E-commerce guru B side: Bezos 100 billion for true love, but Ma Yun Liu Qiangdong's Chinese-style marriage is very different.

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E-commerce guru B side: Bezos 100 billion for true love, but Ma Yun Liu Qiangdong's Chinese-style marriage is very different.

2019-04-07 08:02:44 735 ℃

There are great differences in marriage and family outlook between China and the United States, as well as among business executives. [Wildfire Finance and Economics] There are great differences in marriage and family outlook between China and the United States. Bezos, the world's richest Amazon founder, and his wife Mackenzie eventually split their divorced assets. Mckenzie shared about $36 billion worth of shares and became the richest woman in the world.

Amazon filed with the US Securities Regulatory Commission (SFC) documents show that among the Amazon shares owned by McKenzie and Bezos, she will get 1/4 (about 4% of the total equity), give up voting rights, and Bezos will get 3/4 (about 12% of the total equity). Bezos will retain the sole right to vote for all Amazon shares held by both of them, which will allow Bezos to take control of the company's future development. Amazon's share price rose 1% after removing the uncertainty of its previous equity division. On April 5, American stocks closed with a market capitalization of $9.25 billion for Amazon and Mackenzie's stake in Bezos worth more than $36 billion (RMB 240 billion), making him one of the richest women in the world. At the same time, Bezos holds a stock market value of $108 billion, and even if it loses $36 billion overnight, its world's richest man remains unshakable.

Microsoft founder Gates and Buffett, who ranked second and third, had assets of $96.5 billion and $82.5 billion respectively, and Bezos had little lead. Gates, who once occupied the world's richest man for a long time, will replace Bezos at any time and recapture the world's richest man again.

On Forbes World Rich List, Bezos'ex-wife Mackenzie ranked third in the world's richest women's list with $36 billion in assets; Bezos traded $36 billion in assets for freedom to start afresh with "true love", the gossip girlfriend, and became the most expensive divorce case in history.

From the process of Bezos and his wife's understanding, although they are not green plums and bamboo horses, Bezos'entrepreneurship is still inspired by his wife, and Amazon, an e-commerce website, from its founding to its growth to the world's largest market value company, is also a symbol of their mutual witness and love.

From the experience of joint venture between husband and wife, Alibaba founder Ma Yun and Bezos have very similar experiences. Mrs. Ma Yun, Zhang Ying, is also one of the 18 Arhats in Alibaba's business. When Alibaba got on the right track, Zhang Ying left Alibaba's management post. According to Ma Yun, companies should not become husband and wife stores. Since then, Zhang Ying has become the man behind Ma Yun's silent support. After 20 years of development, Alibaba closed on April 6 with a market value of $480 billion.

According to public data, Ma Yun family, not Ma Yun individual, owns about 6.4% of Alibaba Group's equity, which is worth $30.7 billion. This has not calculated Ma Yun's equity value of Ant Golden Clothing Group, which has made Ma Yun the richest person in China for many times. According to Ma Yun's previous commitment, his ultimate stake in Ant Golden Wear Group will not exceed his share of Alibaba Group. The rest will be distributed to employees and executives or held by other investors. Zhang Ying, who teaches his husband and son, persevered in the most difficult time of starting a business together and shared the fruits after Ma Yun's great success. This is a typical Chinese marriage. Unlike Ma Yun, the founder of Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong, has rich emotional experience. The name of Jingdong Company has something to do with his ex-girlfriend; Liu Qiangdong, his ex-wife and the rumored "love of tomatoes" all add many topics to Liu Qiangdong's story. Liu Qiangdong's current wife, Zhang Zetian, was once a goddess in the hearts of netizens. Since their marriage, both of them have been the most popular topics in the Internet and entertainment circles. But since Liu Qiangdong's experience in Minnesota in August 2018, the number of couples in public has dropped dramatically.

and the circle has been speculating about how long the couple's relationship will last. On April 4, an anonymous source said that Zhang Zetian was going to announce his divorce publicly on the social networking website that evening, which proved to be only rumors. Previously, unproven information shows that Zhang Zetian is still "rough" in the circle of friends; from the side, we can see whether Liu Qiangdong can maintain his family and restore Zhang Zetian's trust, and the people who eat melon are not optimistic about it. The marriage between Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian is actually another typical Chinese-style marriage. The man's successful entrepreneurship and the woman's youthful beauty (Liu Qiangdong does not know his wife's beauty) are both young and beautiful. As for the age gap between the two sides, it is no longer the distance in the eyes of milk tea worship.

Amazon, Alibaba and Jingdong are the largest three e-commerce companies in the world. They are the A-faces of e-commerce gurus who show to the public. As for the B-faces they show in marriage and family, they are related to social culture, as well as faith, experience and personality.