Eight Films "Fighting Fighting" Spring Festival: Capital Gold Rush New Year Film Beijing Culture Stains Glorious "Vagrant Earth"

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Eight Films "Fighting Fighting" Spring Festival: Capital Gold Rush New Year Film Beijing Culture Stains Glorious "Vagrant Earth"

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Who is the capital winner behind the contest for the Spring Festival File? < p > < p > February 8, 2019, the fourth day of the New Year, the seventh day of closure of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. The K-line chart of the jump in the A-share market has temporarily returned to calm. On the other hand, behind the real-time update data of the Spring Festival Film Market, there is a fierce capital competition.

According to Cat Film Professional Edition, the box office on the first day of the Spring Festival Film (February 5) reached 1.44 billion yuan, refreshing the domestic single-day box office record and also the world single-market single-day box office record.

On the afternoon of the 4th day of the New Year (Feb. 8), Crazy Aliens and Vagrant Earth crossed the 1 billion barrier successively and became China's 59th and 60th box office-office-breaking 1 billion films.

At 16:18 that day, according to the real-time data of Cat Film Professional Edition, the box office of "Wandering Earth" surpassed "Crazy Aliens" and ranked first in the box office of the Spring Festival of the Year of Pigs. From the perspective of capital, the box office performance of each film is closely related to the success or failure of the company behind it.

The 21st Century Economic Reporter combed and found that behind the eight Spring Festival movies, many listed companies emerged.

Among these companies, there are not only the giants of traditional private film and television companies such as Bona Film (A-share IPO queue), Light Media (300215.SZ), Wanda Film (002739.SZ), but also the upstarts of Beijing Culture (000802.SZ), Joy Media (1003.HK), as well as the media companies of Internet gene such as Cat's Eye Entertainment (1896.HK), Ali Film (1060.HK), IQ.Q.

Rangering Earth and Black Horse's Retrograde Attack

February 5, the first day of the New Year, eight films landed in the Spring Festival file, and the ranking competition opened. On the first day of the new year, when the 21st century economic reporter arrived at a county cinema in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, he found that the cinema was crowded with people waiting to enter the cinema and queued up at the cinema entrance from the cinema entrance.

When reporters bought tickets on the online platform before, they found that many films were sold out and the ticket price was above 45 yuan. On that day, many people in social media said that the cinema was full and some people sighed that watching movies on New Year's Eve had become a new folk custom.

According to the data of the National Film Bureau, the total box office of national films in 2018 exceeded 60 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 60.976 billion yuan. According to the data of

Yi En, the box office of the Spring Festival in 2018 totaled 5.43 billion yuan, a new high. Meanwhile, in the past five years, the proportion of the box office of Spring Festival movies in the total box office has increased year by year, reaching 10% in 2018.

According to the data, the box office of the Spring Festival ticket rose from 300 million yuan in 2011 to 5.7 billion yuan in 2018, a 19-fold increase. In 2018, the film and television industry has entered a period of adjustment, and the Spring Festival File has become an "indispensable place for military strategists". On the first day of the Spring Festival (February 5), there were eight premieres of "Crazy Aliens", "Flying Life", "The King of New Comedy" and "Wandering Earth".

Cat's Eye Professional Edition on the evening of February 8 showed that box office revenue reached 1.439 billion on February 5, a record high in domestic single-day box office.

Among them, Crazy Aliens ranked first with a box office of 405 million on its first day of release, accounting for 28.1%; Fast Life followed with 317 million, accounting for 22.0%, and New Comedy King ranked third with 271 million. The box office on the first day of

is more about the value of publicity. With the fermentation of word-of-mouth, the logic of "content is king" gradually emerges. The performance of

The King of New Comedy was not up to expectation. As of the evening of February 8, the reporter had published a report with a score of 5.9 for bean paste and 7.9 for cat's eye. At the same time, the proportion of film production has gradually decreased, from 19.0% on the opening day to 9.5% on February 8.

The fourth-largest box office on the first day of "Wandering Earth" became a black horse.

adapted from Liu Cixin's novel "Wandering the Earth" has won a lot of praise since its release. Some people call it "the first real hard science fiction film in China" and "the first year of Chinese science fiction film".

< p> 8 night Wandering Status Douban score 8.0, Cat's Eye score 9.3.

<21 Century Economic Reporters consulted Cat's Eye Professional Edition data and found that on Feb. 5, the first day of release, the ranking of "Wandering Earth" was 11.4%. After several days, it rose to 17.5% on the 6th day and 24.2% on the 7th day, ranking first in the Spring Festival filing, accounting for 30.5% at 20:43 on the 8th and 45.2% at the comprehensive box office.

As of 16:17 Beijing time on February 8, the total box office of Wandering Earth has exceeded 1.057 billion yuan, which ranks first in the Spring Festival File. Before

, box office analyst Luo Tian said that in the next few days, "Crazy Aliens" may not be able to surpass "Wandering Earth" in the absence of word-of-mouth. In other words, the 2019 Spring Festival box office champion is likely to have been decided ahead of schedule.

In addition, Yien data and Cat's Eye Professional Edition data show that the average fare of the Spring Festival slot is higher than before. Some insiders pointed out that the situation of higher ticket prices, or make more film-goers gather to high-profile films. The money game behind the Spring Festival File

The Spring Festival File is full of capital competition.

21st Century Economic Reporters noted that the Spring Festival File of the Year of Pigs, including Wanda, Ray, Huayi, Bona and Le Video, is in the absence of entertainment in the eventful autumn, and that the "Ghost Blows the Lantern" series of films "Yunnan Worm Valley" arranged by Huayi Brothers took part in the cross-year scuffle at the end of December 2018, but did not participate in the contest for the Spring Festival File. Wanda Movie continued to lay out the series of animated films "Bear Comes Out" and participated in the co-production of "Honest and Clean Government". Recently, news came out that Wanda and this Spring Festival File had more to do with it than that. Wanda participated in the investment of the Black Horse Film "Wandering the Earth" and withdrew its investment. Bona Film, which is queuing for IPO in A Shares, has been a regular visitor to the Spring Festival Files. In the past few years, it has won 510 million, 975 million and 118 million box office respectively with the help of "Macau Wind and Cloud" trilogy. Behind the Spring Festival Files of 2017 and the Spring Festival Files of 2018, Boehner Pictures also appeared, with box office records of 1.046 billion yuan and 3.65 billion yuan respectively.

This time Bona Pictures participated in Han Han's new work "Flying Life" and acted as the producer.

As of the evening of February 8, reporters issued a report that "Flying Life" had a box office of over 800 million and cat's eye predicted a box office of 1.6 billion.

Light Media continued the "Crazy" series as the producer of "Crazy Aliens".

This light does not have too many layouts in other Spring Festival movies, but its share-holding cat's eye entertainment participates in the movies of "Wandering Earth", "Flying Life", "King of New Comedy", "Bear's Appearance, Primitive Age", "Clean Government" and so on in many roles such as production, joint production and joint distribution, which occupies five of the eight movies in the Spring Festival Film. In the Spring Festival filing this year, the new forces of the film performed well.

Wandering Earth has become a black horse in the Spring Festival. As of the evening of Feb. 8, reporters issued a report, with a box office of over 1.1 billion and a cat's eye forecast box office of 5.2 billion.

Looking at the box office of Chinese movies, only "Warwolf 2" in 2017 exceeded its box office. Behind Warwolves 2 and Wandering Earth, Beijing culture is also standing.

During the Spring Festival, the box office dark horse "Wandering Earth" was co-produced by Beijing Culture and Chinese Films, in which Beijing Culture was the main investment and distribution. In addition, there were 23 co-producers including Ali Film, Tencent Film, Youku Film and Mango Entertainment.

The layout of the entertainment industry in Beijing is also a black horse for no more than five years. In recent years, it has repeatedly scored high box office, and has been detained in bursts of money such as "Xinhua Lu Fang", "Warwolf 2" and "I am not the God of medicine". Among them, the release of "Warwolf 2" has made Beijing culture profitable. In the Spring Festival archives this year,


In the first half of 2018, Happy Media was still mired in losses, with business income of 71.724 million yuan and net profit loss of 94.0967 million yuan. Can the release of Crazy Aliens reverse the decline of happy media?

The announcement issued by Joy Media in July 2018 shows that "Crazy Aliens" has made 2.8 billion box office guaranteed releases, breaking Zhou Xingchi's record of 2 billion guaranteed releases of "Mermaid". Holgos Le Blossom Film Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Le Blossom Film") is the bottom-line company, while Ren Xiaoyan, executive director and general manager of Le Blossom Film Co., Ltd., is Wang Baoqiang's current broker.

Although Cat's Eye's forecast for "Crazy Aliens" grossed 2.2 billion yuan at the box office, which did not reach the target of 2.8 billion yuan, Happy Media has locked in its revenue ahead of time because of the issue of "Crazy Aliens".

According to the agreement information provided in the announcement, the bottom guarantor is responsible for the publicity, promotion and distribution of movies and the cost. At present, the budget for publicity and distribution is RMB 200 million, which is borne by the bottom guarantor. Whether the gross box office revenue of the film exceeds or falls below 2.8 billion yuan, investors will not bear the publicity and distribution costs. If the total box office of the film exceeds RMB 2.8 billion, it will be allocated according to the proportion of the net income of the film: 30% of the investors and 70% of the bottom guaranteed. Through this agreement, Happy Media, as an investor, has locked in at least 700 million yuan in revenue ahead of schedule.

new forces in the Internet, apart from the layout of the 5 Spring Festival movie shadow Cat Entertainment, "detective Pu Songling" and "piggy page over the new year" behind the flashes of Iqiyi and Ali pictures. By the evening of February 8, Cat's Eye had forecast box office sales of 153 million and 133 million respectively.