Better pet cats and dogs than targets. What's wrong with young people in big cities?

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Better pet cats and dogs than targets. What's wrong with young people in big cities?

2019-02-18 18:32:07 234 ℃

Recently, I read the industry report of the National Treasury and Securities Research Institute on "single economy" on the Internet. The report defines unmarried people born in 1985-1995 as the research object, studies their various consumption scenarios, and concludes that the era of "single economy" is coming. Among the people born in 1985-1995,

the cities with the highest proportion of singles are first-tier cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the north. I have lived in Shanghai all the year round and often traveled to Beijing and Guangzhou and Shenzhen on business. I feel deeply about the "single economy". Convenience stores are one of the cores of

single economy. Among the four first-tier cities, the city with the highest density of convenience stores is not Shanghai, but Shenzhen. The density of convenience stores in Shenzhen is the highest, which is related to the high population density and low average age in Shenzhen. Generally speaking, married people usually cook at home, go to the restaurant or supermarket to buy food. Singles do not have the problem of "eating together as a family", preferring to go to convenience stores, or order takeout, and eat a little at will. Apart from convenience stores and takeouts, the best aspects of single life are renting houses, making friends, keeping pets and playing games.

Outside single men and women in first-tier cities almost all live in rental housing. Buying a house is usually associated with marriage, which creates a vicious circle, especially for single men. If you don't buy a house, it's hard for someone to marry you.

but not married, and can not make up their minds to buy a house. In the midst of hesitation, house prices have gone to dust. The threshold of down payment has risen much faster than the rate of deposit accumulation, which makes people stop thinking about buying houses. Low-income housing-free people's struggle for housing prices, resulting in the purchase restriction policy, has accelerated the rise of housing prices.

The life circle of the first-tier cities is narrow, and there are many single people around, which leads to a strong demand for making friends. Many of them want to get married, but many of them give up the idea of getting married and simply go on a date for entertainment. In such a high-density friendship atmosphere, people will have the illusion that the opportunity cost of being with one person is high, but the cost of giving up one person is low. There are always new temptations, which lead to the existence of a large number of marital opportunists. There is anything unsatisfactory about the date. They would rather give up and look forward to the next perfect person, at the same time pushing back the age of marriage.

This group of de facto adults, whose marriage age is constantly delayed, can not suppress their body's desire to care for the little things. So this excess of paternal and maternal love has shifted to some mammals that depend on human life. There are a large number of cat slaves and dog slaves among single people in big cities. Even if you can't raise cats and dogs in person, the Internet also provides a lot of opportunities for cloud cats and dogs.

Some women are not satisfied with small mammals, but devote their maternal love to some beautiful and childish artists. Men, on the other hand, use their desire to conquer to fight and kill in the virtual world, and use computer games to travel back to the primitive society to satisfy their primitive instincts. Computer games and mobile games have become an important life support for single people.

Games are similar to Religion in that they enable people who can't achieve their wishes in this world to get what they want in another virtual world. From buying a house, getting married to giving birth to a baby, a life of "taking an ordinary road" is not so interesting, but needs to shoulder many responsibilities, and may also face many failures and pains.

These de facto adults and teenagers in their hearts retreat into pets, love beans and games, relying on these to shine and evade responsibility.

Single men and women in today's big cities are in fact a very special generation. They are the product of several important social trends.




China's urbanization process has created a large number of jobs in cities. Jobs in some industries are not available in small cities. If people in this industry and profession want to find jobs, they must come to big cities. < p >< section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > 02 < / P > < / section > < section > < p > currency abuse < / P > < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < p > currency abuse makes big cities occupy more and more near-water terraces than small cities, and has special attraction. Many people come to big cities, but they can not get the mirage of glory and wealth.

But when they see these prosperity, they are unwilling to return to the small cities with gray heads and dirt faces to be ordinary people.


enlargement of university enrollment

enlargement of university enrollment

enlargement of university makes people who should have done blue-collar work go to university and they are reluctant to engage in ordinary work or manual work after graduation, but society does not need so many white-collar people, which leads to them. It's hard to find a job, the way up is blocked, and the youth is wasted in waiting.


Internet technology

Internet technology

The existence of information is extremely developed, which makes people think that wealth is readily available, the true love in the corner, as long as they stay in big cities, there must be hope, as long as they do not marry, they will certainly. There are better people waiting for me, as long as we insist on not buying a house, house prices will soon fall.

In fact, over-developed information, coupled with a poor thinking mind, often brings false hope.



Feminist self-media's mental control over single women makes many unmarried women lose correct understanding of themselves. On the one hand, they complain about gender discrimination against female employees in enterprises, and on the other hand, they require their boyfriends to be better than themselves. On the one hand, women need to be financially independent, on the other hand, men are required to bear family expenses.

is more vicious to attack Chinese men, but there is no reason to praise foreign men. This mental control prevents them from entering a normal relationship.

In this increasingly impetuous era, it is undoubtedly the easiest choice not to buy a house, not to marry, not to have a baby. Not only will such people be less criticized in social media, but there will also be a lot of people who will warm up with you.

But social trends are like tides, coming and going fast. When the capital of youth disappears and the shadow of youth ceases to exist, one enters middle age, and the pupils wearing red scarves in the street begin to call you uncle and aunt.

< p> You look around from your favorite, loving beans and games, and you will gradually feel that speculators who refuse to take responsibility for life tend to draw water from bamboo baskets and accomplish nothing.

Everyone should make sober choices about his life.