Job-hopping season is coming! The report says that 60% of workers change jobs because of low salary. Are you?

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Job-hopping season is coming! The report says that 60% of workers change jobs because of low salary. Are you?

2019-02-18 18:32:12 249 ℃

BEIJING WEFT CLIENT FEBRUARY 18 TELECOMMUNICATION A year's plan lies in the Spring Festival. In a twinkling of an eye, the Spring Festival holidays are over and the recruitment market is in full swing. Have you changed jobs? According to a report released on the 18th, after the Spring Festival, first-tier cities are popular with workers, and 50% of those who change jobs choose to go to first-tier cities for development; while 30% of them choose to return home for development, and sales is the preferred industry for those who change careers, 70% of them expect to get a raise in salary in 2019; and 61.1% of them want to change jobs because of their low salaries. We hope to achieve income growth by changing jobs. < p > < strong > 30% of the workers choose to return home for development < / strong > < / P > < p > According to the "Return to City Employment Survey Report 2019" published by 58 cities, among the people who change their jobs after the Spring Festival, < strong > 51.4% choose to go to the first-tier cities for employment, and many new-tier workers shift to the first-tier cities < / strong >. However, from an age point of view, the over-26-year-olds prefer to go to the first-tier cities after the Spring Festival, while the under-25-year-olds prefer the new-tier cities. The new-tier cities'series of policies for newly graduated young people enhance the attraction of talents. According to the analysis of

report, although affected by some economic cycle factors, the first-tier cities are still the most developed areas with the highest income and the most employment opportunities. The relaxation of the policy of settling down, the release of all the favorable policies such as entrepreneurship and employment, the attraction of talents continues to rise, so the workers who change jobs tend to go to the first-tier cities for development.

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Report also reflects that after the Spring Festival, 30.4% of the workers choose to go home to develop, of which 78.6% are to take care of their parents . According to the report, the only child of the post-80s and post-90s has become the main force in the workplace, and their parents have entered the stage of aging. Considering family factors, some workers prefer to stay with their parents and show filial piety. In addition, close to family and friends, low cost of education and low pressure of life are also the reasons why these workers choose to return home and choose jobs. According to the survey data of

job market people's preference for sales

report, the top 3 industries of the job market people with transfer plans before the Spring Festival are respectively personnel/administration/logistics, construction and education training, while the top 3 industries that the job market people expect to engage in after the Spring Festival are sales, personnel/administration/logistics, finance/bank/securities/investment. Among them, 19.7% of the employees want to switch to the sales industry after the Spring Festival, while only 6.6% of the respondents are engaged in the industry before the Spring Festival. According to the report, many workers hope to improve their income level and get higher income after the Spring Festival because the sales industry belongs to the industry with more work and more work.

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Report shows that nearly 50% of workers choose to change careers after the Spring Festival because of the current poor development of the industry, but from a specific city, the main reason for the first-tier city workers to change careers is to achieve self-breakthroughs in order to achieve better development. The

< p> report also shows that among the people who change jobs after the festival, men change jobs mainly because of the dull work content and the complex interpersonal relationship of the company, while women change jobs mainly because of the lack of enthusiasm for work and the lack of attention paid by the leaders. Men who change jobs are the most likely to be in management/R&D positions, while women are the most likely to be in personnel/administration/logistics positions. According to the report,

60% of workers change jobs because of low salary

, 61.1% of them change jobs because of the rising house prices in recent years and the influence of the economic environment in 2018, and hope to achieve income growth by changing jobs. The actual salary before the Spring Festival is 5,000-20,000 yuan, and the expected salary is 8,000-30,000 yuan. 37.3% of the workers expect to double their salary by job-hopping after the Spring Festival.

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workers will also take into account such factors as working environment, corporate culture, personal development, enterprise scale, corporate atmosphere and work pressure. Compared with 21-30 year-olds, 31-40 year-olds pay more attention to the influence of environmental factors such as working environment, corporate culture and enterprise scale. With the growth of age, stable development is more important for workers.

In addition, the report also shows that women prefer to go to government organs and institutions, while men prefer to have potential start-ups and top 500 companies in the world. Compared with the top 500 companies preferred by the first-tier city workers, the new-tier city workers are more willing to develop potential start-ups. This is because the headquarters of the world's top 500 enterprises are mainly concentrated in the first-tier cities. Higher treatment, good development prospects and large-scale enterprises are welcomed by the first-tier workers. (Sino-Singapore longitude and latitude APP)