Spend 400,000 as a bank teller? In investment banking, internship has blown to 1 million...

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Spend 400,000 as a bank teller? In investment banking, internship has blown to 1 million...

2019-04-07 08:02:45 739 ℃
Before < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p >, it was claimed that 400,000 people were paid 3,000 salaries as bank tellers. And in investment banks, the internship price has reached one million? The intern's entire task and corrective criteria are only two words: find money! Ten million dollars.

< p> brokers always have endless melons to eat! No, the big melon with one million intermediary fees is coming.

The screenshot circulated on the Internet mentions that CITIC's IBD (Investment Bank) Shanghai summer internship has been corrected with an intermediary fee of 1 million yuan. Girls are welcome to register.

all say that brokerage firms have high salaries. As Top10 brokerage firms, CITIC is the industry's representative of high salaries, because it once claimed that "the overall salary level is above the market level of 75 sub-divisions", also known as "75 divisions", and investment banking department is generally regarded as the most oil and water sector.

and not yet rich enough to enter, this person published a circle of friends also exposed, allegedly no Cornell, NYU (New York University), Cambridge master's degree may not work, once again, the need for Hong Kong's first-class university degree.

Payment push-in is nothing new.

A friend of Qian Li-xin told me that this is an internship agency.

"Someone wants to go to Lixin internship and ask me to be an intermediary to introduce him and give me money, but I don't want it. I have a good relationship with a partner, and later I learned that there are many such things, called internship intermediaries.

However, CITIC's per capita monthly salary in 2018 is 34,000, with an annual salary of about 400,000, spend 1 million to correct, and then spend two or three years to earn back? Aren't you afraid of being brushed in the middle? Fortunately, this person's resume has also been exposed. He has only practised in Junan, Cathay Pacific for three months, and his qualifications are poor. Judging from this resume, he has no ability to overstate any promises.

Is it just an oolong?


/real market price/

I know a consultant from an introductory agency, Mr. Yi. Recently, his circle of friends has published intensively the recruitment needs of four major accounting firms and securities banks.

In mid-March, he has been busy recruiting summer interns from CITIC Construction and Investment Bank.


According to him, the price of CITIC's long-distance internship with internship certificate is 15800 in a month and 19800 in two months, and it will increase by about 2-3,000 in summer.

It's more expensive to go to the scene because the threshold is higher and the price fluctuates between 1 and 2,000.

If you go to the scene, there are no restrictions on departments, headquarters and branches, all of which are uniform prices. Moreover, he also told me:

Do not use foreign famous universities, if you just want to mix internships, a good one will do, even 211, 985 will not be used.

Although he said a lot of "no correction, correction depends on your own performance" and so on, but still made a price:

full-time is very expensive... We can offer you a position where you have a chance to stay... Go for it yourself. Strong > probably between 50,000 and 80,000... In conclusion,

, the highest price of in the complete process is more than 100,000 yuan, which can not reach the price of 1 million yuan at all. Of course, the market price of 100,000 yuan is also sky-high. This "practice intermediary" who interned in Guotai Jun'an for three months has clearly found this point. For those who are not clear about the truth and are rich, it may still be true.


/ Intern Tucao /

, then, as an intern of CITIC, what is it like?
Xiao Ran, a colleague, had just graduated last year and had been practicing in CITIC for nearly a month.

First of all, I was assured that I was admitted by the club on the basis of my true diploma without spending money or going through the back door. At the end of last year, she graduated from a famous university in Britain and joined a branch of CITIC in Haidian, which employs more than 100 people. Although it is not as good as Beijing headquarters, it is higher than other branches. About a dozen people in the same batch with her were returnees.

Although there is no cost to go in, the interview process made her very embarrassed and she was asked to blush.

Her family situation, especially her financial situation, has been stripped of by the other party, what parents'work and annual salary, boyfriend's work and family, and so on, there is no privacy at all.

She told me that securities dealers like to recruit returnees, and the key to is that Haidu is generally rich. If you have no resources, you can hardly continue in this line, especially when you have no customers at first, you can only rely on people around you to find money.

"One of my brothers is very talented, but the family condition is not good, can not pull money, anyway, it is difficult to get ahead."

internship period can not learn anything at all, more than a dozen interns were divided into four departments, there is no intersection. A mentor usually has only two interns.

But the tutor only provides learning materials to answer some questions about company regulations, not to mention personal teaching at all.

Her mentor's salary is between 20,000 and 30,000 a month, and the threshold is not high.

Their whole task and standard of correction are only two words: finding money, tens of millions of dollars.

Finally, more than a dozen of them basically left, leaving only one girl.

This girl's school is the worst, and she can't stay. It is said that her family is related, and she is very beautiful. The company promised her that if she pulled four million dollars, she would change her position. After four months, she did not get a dime's salary. I heard that her family had solved the problem. Now she's going to change her position.

These 4 million are absolutely discounted prices.

"My friends have to go to a small southern city of a country-name securities, pulled 30 million yuan of funds to enter, when the internship turned right, they directly charged 100,000 yuan."

Xiao Ran wanted to mix with securities dealers, but the internship experience made her abandon this idea. Many of her classmates were scattered in major Internet companies, not in securities dealers.

"This line is too messy", She finally shook her head.


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