Shanghai Stock Exchange 0.68% Station 3100 Block Chain Plate ushered in ups and downs

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Shanghai Stock Exchange 0.68% Station 3100 Block Chain Plate ushered in ups and downs

2019-04-01 11:24:32 209 ℃

April 1, news, last Friday, the three major stock indexes rose sharply, almost all the industry sectors were red, the big financial sector showed strong performance, the brokerage sector reappeared the ups and downs, liquor sector sharply strengthened, Guizhou Maotai rose 5.85%, the stock price refreshed a record high, market sentiment rallied, as of today's opening, Shanghai index reported 3111.66 points, up 0.68%, Shencheng index reported 9976.98 points, up 0.71%, a record. It reported 1710.16 points, up 0.98%.

Looking from the disk, ice and snow industry, block chain and hydrogen energy are among the top-ranking sectors, while port shipping, soybean and Xi'an FTA are among the top-ranking sectors.

< p> [Block Chain Plate is coming up and stopping tide] Precise information, Royal Bank Share, Visible Share, Annie Share Collective One-word board, Quartet Creative, Donggang Share and Hengying Bank Finance have risen in succession. On the news surface, Netmail Office issued the first batch of 197 domestic block chain information service record numbers. < p > < p > Quantom Education is going to buy 96% of Bajiuling in Hangzhou at a price of 1.5 billion yuan, and the stock is up and down.

Derivative Science and Technology dropped to a halt with more than 430,000 handsets sealed. On the news, the company's accusers and others suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits were taken compulsory measures by the public security organs

< p> < p> < b> message side:

< 1, April 1, the unprecedented reduction of VAT rate will be formally implemented, and the largest reduction of manufacturing tax will take place;

< p> 2, China continues to suspend the tax reduction on automobiles originating in the United States and other Additional tariffs on spare parts;

3,29 Shanghai Stock Exchange 9 new acceptance enterprises;

4, Intermediate Administration and State Office issued Opinions on Developing Snow and Ice Sports with the Opportunity of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in 2022;

5, China Railway Corporation: Railway Freight Price Reduction on April 1, with an estimated annual profit of 6 billion yuan;

6,March, China Manufacturing Industry PMI rose to 50.5%;

7, China Home Internet Information Office issued the first batch of 197 domestic block chain information service record numbers;

8, the SFC approved the establishment of JPMorgan Chase Securities (China) Co., Ltd., Nomura Oriental International Securities Co., Ltd;

9, Huawei Yuchengdong: Huadai 5G mobile phone was listed in June this year for folding screen Mate X;

10, FAW Toyota downgraded part of its flag for sale. Vehicle manufacturers suggested retail prices, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota lowered the prices of hot-selling vehicles and maintenance parts;

< p>11, Tonghua Jinma said that it took Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other research and development of industrial cannabis, and Fuan Pharmaceutical Industry signed the agreement of industrial cannabis cooperation intentions;

< 12, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank and other five major banks earned 10.88.33 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 4.66% over the previous year;

< p> < > 13. Quantom Education intends to acquire 96% of Bajiuling's shares for 1.5 billion yuan, and issue inquiries on Shenzhen Stock Exchange;

14, the three major U.S. stock indices collectively closed up on Friday, with the Dow's first quarter gains reaching its best performance in six years.

Institutional point of view:

Huatai Securities believes that short-term concerns about consumption with relative benefits, including liquor with high prosperity, medicines with volume purchasing policy gradually landing, light industry and kitchen electricity in the Post-Real estate cycle; medium-term and long-term concerns: the core assets of TMT industry in the 5G construction cycle, including computer software and communication equipment; and also in the mid-stream manufacturing industry: Superposition valuation of tax reduction policy support direction is more reasonable and beneficiaries from the "steady growth" fundamentals have good expectations, such as electrical equipment.