Crazy, Golden Storm, Dollar Selling Tide

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Crazy, Golden Storm, Dollar Selling Tide

2019-01-31 10:25:35 316 ℃

According to the latest data released by the Russian Central Bank, Russia has held 8.8 million ounces of gold, or 274 tons of gold, throughout 2018, which is an unprecedented record.

Russia added 7.2 million ounces of gold, or 224 tons, in 2017, which is already a crazy number, but the record was broken by Russia in 2018.

and the Russian government said that in the future, it will continue to hold more gold, that is, the total amount of gold held by Russia in the future will rise. As of January 1, 2019, the Central Bank of Russia has held 2112 tons of gold, ranking fifth in the world, accounting for 18.6% of Russia's foreign exchange reserves. < p > < p > The United States, Germany, France and Italy ranked first, and besides Russia, the total amount of gold held by Germany was also rising. Russia is also the third largest gold producer in the world. In 2018, Russia produced about 300 tons of gold, a large part of which was purchased by the Russian Central Bank.

It can be said that in the past 2018, Russia has been crazily increasing its gold holdings and selling its US debt, and now its US debt holdings are almost zero.

and in Russia's foreign exchange reserves, the proportion of US dollar assets is almost single-digit, which is unimaginably low, after all, the US dollar is the world currency. Why did Russia buy gold so crazily and sell dollars at the same time? In fact, it was forced by the United States.

Russia is subject to repeated sanctions from the West. If it holds US dollars, it can easily be sanctioned or frozen by the United States. If you hold gold, you don't have to go through the U.S. financial system to worry about freezing it. This is an action you have to take to protect your own assets.

Now the Syrian war is continuing, and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia in Crimea is becoming more and more intense, and new wars may break out at any time. There is no doubt that the United States is on the side of Ukraine. If a new conflict breaks out between Russia and Ukraine, it will not be ruled out that the United States will impose further sanctions.

and the new sanctions are likely to freeze Russian assets or kick Russia out of the SWIFT system, which means that Russia will be cut off from its external financial channels.

Instead of passive injury, it is better to take the initiative to defend and abandon the dollar and its assets, which has become the most important choice for Russia.

Buy gold, once war or severe sanctions, there are tools for external payment, although the gold standard disintegrated, but countries are still full of desire for gold, can still act as a settlement currency.

But it is too superficial to stay in Russia just to prevent such a large-scale increase in gold holdings by the United States. We must have a deeper understanding.

That is what President Putin of Russia has always stressed. It is necessary to establish a new reserve currency system and a new international monetary payment system. From this point of view, Putin wants to go further, but to solve the problem of sanctions imposed by the United States and the United States dollar permanently. For this reason, Russia has done a lot.

Russia encourages the use of local currency settlement in Oil Trade and abandons the settlement of US dollar, with the aim of increasing the proportion of roubles used internationally.

But if the international community is initially unwilling to accept the ruble, Russia must come up with a new way, that is, to increase the credit and endorsement of the ruble, and the best way of endorsement must be gold. < p > < p > Once the proportion of gold in Russia's foreign exchange reserves increases, then there is gold credit behind the roubles invested by purchasing domestic gold.

Gold supports the ruble, and the credit of the ruble in the international community will increase, and countries will be more willing to use the ruble to settle accounts in trade. Like the internationalization of China's crude oil futures, some crude oil futures traders can buy gold on the Shanghai Gold Exchange with RMB from the crude oil futures exchange if they are worried about RMB.

In fact, it also increases the credit of RMB through gold, but the design of China is more ingenious, while that of Russia is more direct.

Once the internationalization of the Russian ruble goes smoothly, the establishment of its own independent international monetary payment system will come to fruition, although it requires stronger economic strength.

Now the European Union has established its own international monetary payment system SPV, which is independent of the SWIFT controlled by the United States.

And China's international monetary payment system has already been built. Now the European Union has just begun to build, and Russia is also preparing to build. There is also an international saying that Russia is preparing to buy $20 billion of Bitcoin in order to avoid U.S. sanctions. The statement that

is absolutely not credible. The market value of Bitcoin is small now. Once you buy Bitcoin of 20 billion US dollars, the price of Bitcoin will soar.

and Bitcoin is more used for underground black transactions, unable to conduct large-scale international transactions, and the value of Bitcoin is extremely unstable, unable to act as a stable international settlement tool.

This is the false news deliberately sent out by Bitcoin manipulators in order to boost the price of Bitcoin. After all, the price of Bitcoin has fallen sharply in the past and basically collapsed, trapping too many people, who want someone to follow the wind to help them out.

In fact, Germany is also increasing its gold holdings. German gold that will exist in New York has been shipped back to Germany in advance, which makes Trump very angry, but Merkel has been very strong in insisting that it must be shipped back to Germany. At the same time, Turkey is desperately trying to bring back the gold that exists in the United States and Europe, even though it was previously sanctioned by the United States, so it insists. Under the new international situation, geopolitics is becoming more and more complex. Especially after Trump came to power, conflicts and sanctions frequently occurred, and the role of gold is becoming more and more obvious.

In order to make the US dollar a world currency, the US government can issue US dollars through its credit, abolishing the gold standard, but as the US dollar becomes a sanction tool, the national credit of the United States declines, and gold begins to shine again!