Northeast China's 119-year-old brand was aggravated by the fact that 500 million guarantees were prosecuted and the chairman could not be found.

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Northeast China's 119-year-old brand was aggravated by the fact that 500 million guarantees were prosecuted and the chairman could not be found.

2019-03-01 15:46:47 330 ℃

Northeast 119 years old-name Qiulin Group has fallen into troublesome autumn, which has been aggravated recently. After the loss of connection between the chairman and vice-chairman, another 500 million guaranteed cases were prosecuted. What is more odd is that the guarantee company is still grieving, saying that it does not have a seal, the company does not know, so triggered the first attention of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. On the evening of February 28, the company first issued a notice concerning the lawsuit. Qiulin Group had issued a "Guarantee Letter" for a $500 million trust loan of Binhai Airlines. It was jointly and severally liable for guaranteeing that the amount was overdue. As the fourth defendant, the company was sued by Bohai Trust. However, Qiulin Group said that it had not found the record of stamping the official seal on the Guarantee Letter. The board of directors and the shareholders'meeting have not considered or made decisions on the matters mentioned in the Guarantee Letter. Therefore, Qiulin Group indicated that it had reported the case to the local public security organ at the first time after receiving the notice of response. At the same time, the company will actively respond to the lawsuit. Before

, the chairman and vice-chairman of the company lost contact, and all the shares of the three shareholders were frozen. Qiulin Group announced in the evening of February 15 that on February 12, the company received a notice from the Public Security Bureau to China Securities to assist in freezing property, freezing the shares of shareholders in Jiayi Industry, Yihe Gold and Benma Investment Company. Up to now, the company has not contacted Li Ya, chairman of the relevant leading board and Li Jianxin, vice chairman of the board.

According to the announcement of Qiulin Group, the three major shareholders frozen by Tianjin Public Security Bureau are Tianjin Jiayi Industrial Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Pengma Investment Co., Ltd. and Yihe Gold Products Co., Ltd. holding 37.59%, 10.36% and 3.67% of Qiulin Group respectively, which are the first, second and fourth shareholders of Qiulin Group. At the same time, the company's performance is also sharply declining. In 2018, net profit will be reduced by about 76 million yuan to 92 million yuan. Qiulin Group recently issued a performance reduction announcement in 2018. The company expects that the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2018 will be reduced by about 76 million yuan to 92 million yuan compared with the same period last year, which is about 47% to 56% compared with the same period last year. It is expected that net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, excluding recurrent gains and losses, will decrease by 78 million yuan to 95 million yuan, 48% to 58% compared with the same period last year. < p > < p > Qiulin Group, formerly known as Qiulin Company and Qiulin Commercial Company, was founded by Ivan Qiulin, a Russian businessman, in Russia in 1867, and set up a branch in Harbin in 1900, which became the first department store in China. Qiulin Group's traditional business has always been department stores and food. In Harbin, in addition to the Russian-style building of Qiulin Mall, which is most recognized by local consumers, there are also Qiulin food. Qiulin Food includes 9 series, including Daleba, bread, Gervas, meat products, fruit wine, jam, pastries, candy, seasonal food, etc. It has more than 80 marketing outlets all over the country. < p > < p > 2011 is an extraordinary year in Qiulin's 100-year development history. Yihe Gold officially took over Qiulin. The company took off its ST hat for 8 years and realized the "dividend sharing" that had not been carried out in 12 years. According to the information at that time, the new shareholder "Yihe Gold" is a gold jewelry group enterprise which integrates design, production, wholesale, retail and repurchase. Headquartered in Tianjin, the branch offices are in Beijing and Luoyang, with annual sales of nearly 10 billion yuan. After

, centuries-old brands have embarked on the road of diversification. In October 2015, Qiulin Group purchased all the shares of Jinjulai in Shenzhen under the same control at a price of 1.358 billion yuan. Jinjulai is mainly engaged in the production and wholesale of gold and jewelry. After laying out the gold industry, Qiulin Group has successively laid out many industrial fields such as aviation and intelligent manufacturing. According to Qiulin Group's financial report, there are 10 holding and shareholding enterprises. In addition to the earliest department stores and food business, there are two subsidiaries in the gold and jewelry sector. In addition, there are Harbin Qiulin Advertising Co., Ltd., Harbin Qiulin Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., Haikou First Best Microfinance Co., Ltd., Harbin Qiulin Fund Management Co., Ltd.