, Heilongjiang's current income is not enough, and its accumulated balance has reached the bottom, which is negative 23.2 billion yuan. On the contrary, in Guangdong, Beijing and other provinces and municipalities, the cumulative balance of the basic pension fund for workers is relatively large, and the cumulative balance of in Guangdong alone amounts to more than 70 billion yuan.

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< p > < p > < strong > Heilongjiang is 1.3 people who pay social security for one retiree, while Guangdong is 9 people for one retiree. Is it imperative that the old-age pension of

should "borrow the rich to help the poor" and "divert water from the south to the north"?

Although the expert's proposal makes many people difficult to understand, in fact, as early as July 18, our pension fund has implemented the central adjustment system. At the recent Central Economic Work Conference, it was clearly pointed out that deepening the reform of the social security system is one of the key tasks of this year's work, and the overall planning of the old-age insurance in China will be further accelerated. However, this does not mean that some provinces can lie down and ask for money, and the gap of pension fund in each province should still be borne by local governments.

Four Happiness feels that for those of us insured, we need not worry about taking away the money we have now, and we will have no money to pay when we retire. How many pension reform and implementation policies, even if one day, will be transferred from other ways.

But in a way, we still need to be prepared for the rainy day. This is one of the reasons why we advocate financial management at present. We should accumulate more wealth in a feasible time to realize our own wealth appreciation, and also add more safeguards for our future.