Just now, a lethal blow. This is nuclear weapons. The biggest change has come.

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Just now, a lethal blow. This is nuclear weapons. The biggest change has come.

2019-04-07 08:02:40 623 ℃
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Just now, the Saudi government came out and said that if the United States passed the Non-Petroleum Exporting Organization (NOPEC) bill, Saudi Arabia would abandon the use of dollars to settle oil transactions.

This is the nuclear weapon of the global financial world. Once Saudi Arabia stops using the US dollar for oil settlement, it means that the oil US dollar will disintegrate. This is the biggest world change after World War II, and the US dollar will fall completely from the altar.

Reuters also reported the news, saying that the Saudi government has started discussing the abandonment of the dollar in recent months, not only internally, but also in communication with the U.S. government. As can be seen from

, Saudi Arabia has now reached the level of backwater war, and in order to safeguard its oil interests, it is willing to break with the United States.

and the United States is now forced into a corner. If OPEC is to be dismantled, the price of oil dollars is too high.

There are two kinds of nuclear weapons in the world, one is the atomic bomb and the other is the hydrogen bomb. When these nuclear weapons explode, they will destroy everything quickly. This is a terrible war weapon.

There is also a nuclear weapon, that is, oil dollar, through which the United States firmly grasps the economic and financial lifeline of the world, which is an invisible nuclear weapon.

In the 1970s, Kissinger established a firm monopoly of the US dollar in the field of oil export by visiting Saudi Arabia and alliance with Saudi Arabia, which made the US dollar become the world currency, colonized the world currency and continuously collected Seigniorage tax. The greatest achievement of Kissinger's life was the establishment of oil dollars, which made Kissinger a rare strategist in the United States in a century.

Later, including the euro and the yen, all wanted to challenge the position of the oil dollar, but the end result was very tragic. After Trump came to power, however, everything changed. With Trump's betrayal, the national credit of the United States dropped sharply, the oil dollar became precarious for the first time, and the world launched an impact on the dollar.

Russia launched an impact on the US dollar, selling all US dollar assets, reserving a large amount of gold, and establishing a multi-currency currency reserve system.

Russia has its own strong army. Despite the continuous economic and financial sanctions imposed by the United States, it still has enough strategic depth to mediate, although life is very difficult. Many other countries, including Iran and Venezuela, have abandoned the US dollar and established a multi-currency currency reserve system.

and even some well-known emerging market countries, such as Turkey and India, are gradually selling U.S. dollars, whose currencies have suffered a lot from the tight shearing of wool by the U.S. dollar.

< p> is not only sheared by the United States, but also threatened by the United States to impose sanctions on Turkey and India. Therefore, in order to get rid of the fate of sanctions, they also need to get rid of the control of the dollar urgently. These countries are not the most important. Most importantly, even the allies of the United States have begun to sell dollars. The European Union is the pioneer.

The three most important countries in Europe, Germany, France and Britain, have jointly established a payment system bypassing the US dollar, which is tantamount to digging the grave for the US dollar. After Trump announced his withdrawal from Iran's nuclear agreement, Germany, France and the United Kingdom faced all losses in their huge investment in Iran. At the same time, Trump threatened European countries to impose sanctions on them as long as they continued to engage in business with Iran.

But I did not expect Europe to be very tough, not only ignoring the threat of Trump's sanctions, but bypassing the United States to establish an independent banking payment system to deal with Iran, Trump's action is to steal chicken and not eat rice.

Germany will also return all the gold stored in the United States, which is under tremendous pressure, but Germany is so tough, if you are not kind, I will be unjust.

France is more hard-headed, directly hard Trump, almost all of the holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds emptied, Macron has also been advocating the establishment of European coalition forces, to get rid of the control of the U.S. army.

Europe has been a traditional ally of the United States for many years and is now on a firm path to the dollar, let alone other countries? < p > < p > Now the only real allies between the US and the US dollar are Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia has also begun to turn its face and abandon the US dollar's sole position in oil trading.

Trump used the murder of Saudi journalist Kashuji to exert great pressure on Saudi Arabia, forcing Saudi Arabia to purchase large quantities of American arms. At the same time, Trump also wanted to disintegrate OPEC and establish an oil control organization led by the United States, so Trump bombarded OPEC many times.

Trump believed that OPEC manipulated oil prices and instructed Congress to pass the NOPEC bill, which, once signed by Trump, would be a fatal blow to OPEC. At this moment, Saudi Arabia rose to fight back.

In fact, Trump's ostensible accusation of OPEC's manipulation of oil prices is actually intended to disrupt OPEC and establish a new oil organization led by the United States. Trump's strategy is to make the United States the world's largest oil exporter and manipulate global crude oil prices, because now the United States has become the world's largest oil producer and net oil exporter. In order to achieve this strategic goal, Trump did everything possible to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iranian nuclear agreement.

and also forcing Europe to stop building energy pipelines with Russia, forcing Europe to buy American natural gas, and so on. The strongest obstacle to Trump now is OPEC, which can't completely control crude oil prices as long as OPEC is here for a day. Trump's firing at OPEC was inevitable, but it also led to a break with Saudi Arabia. For the first time since the 1970s, the fate of the oil dollar has faced a major impact.

Internal discussions within the Saudi government believe that once the proposal to abandon the US dollar for oil settlement is made, this is a nuclear option, and it will collapse. Trump struggled so hard now, but he did not realize that the dollar hegemony that the United States had painstakingly built up after World War II was almost over in his hands.

As long as the oil dollar is lost, the global hegemony of the dollar will be gone, and the US government's $22 trillion debt will be exploded rapidly, and the US will be doomed forever. Trump is in power now. On the surface, he has won all short-term interests, but in the long run, he has lost the strategic interests of the United States, won face and lost the bottom.

Germany, France, Britain, Russia, India, Iran, Turkey and so on are all abandoning the dollar. Now even Saudi Arabia, the last fortress, has launched a nuclear attack and begun to abandon the oil dollar, which is the biggest change in the world.

Those who do not seek the overall situation are not enough to seek a region or a world. At some point, the sunset is infinitely good, but near dusk, the US dollar is declining, while the RMB is rising! < p > < p > < p > adjust the angle to cut off the Qing and Autumn Period, recruit people to lean on the building, spring breeze to the Qing Tombs, sunset Liangzhou, desert without military obstruction, poor side tourists, like this water, long willing to flow southward. During these two days, the weather in Shenzhen was like summer. As long as I went out for a walk, I would sweat in a short time. I planned to go to the park for a turn, but then I did. I stayed at home reading and working. At the weekend of

, it was still a bit empty. Now it's good to start a business, because there are always jobs on weekends. In the past, when investing, the stock market did not open on weekends, which is more empty.

Today, I suddenly heard an old song. I was especially touched by it. I recalled the past events and friends. Many of my former friends now don't know where to go and can't get in touch with each other. I don't know if it's OK or not. Every day we go forward, we lose a lot of things. Do you also have this kind of experience, that is, suddenly lost, think of the past and people, feel that life is changeable? Welcome to tell me in your comments.

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