It's hard not to spend your parents'money!

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It's hard not to spend your parents'money!

2019-04-01 11:24:26 256 ℃

This article is reproduced in the Wechat Public Number "Interesting Report" (ID: youyisi_cn) on March 29, 2019. The author: Liu Huahua, does not represent the view of National Weekly of Finance and Economics.

The TV series "All Right" has come to an end, but the discussion and Reflection on family relations are far from over.
Some people think that all the disputes in the play are due to one word of money, and that the final reason for forcible reunion is because Su Mingyu has money. Is money really an obstacle that cannot be avoided? We interviewed four young people to see what role money plays in family relationships.


The more independent the economy is, the more serious the middle-aged crisis of parents is

Sydney is 31 years old

The more I say that I am not short of money, the more melancholy my mother is. "A few years ago, she was a girl who asked for living expenses on both sides, so soon she no longer needs herself? The cost of living in Beijing is so high, it must be a swelling face and fattening man! No, you have to pay!"

So every once in a while, there are 500,000 more in my account.

What's more ironic is that when she learnt that I had left her job, she was worried that she could not hide a little jump. "I gave you the rent." A few seconds later, I received 20,000 arrival notices. < p > < p > She always said < strong > "If I earn more, you will spend more, and then you will support me when you earn more." Only then did I realize that for parents, children can not live without themselves, which is not only a worry, but also a glory. Since she is willing to give it, I will take it and buy her a scarf and skin care products. Later, I got married and had children. I returned all the money she gave me in another way. Until recently, the child had to go to school.

thought that renting a house could lead a good life, but it was impossible to imagine that the house was linked to education. Two million down payments. Maybe I won't go back in my life.

is not necessarily like Su Ming into a delicious lazy will gnaw old, this year, even if efforts, gnawing old seems to be unavoidable fate. Parents will not plan their future because children are the future

< strong> < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > Wang Lun, 34

< p > says that the size of China's marriage market will reach 9408 billion yuan by 2020, but you must not think that it is young people who want to lose face and empty the elderly. This generation of young people would like to get a marriage certificate for free and go out, the wedding is for their parents.

Take my mom for example, the hotel needs to be upgraded, the fleet needs to be big Lincoln, and the decoration needs to be new Chinese style... Every day I stop my mouth with "Don't make people laugh", "I'm married to your father with nothing" and "I didn't spend your money". My dad is the other extreme. He can't even drink mineral water. The only pleasure is to save money. Nobody believes it. For him, the bank's meager interest is "steadily bigger than the sky".

One prefers to make money, the other does not believe in inflation, and nobody thinks pension is a big deal. As long as I dare to mention financial management, I immediately roared in situ: "My son is born in vain, we will kick away when we are old."

Well, in terms of money outlook, the older generation is not necessarily more rational than the younger generation. Now I'm too lazy to communicate with them. Every day I work under enough pressure. Don't be unhappy any more.

< strong > 3

< strong > < p > < strong > money is a means for parents to control their children

< p > Yi Rui is 27 years old

< p > in my family, father is absolute authority, mother is the only hostess, as long as I live with my parents, I am a cub under the fence of a host and look at the face.

Say that if you don't go home for dinner, you'll still stay for dinner, or you'll be sorry for her painstaking efforts; you can't stay overnight, even if it's tens of kilometers, you'll have to take a midnight taxi and roll home; you can't go to another city to watch operas, girls'home is too unsafe...

Every time I move out a little, my dad will be furious: "Wings are hard, get out!" I know he can't live without me, but I really can't accept this way. Since I can't move out, I don't want them to feel overwhelmingly that I owe them, so I decided to pay the living expenses. Then he stabbed the honeycomb again. "So clearly, are you an outsider?" After countless communication failures, I never told my parents the truth again. Before a husband took me out of this "prison", I made up a lie. Julie said that Su Mingcheng did not wean. I think many family conflicts are due to the fact that parents did not wean. Parent-child relationship is like a partner: economy is one, life is independent

< p > < p > < p > < p > < p > Li Tong is 24 years old

< p > once I went out to play with my friends, and at more than twelve o'clock in the evening, everyone began to check the parental tweets on the mobile phone. Only when I turned on the phone N times, I didn't receive a micro-letter or telephone. When I got home, I found that my parents had already gone to bed. Parents and fathers all claim to be busy at work, so when I was a child, I was raised by my grandparents. Grandpa looked at the four children, but he couldn't manage at all. Later, he simply threw them to the full-care kindergarten for me.

This carelessness has lasted for more than twenty years. My mother usually doesn't wash and cook for me when I don't exist. Only when I forget to air my clothes and wash the dishes, she shouts, "You've aired your clothes / washed the dishes, don't delay me." I always suspect that I really picked it up from the trash can.

I'm tired of seeing each other. My mom just found me a house to move out. It's called in the West. I should be independent at this age.

When I look at it, I go, broken and expensive, and my roommate who doesn't love to close the door in the bath. Even if my mother pays the rent, I don't accept it. My parents and I are economic communities. How can meat rot in the pot?

Rather than being roommates with strange people, it is better to be roommates with parents. Anyway, if you play with each other, nobody likes to talk to each other.


On the issue of money, families have their own difficulties, but the root of the contradiction is the same: Should parents and children be independent in money, and whether the other party has the right to intervene in each other?

We can not simply understand this issue as everyone has the right to control their own money, but to put it into the context of ethics and morality. Fei Xiaotong believes that China is a local society and the continuity of life depends on family relations. At this time, money is not your own business, parents are obliged to help their children when they set sail, and children are obliged to support their parents when they are old.

However, the more people involved, the easier it is to do bad things. But if one person goes astray, it will develop into the same way as Su Mingcheng and Su Daqiang, from "mutual assistance" to "mutual harm". In TV series,

, the way to solve this problem is love. However, love is not a panacea. If you want to cure the root cause and take responsibility for yourself, it is the long-term way. <<





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