How long can speculators last? From the decline of Wenzhou Real Estate Real Estate Group to see the real estate market change, can you still buy a house?

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How long can speculators last? From the decline of Wenzhou Real Estate Real Estate Group to see the real estate market change, can you still buy a house?

2019-02-18 18:32:11 274 ℃

Are there any speculators now? According to some experts, there may be no speculators now, because the regulatory effect has reached expectations, so even regulation can be withdrawn. Li Tie, Director of the Reform and Development of Cities and Small Towns in China, said that speculation has basically disappeared, because all kinds of restrictions on purchasing and lending have made speculators long ago non-existent, so there is no need to regulate. It is undeniable that with the positioning that houses are used to live rather than to fry becoming more and more popular, the implementation is more and more strict and thorough, the voice of the house returning to the residential attributes is getting higher and higher, and the speculators, a special group in history, have come to a special juncture.

You may recall, where did Wenzhou Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Group go? What is their situation now? It seems that there are more articles about Wenzhou Real Estate Group recently. A few days ago, Zhuge found a report in China Economic Weekly that although scattered soldiers were still "in love with the real estate market", Wenzhou people who had always held groups chose to "retire" more.

Guangzhou PLUS reported these days that Wenzhou Real Estate Real Estate Group: from a family of over 100 million, to today's debt-ridden! 》 The content of the article is about the history of the rise and fall of a family speculation. Xiao C witnessed the rise and decline of Wenzhou Real Estate Real Estate Group and the transformation of household assets from over 100 million yuan to debt-laden. As for the brilliance of Wenzhou Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Group in that year, it must be clear to everyone, but I would like to emphasize that what is their ultimate fate? What about Wenzhou after some hot speculation? The article

writes that speculation in real estate has slowly undermined the foundation of Wenzhou Industry. As long as there is money for the speculation, we can start to make money quickly. In order to develop enterprises seriously, we should not only consider technological upgrading, but also worry about the change of market trend, which is much more difficult. One year's hard earnings are often not enough to sell a house. Slowly, there are fewer Wenzhou people doing business and more Wenzhou people speculating.

What will this lead to? Yang Weimin, an economist, said it would squeeze the real economy. It is better to buy a small house in Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the north than in a manufacturing enterprise that has worked hard all his life. China's economic pressures are high because consumption has fallen. One of the most important reasons is high house prices. Even the People's Network also said that high housing prices have greatly increased the cost of factors for industrial development, and make the development of industry "not cost-effective", the real estate market can not become a "troublemaker".

This is a historical necessity, in that era of rapid development, people have been crazy, especially in Wenzhou and other places under the demonstration effect of the real estate speculation group, almost to the level of national speculation. However, when the glory of Wenzhou Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Group disperses, what is the fate of the Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Guangzhou PLUS article is like this, the introduction of local control and other policies, making the real estate speculation group is deeply entrenched. The broken capital chain, like dominoes, swept the whole Wenzhou city, abandoning houses and repaying loans, selling luxury cars, running business owners, speculating tenants jumping from buildings, and the whole city fell into a gloomy gloom. Nowadays, Wenzhou is becoming more and more difficult to support its position as one of the iron triangles in Zhejiang Province.

Although the decline of Wenzhou Industry can not be attributed to speculation, speculation does greatly affect the development and innovation of industry. If speculation is fast in and out, it is good to say, it is afraid of greed, but most of them can not help themselves, and eventually compromise among them. Previous speculation may be out of the fate of a big turn now, but most of the blind follow-up or the end of a tragic defeat. Small C said that this life is not dare to buy a house, instead of persuaded one by one, prices will fall, the bubble will be broken. It can be seen that Wenzhou's house speculation has undergone roller coaster changes, which undoubtedly left a shadow on them. Now it is a little scared to speculate again, and even advise others not to buy it.

How should we view the decline of Wenzhou Real Estate Real Estate Group? In fact, it also gives us a signal that on the day of over-hype, Wenzhou's rise and fall also confirms that there is no permanent rise in housing prices, let alone the unchanged logic of operation. Today's real estate market has changed a lot, and regulation is also advancing with the times. The official attitude has changed since the moment the house was not fired, and it is absolutely unwilling to do so again. The disappearance and existence of

real estate speculation group is the product of the times, not that the real estate is not bad, nor that it is not suitable for investment, not to mention that, as experts in the past have said, housing prices will also make it soar. We must follow the policy, and the residential attributes of houses are more and more recognized. Most of the houses are purchased for their own use, taking into account investment, but speculation has long lost its soil. Nowadays, Wenzhou investors are more rational, and there are more restrictions under strict control. There must be fewer people who buy houses for the sole purpose of speculating and making money. Many of today's investment in housing also takes into account demand.

Therefore, it is not impossible to buy a house, let alone not allow investment, but there is no room for speculation in real estate. Of course, it does not mean that speculators disappear completely, as long as the location of housing does not change, the task of cracking down on speculation will not be completed. Buying a house is OK, but you need to know what your needs, especially hoarding, mean.