This old lady is the richest man in Hong Kong. She owns millions of shares in millet and collects billions of dollars in rent every year.

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This old lady is the richest man in Hong Kong. She owns millions of shares in millet and collects billions of dollars in rent every year.

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Speaking of Hong Kong's rich women, many people will think of such people as He Chaoqiong, Liang Anqi and Zhu Li Yuehua. In fact, the richest women in Hong Kong are some old ladies. For example, Xinhong Kikuo is the family's Kuang Xiaoqing. Xiaoqing Kwong is not the richest old lady in Hong Kong. The richest woman in Hong Kong should be Chen Tan Qingfen. Chen Tan Qingfen estimates that few people have heard of it, but when it comes to millet mobile phones, you must have heard of it. What does Chen Tan Qingfen, an old lady in Hong Kong, have to do with millet's mobile phone?

Chen Tan Qingfen is a native of Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, and later married Hong Kong real estate billionaire Chen Zengxi. After Chen Zengxi's death, he established a trust fund with 4 billion yuan of assets, benefiting his wife, Chen Tan Qingfen. Chen Tan Qingfen's trust fund owns many shares of Henglong Group and Henglong Real Estate. In addition, Chen Tan Qingfen's family investment fund is Chen Tan's famous venture capital fund, Morning Start Venture Capital.

Chenxing Venture Capital is the earliest venture capital fund company in the mainland, which was founded in the United States in the 1980s by Chen Qizong, Chen Tan Qingfen's two sons. In the early 1990s, Chen Lezong returned to the mainland and invested in many Internet companies.

Morning Venture Capital has invested in listed companies such as Sohu, Ctrip and Ninth City. The most famous investment is that they invested in millet. Now the Chen Tan Qingfen family is the second largest shareholder of millet. The market value of their millet shares is as high as 100 billion yuan.

All the assets of Chen's family are actually under the name of Chen Tan Qingfen, so Chen Tan Qingfen should be the real richest man in Hong Kong. The real strength of Chen Tan Qingfen's family has been greatly underestimated.

Chen Tan Qingfen's trust fund receives most of its income for charity. Chen Zengxi was originally a wealthy second generation, and later went to Hong Kong to establish Henglong Real Estate. Henglong was listed in Hong Kong in 1972 and became the first Chinese-owned property in Hong Kong. At that time, Henglong was an officially designated property developer in Hong Kong.

Chen Zengxi died in the early 1980s, when he was one of the ten richest people in Hong Kong and left 4 billion dollars in assets. Chen Zengxi did not give his assets to his two sons. He gave the company to his brother to manage, while his assets were left to his wife, Chen Tan Qingfen.

Chen Tan Qingfen's two sons Chen Qizong and Chen Lezong have no objection to their father's arrangement. They both graduated from Harvard University in the United States. After graduation, they founded Morning Start Group in the United States. They first represented Forbes and other financial magazines in Chinese and earned the first barrel of gold in life. In the early 1990s, Chen Tan Qingfen's little uncle retired, and Henglong real estate was handed over to Chen Qizong for management, while Chen Lezong returned to the mainland for venture capital. Chen Tan Qingfen continued to run all the family assets.

Chen Tan Qingfen has never worked in a company, but she is the owner of the family's wealth. This is very similar to the Guo family behind Xinhongji. But Chen Tan Qingfen is more fortunate. His two sons are very harmonious and never turn their faces for wealth.

What is more admirable is that most of the money earned by the family has been donated. The Chen Tan Qingfen family spent more than 20 years to rebuild a palace in the Palace Museum. In return for Chen's contribution, the Palace Museum even arranged an office for Chen's family in the Palace Museum.

Apart from real estate and investment, Chen Tan Qingfen can earn billions of yuan every year by collecting rent. They have a large number of shopping malls in Hong Kong and the Mainland. The famous Henglong Square in the Mainland is the property of this family. Now there are at least a dozen Henglong Squares in the Mainland. The annual rent of two shopping malls in Shanghai alone is about 2 billion yuan. The market value of the two shopping malls has reached at least 40 billion yuan.

Chen Tan Qingfen does charity except managing family affairs. The Chen family only donated $2 billion a few years ago to Harvard University in the United States. Harvard University also named its School of Public Health after Chen Tan Qingfen's husband, Chen Zengxi.

Now Henglong Real Estate has been handed over to Chen Wenbo, Chen Tan Qingfen's grandson. Chen Wenbo is Chen Qizong's son. Chen Wenbo is also a very interesting person. He now earns 6 million yuan a year in Henglong Real Estate, but he is still very low-key. When working in Shanghai, he always goes to work by bike.

Chen Tan Qingfen is as wealthy as Kuang Xiaoqing, but his three sons have been fighting inside. Now one son died early, one son went to prison and the other son retired early. Compared with Chen Tan Qingfen's life is really much better. In fact, the attitude of Chen Tan Qingfen family towards money is worth learning by many wealthy people.

This old lady is the richest man in Hong Kong. She owns millions of shares in millet and can rent billions of dollars every year. In fact, people should control money, not money controllers.