Behind the 4.8 billion wedding ceremony, the "smart past" of a reckless couple!

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Behind the 4.8 billion wedding ceremony, the "smart past" of a reckless couple!

2019-02-18 18:32:03 186 ℃

A 4.8 billion-dollar wedding! On Valentine's Day, February 14, Liu Liang, the two shareholders of Youjiu Game, showed affection in the circle of friends, which triggered public opinion.

Friendship circle screenshot shows that Liu Liang claimed that his husband and wife were shareholders of listed companies, but did not issue an announcement in advance when they got married, which led to the investigation filed by the SFC. He believes that the securities regulations are "fucking" and that it is only six months after the closure of the case that stocks can be reduced, leaving only 1.2 billion stocks with an original value of 6 billion. Did Liu Liang mean that the SFC delayed him to cash in?

1 couple attached to "drama"

Some media commented that, "If you make money in China's stock market, don't sell well if you get cheap, or you'll pit your teammates." On Feb. 16, Liu Liang, on the tip of the wind and waves, responded to the incident and played a big sad card. Liu Liang recalled his so-called "more than ten years of hard work" and claimed that "for a business only 16 years, how do I understand that marriage still needs to be announced to the public?" "Don't hurt each other. Everyone will be separated. Don't pass it on."

Obviously, Liu Liang's "vomiting sour water on Valentine's Day" triggered a wave of public opinion that was beyond his control. However, he really did not know that as a two-shareholder himself, and as a three-shareholder Dailin married, should be announced in advance? According to public information, Liu Liang owns 10.28% of Youjiu Game and Dailin 9.29% of Youjiu Game. When they get married, they form a consistent actor, which can challenge the largest shareholder's technology every day, and even change the actual controller of the company.

Liu Liang was a game fan. Maybe he really didn't know there was such a regulation at that time. But his wife, Dailin, the three shareholders of Youjiu Game, can't be trusted if she says she doesn't know.

According to Liu Liang himself, Dailin has served in Sohu, TOM and 360 companies successively, and is a top general under Zhou Hongwei. Women who are so shrewd and strong, and are familiar with stocks and options, will not know the credit rules of the SFC? The people who eat melons really don't believe it.
The fact that Liu Liang and Dailin had deliberately concealed their marriage facts before they were filed in a letter from the SFC on March 24, 2016 has been proved by


It was on the night of August 1, 2015, Xiaoxu Game Concert in China Joy. Liu Liang, CEO of Youyi Era, suddenly proposed to Dai Lin, the president, and attracted a lot of envy and abused single dogs. At that time, Liu Liangfa's circle of friends said, "At last, it's open, and it's exhausting." In fact, according to the notice of the Securities Regulatory Commission, the couple had been licensed to marry as early as January 2015. The acting skill of

is absolutely powerful.

therefore, although Liu Liang was in the circle of friends, he implied that he had been plotted against the "villain" in response. Looking back on its past, it seems that it is an attachment of "opera". At present, Liu Liang and Dailin's husband and wife have been sued by many shareholders for breach of regulations, involving 41 million yuan.

Then who is the "evil man" Liu Liang implied? This should start from the long time when Ai Shing acquired Liu Liang in 2014.

2 odd mergers and acquisitions and "Tomorrow Department" resentment

time back to April 4, 2014, when the main coal sales of Aishi shares disclosed restructuring plans, announced that the company plans to issue shares and pay cash for the purchase of online games company Youjie 100% equity at a price of 1.18 billion yuan, with a premium of 41 times. At the same time, the company raises matching funds from the largest shareholder, Tiantian Science and Technology Issuance Stock.

With this reorganization, Youjiu achieved indirect listing, and then Aijiu changed its name to Youjiu. However, the restructuring process is rather tedious. For example, before the restructuring announcement, two puzzling equity transfers took place in the two months of Youlong Era, which still seems strange today.

The first equity transfer took place on February 8, 2014. Before that, there were only three natural shareholders, 50% of Dailin, 20% of Liu Liang and 30% of Liu Jun, who held Qifei International for a long time.

On February 8, Youjiezhi Shareholders'Meeting agreed to transfer Liu Jun's 30% equity to a company named World Star Fair, and completed the business registration on February 13.

But on February 15, just two days later, Qifei International, Dailin, Liu Liang and World Star Hui signed a Termination Agreement, announcing the transfer of 30% of the shares held by World Star Hui to Liu Liang at a price of 180 million yuan, and declaring the previous Investment Agreement invalid.

In this way, the Youlong Era became 50% shares of Liu Liang and Dailin respectively. After the two-day tour of the world, Xinghui has fulfilled his historical mission. According to relevant public reports, Liu Jun is the world's Xinghui legal person. In order to sell his shares to Liu Liang, Liu Junxian set up an empty shell company to go around, and finally transferred to Liu Liang.

What is the reason for such a laborious circle? If something goes wrong, there must be a demon!

On March 10, 2014, another strange equity transfer took place.

At that time, Liu Liang transferred his 7.5% equity to the financial investor Dalian Zhuohao Trading Co., Ltd. at a price of 88.5 million yuan. According to the restructuring plan, Dalian Zhuohao will get 20.677 million shares of Aishi as a consideration at that time. With a 7.5% share price of 88.5 million yuan, the valuation of Youjie is exactly 1.18 billion yuan, which is the same as the price sold to Aijie in Youjie.

Dalian Zhuohao, under the banner of financial investment, traveled for a long time with a share of 88.5 million yuan. A few days later, he changed his hand in love to make shares. Is it "learning Leifeng"? According to public information, Dalian Zhuohao was just established on August 15, 2013, and only got its business license on December 26, last year. Why did Liu Liang choose to transfer his shares to a newly established company? Under Liu Liang's high-profile friendship circle of "Xiu En Ai" and "spitting sour water", can these past acquisition suspense withstand the scrutiny and questioning of supervision and public opinion?

Put aside the group fog in M&A, Liu Liang and Dailin's secret marriage constituted a considerable threat to the big shareholder of Youjiu Game, Tiantian Science and Technology at that time. Before the restructuring in 2014, Tiantian Technologies held 9.09% of Aishi's shares. In order to maintain the position of major shareholders after restructuring, Tiantian Science and Technology has spent more than 300 million yuan to pay part of the equity transfer to Liu Liang and Dailin. But Liu Liang and Dailin's husband and wife through a "hidden marriage", at that time in the proportion of shareholding more than Tiantian technology, so that the other side wasted a lot of thought, the position of major shareholders also let people.

It is well known that Tiantian Science and Technology is the core enterprise of Tomorrow Department. "Tomorrow Department" vertical and horizontal capital market for many years, when has it suffered such losses? As a result, there have been rumors on the Internet that Liu Liang and "Tomorrow Department" are not harmonious.

April 18, 2018, Tiantian Science and Technology formed a concerted actor with the fourth shareholder, Dalian Zhuohao, the original "Living Leifeng", whose position as the first largest shareholder was still maintained. At present, Liu Liang and Dailin's share-holding ratio is very close to that of the "Tomorrow Department". In the future, the contention for controlling rights in the long-term game is still in a sticky state. In retrospect of Liu Liang's entrepreneurial history, although he was born rashly, he was smart and exceptional. He could pass the "Department of Tomorrow", which naturally has "exceptional place".

p>style="text-align: center">b>3 weeks Hongzhen's "younger brother" and Chen Tianqiao's "enemy"p>2000, Liu Liangnan, who graduated from police school, made the first 300,000 yuan in his life through training. After that, Liu Liang began to make a living by playing games until he went public.

According to Liu Liang, he made the first private version of Legend game in China.

At the beginning, Chen Tianqiao once won the richest place in China by acting as "Legend". After that, the proliferation of private clothing led to heavy losses to grand games. It can be said that Liu Liang's experience is not glorious. After saying goodbye to private service, Liu Liang did QQ hang-up software and Warcraft Map website, and finally found a breakthrough direction in the latter. In the same year of 2009, Youjiu's advertising revenue reached 20 million yuan, achieving a leap forward.

Liu Liang, who was still unknown at that time, took great pains to get to know the big man of the Internet. Here is a short story to show Liu Liang's exquisite acting skills.

According to Liu Liang's recollection, in an industry meeting attended by Zhou Hongzhen, Chen Yizhou and other big men, Liu Liang saw that the guests had breast flowers in front of them, so he ran to the door and picked a flower basket on the front of them and ran inside.

However, there may be a note recording the name of the guest's breast flower. Liu Liang ran to the guest's door to look around, pretending to be looking for it, muttering that I could not find the note. The security brothers helped me find it.

"Where did the security guard receive this treatment? It's very polite to say don't look for it, please come in".

So Liu Liang felt in and sat beside Zhou Hongzhen. From then on, they met. Zhou Hongzhu invested in Youjiu and sent his capable generals to work with Liu Liang on behalf of 360. Xiao/p>

Zhou Hongyi did not expect that Liu Liang would "take over" his competent cadre and become the heroine of today's 4.8 billion Internet-sensationalized weddings. She is Dailin.

Finally, for Liu Liang's exquisite acting skills, see his personal teaching experience.

b>4 has an advance loss of 880 million!

< p> Liu Liang is still grieving over the punishment imposed by the SFC, with 4.8 billion wedding "Xiu En Ai", while the shareholders are concerned about performance.

Looking back on the performance of Youjiu since its backdoor listing in 2014, its performance can be described as tragic.

Not long ago, Youjiu Game issued its annual performance loss forecast announcement in 2018, with a loss of 880 million yuan!

This time, will the skilled performer fail?