Unmanned convenience stores are dead: after burning out 4 billion dollars, they are completely victimized

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Unmanned convenience stores are dead: after burning out 4 billion dollars, they are completely victimized

2019-04-01 11:24:32 644 ℃

Until today, no one has ever said that no convenience store is available.

This means it's time to learn the lessons of the $4 billion war. In July 2017, Taobao's first unmanned convenience store opened, which set off a wave of unmanned retailing. Including Jingdong and Suning, countless physical retailers and Internet entrepreneurship teams have been involved in this outlet. Players and capital such as crucian carp crossing the river poured into the track. There are 138 unmanned retail companies named after "strong" such as Fig Box, F5 Future Store, Take GO, etc.

According to Erie's consultation data, by the end of 2017, there were 25,000 unmanned retail shelves and 200 unmanned convenience stores in China. The unmanned retail outlet attracted a total of more than 4 billion RMB investment in the whole year, and it has been a big competition for shared bicycles.

However, the tuyeres come and go faster. No one expected that after the autumn wind, only chicken feathers could be seen.

The first unmanned convenience stores in Shanghai were closed in September 2017 because they could not stand the high temperature. After entering 2018, it has exposed negative news such as layoffs, executive turnover and underperformance.

while the other was regarded as the neighborhood convenience of the black horse in the industry of no convenience as early as its inception, and closed more than 160 stores in Beijing on July 31, 2018. The company announced that it had gone bankrupt due to monthly loss of 5 million , continuous loss and lack of hematopoietic capacity.

was once a capital-favored unmanned shelf, and many brands fell like dominoes. At the beginning of 2018, GOGO Xiaochao announced that it had ceased operation, was the first enterprise to fail without shelves in China. After

, the orangutan conveniently laid off 60% of BD personnel; in May, seven koalas stopped shelf business; in the same month, Xiaomei Chuanguo's financing was stranded and salaries could not be paid; in June, Chuanhami collapsed; in October, Xiaomei applied for bankruptcy and liquidation...

So far, the vigorous unmanned retail model has basically declared bankruptcy.

So who is the killer of the drone? After the unmanned retail outlet was opened, countless enterprises rushed into the market and fierce and disorderly competition took place in many terminal forms, such as unmanned convenience stores and unmanned shelves.

In order to grab the beach market, no-man's shop enclosed land in a large scale, and enclosed land needs capital support, so the boundary between burning money and liquidity becomes infinitely blurred. < p > < p > From 5,000 people to 2,000 people, and finally to 500 people in small places, the standard of the number of people living in uninhabited communities dropped again and again. Unmanned shelves are developed to store containers as long as there are people in the company, regardless of 3721.

The entrants from the first-tier cities to the second-tier cities, and then to the third-tier and fourth-tier cities, are worse than the rural areas. In their blind expansion, they made the same mistake as sharing bicycles. The history of

is always amazingly similar. When the capital winter comes, no one retails quickly into the ice.

The cost of "nobody" is higher

So far, the essence of all no-one stores on the market is only to replace cashiers with artificial intelligence, and the work of replenishment, cleaning and finishing still needs manual labor, which can not really achieve the degree of "nobody".

This means that the savings from no-man's shop are at best the cashier's cost, which is the lowest part of the retail business.

In the first and second tier cities, the cashier's salary ranges from 3000 to 4000 yuan. However, no-man shop has to install and maintain intelligent equipment, such as multiple video cameras, automatic identification devices, and use artificial intelligence and big data to establish a complete operating system, which is the main money-burner.

Moreover, without the artificial temperature of the cold ice shop, the retail rate of consumers after tasting fresh is very low, which causes the strange circle of low flat efficiency.

We take an unmanned shop as an example, with an average monthly turnover of 20,000 yuan and a gross profit of 25% of 5,000 yuan. There is basically no profit margin after deducting operating expenses.

shocking Chinese consumption habits

The reason why all of the unmanned convenience stores turn to insipidity after a short freshness is largely because unmanned convenience stores are just a concept store, which do not bring better shopping experience and can not change the consumer's consumption habits.

Since Taobao was founded in 2003, the consumption habits of Chinese people have gradually turned to online shopping. In 2018, the scale of online shopping is close to 10 trillion yuan. Under the collapse of online shopping,

physical stores that can provide shopping experience have become less popular, let alone the unmanned convenience stores that have sprung up in a short period of time. In the end, it's not surprising that no-man's shop has become a science and technology experimental field.

Never play capital games with rich people

As we said above, 138 unmanned retail companies are involved in the tuyere in one year. Most small and medium-sized start-ups flocked into the market, jumped down, and finally found that Ali and Tencent just tried to stop, but they were too deep in the mud to jump out.

Take Ali's first unmanned supermarket as an example. It is only a flash store that has existed for four days at Taobao Creation Festival. When time arrives, it disappears completely offline. Take Tencent Unmanned Store as an example. It is either an internal store in the park or a flash store.


These two giants have been very conservative in the exploration of no-man's shop, while the vast number of foolish entrepreneurs who do not know the truth are silly full of stores.

Unmanned Store is doomed to be a long-term game between giants about technology and capital, and those dull small and medium-sized entrepreneurs inevitably become victims in the process of business model exploration.

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