Which should interest rate and house price be valued first?

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Which should interest rate and house price be valued first?

2019-03-01 15:46:47 1825 ℃

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>> January I wrote the timing of first-line city, first-Timing). Today, I would like to write about the timing of buying houses in the third and fourth tier cities, but I just looked back at the previous two articles and found that there is a problem that we should talk to you again, in order to avoid delaying the timing of buying houses. Which index is more important between interest rate and house price?

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< p > < p > < strong > If we want to divide it into two parts, we must give priority to whether housing price is reasonable or not, followed by interest rate. For first-tier cities,

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< p> Beijing has been thinking that just need can be started last year. Prices have been adjusted to the bottom. It's a good time to buy a house in a downturn. Shanghai's interest rate has been very low this year. Beijing, I told you before, if you don't worry, you can wait until the interest rate is lowered to the benchmark. But today, I know Beijing is the best place to start. Prices have risen in recent years and the market has begun to pick up, so I have to inform you as soon as possible.

If the interest rate keeps rising by 10% for a period of time, and the bank is slow to decline, and the market volume is rebounding, then you must act quickly. At this time, don't wait for the interest rate to fall again, buy a house in the market first, because if the total price rises by 300,000, the interest rate will be lowered from 10% to the benchmark, and the loan will be 3 million, the interest rate saved will be the difference. Not many.

because when the interest rate is lowered to the benchmark, the house price will rise by several hundred thousand yuan, and the cost of buying a house will be similar at that time, so it is better to start early when you meet a good house.

For some second-tier cities, if the housing price has been adjusted to a reasonable range and the interest rate has not been lowered to the benchmark, then you may have to buy a house before the interest rate is lowered, because the financial market of the second-tier cities is less developed than that of the first-tier cities.

According to past experience, the best time to buy a house and the lowest interest rate are not necessarily synchronized. It is true that we can not follow the rules, or we should make decisions according to the rationality of housing prices. For example, Xiamen, I recently learned that the interest rate of the first apartment in Xiamen has been the benchmark interest rate since 2017, but the house price in Xiamen is still in decline in 2017, and has not yet fallen in place. After the house price dropped 20% to 30% in 2018, it is basically just the time to enter the market. In addition, I checked the information circulated by my friends in 2014, not to show how accurate I was at that time, but also to make mistakes. I often summarized the past experience and lessons, compared with the past and the future, the right is inherited, the wrong is corrected, not because of the face problem.

Shenzhen's interest rate was lowered to the benchmark in August of that year, and the market began to recover. The rate of new disintegration was 89%. The market was not so pessimistic and pessimistic as in the first half of the year. It was the best time to copy the bottom.

Later on September 30, the central bank began to rescue the market quickly, stipulating that banks can discount at least 7%. The lowest discount in bank interest rates seems to be after 330 in 2015, but obviously, in the second half of 2014 is 20%-30% cheaper than 330 in 2015 , and surprisingly, after the 330 bailout, it jumped, soared, one price a day, so compared with interest rates and prices, 2014 is the most cost-effective.

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