Does the property market stall? Hot money in the market is speeding up the influx here, after a year's surge has exceeded 20%.

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Does the property market stall? Hot money in the market is speeding up the influx here, after a year's surge has exceeded 20%.

2019-04-07 08:02:40 9465 ℃

Over the past decade, China's richest market has been real estate. If you can recognize the trend, buy a house earlier, or even buy a few more apartments, then your wealth and destiny may have changed radically. Now, with the excessive rise in house prices and the stagnation or even callback brought about by the intensification of regulation and control of the real estate market, the real estate market is no longer the first choice for investment, so where are the opportunities for wealth creation brought up by the next economic cycle?

Most people must have heard the saying that Conbo is the only way to make a fortune in life. What exactly is Conbo? According to Combo's theory, it can be simply understood that most people's wealth accumulation must not think that you have more ability, wealth accumulation is entirely derived from the opportunities given to you when the economic cycle is upward. The trajectory of wealth in life is the Kangbo cycle. One cycle is 60 years. In theory, there are only three opportunities in a person's life. If every opportunity is missed, the wealth in his life will disappear. If you seize one of these opportunities, at least it's a middle class, so that's how Conbo makes his fortune. Behind Kangbo, choice is far more important than effort. For middle-aged people over 40 years of age,

has experienced two opportunities of Compaq cycle, the first is the original stock in the 1990s and the first wave of Internet wave, the second is the opportunity brought by the soaring stock market to 6124 points in 2007 and the soaring house price. If the two Conbo opportunities are the right choice, at least now the wealth level is relatively rich. According to Combo's cycle theory, the second chance will be around 2019 and the last one around 2030, so you can become a middle class once.

Today, we will focus on the stock market with both opportunities. The stock market is the barometer of the economy, the leading indicator of economic recovery or recession, and also a market with strong cyclical characteristics. Last Friday, the A-share market rose sharply again. The market rose more than 3% in a single day. The stock almost rose in a general way. Securities firms once again collective impact, which is the fifth collective impact of securities firms after the year. Since 2019, the total market value of A shares has increased by 11 trillion yuan, and the market has risen by more than 20%. The amount of funds purchased through Shanghai and Hong Kong Tong has exceeded 10 billion yuan in a single day for many times.

As of the first ten days of March, only 61 stocks have fallen this year. The number of rising stocks has reached 3516, with an increase probability of more than 98%. Among them, nearly 50 stocks have doubled their share prices. The stock market has always had the saying of "one gain, two equals and seven losses", which is generally in line with the reality. Only at a certain stage of the bull market is there more people making money, while at other times only institutions are often at the top of the food chain! ___________ < p > < p > < strong > 2, stunned, foreign institutions smart trading shocked the financial circle! Virtu Financial LLC, a high-frequency trading company, released details of its transactions in 2014. One of the most amazing data is that < strong > has lost only one trading day in the more than 1,200 trading days it disclosed. With the development of big data and cloud computing, global high-frequency trading companies have gradually upgraded to artificial intelligence stock speculation. And the miracle continues: Cerebellum, a $90 billion hedge fund, used artificial intelligence technology in 2017, and has lost no month since 2009. In addition to

, one of the largest asset management companies in the world in Germany has brought this miracle to a climax. Its use of artificial intelligence in-depth learning technology to do a stock speculation experiment, income returns reached an extraordinarily high rate of 500%, shocked the entire trading market!

At present, there are institutions in the domestic market that have developed intelligent quantitative stock selection tools. Because public numbers can not send software, if investors want to get rid of the status quo, seize the opportunity of rebound in the future, and want to know more about the latest trends and applications of artificial intelligence stock speculation, they can add customer service as friends, and then they can get quantitative intelligent stock selection tools. The open time is limited to two. God. Now you can contact customer service to receive the use.

3. Choose to work with machines, Where is AI better?

Artificial Intelligence is essentially a supercomputer, cloud computing data processing capabilities are N orders of magnitude stronger than human beings. At the same time, the development of big data technology has always accelerated the learning speed of AI at geometric level, shortening the time of "year" as a unit compared with human beings. It may take five years for a person to become a fund manager, but artificial intelligence may only take five months, or even less!
On the other hand, even the old shareholders who have been riding the stock market for many years will inevitably be affected by "personal emotions". But artificial intelligence is different. It is made up of programs. It has only logic and no human nature. Whether the market is cold and depressed or fanatical, AI can always be calm and resolute. Buying is not urgent, selling is not greedy, this is the quality that most retail investors do not have, but also retail investors are repeatedly harvested by the market an important reason!

4, AI adapts to the domestic investment market?

Maybe you will doubt that A-share market is affected by many factors, even if Buffett comes, it is not necessarily good, so complex, AI can be effective? With one fact, we can answer this question.

At the "China AI Stock-speculating Robot" results conference, a fund operated by the stock-speculating robot announced its results: in the first quarter of 2018, 59 trading days earned 39.68%, while the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell 4.18% over the same period. This achievement outperformed the vast majority of public and private equity funds in China during the same period. Even if A shares continued to fall in the second and third quarters, the fund's earnings far outperformed the market.

It can be said that the development of science and technology is an excellent opportunity for A-share retail investors to bring self-redemption. When new technology comes into being, people always doubt, doubt and doubt, and the investment market is often a prophet who eats meat, and then the prophet who pays! If you don't want to be a buyer of post-perception, you should choose to embrace and learn new technologies! Today, you can add customer service as friends, receive the latest research and development of quantitative intelligent stock selection tools, from now on embrace smart stock speculation, select the right track with good tools to achieve twice the result with half the effort!

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