Who else "survived" the CXO around Liu Qiangdong

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Who else "survived" the CXO around Liu Qiangdong

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April 4, Beijing East official confirmed the resignation of Blueye, Executive Vice President and CPO of the Group.

Including Lanye, Jingdong lost three CXO:

  • in two months. On March 19, Longyu resigned as CLO (Chief Justice Officer). (At the end of February, Longyu, the former Chief Human Resources Officer of Jingdong, was transferred to the post of Chief Justice Officer, who was no longer in charge of human resources, but was still in charge of the former group law, continued to serve as Chief Justice Officer of Jingdong, and also served as a special international business. Assistant, responsible for part of Tokyo East's work in Southeast Asia and other international regions;

  • March 15, Zhang Chen stepped down as CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and served as Group Consultant since June 30.

In February this year, Jingdong announced at the group's annual meeting that it would implement the "elimination of 10% of senior executives above vice president level by the end of 2019". The number of executives at this level is about dozens to 100. At that time, the person in charge of the east side of Beijing told the media that Jingdong Group was actively promoting the transformation of "small group, big business".

There was no positive response from Beijing Eastern to whether the retirement of the above-mentioned senior managers was related to the "last elimination", but it was emphasized in the resignation announcement that the reasons for the three CXOs'resignation were "personal and family reasons".

In response to Lan Ye's departure, Jingdong responded that for personal and family reasons, Mr. Lan Ye would resign as Executive Vice President and Chief Public Affairs Officer of Jingdong Group, effective 31 May 2019. Jingdong expresses its heartfelt thanks to Mr. Lanye for his hard work and outstanding contribution over the years.

p>img src="/1ydzximg/0LfdGTHE4K"/>p>strong>The era of professional managers

BlueYe is one of the longest-serving CXOs.

In February 2012, Lanye resigned as Executive Vice President of Acer Group in China and landed in Jingdong, becoming the first CMO of Jingdong Group (Chief Marketing Officer) and the first CMO of Jingdong Mall, responsible for the operation and management of the group's marketing system. Lanye's scope of work includes the management of IT digital acquisition and marketing department, consumer electronics acquisition and marketing department, daily department stores acquisition and marketing department, books, audio and video acquisition and marketing department and other departments. He reports directly to President Liu Qiangdong. The background of Lanye joining Jingdong is the establishment of CXO system. Before and after 2010, Liu Qiangdong once said to the outside world, "If you have managed for ten years, you can't let go. This is my serious failure." In 2012, Jingdong set up a CXO system and introduced the first group of professional managers, including COO (Chief Operating Officer) Shen Haoyu, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Lanye, CTO Wang Yaqing (Chief Technical Officer), CHO (Chief Human Resources Officer) Longyu and so on. The common characteristics of these people are that they have rich experience in management of foreign enterprises. After the establishment of the

CXO system in 2012, the conflict between the old and the new has arisen. In this conflict, Liu Qiangdong strongly upheld the new school - "Jingdong needs fresh blood, leaving one or two senior executives is a normal phenomenon, has always been old arms and legs can not do it."

also indicates that the "Westernization School" began to take power in Beijing. After the CXO was airborne one by one, Liu Qiangdong gradually gave them full financial and personnel rights, and said that "only look at the results, regardless of the process", almost without asking about specific business.

Lanye is called Liu Qiangdong's "heart and abdomen" inside Beijing. During his tenure as CMO of Jingdong Mall and Group, Lanye led Jingdong Mall to achieve rapid growth in sales performance, and made great contributions in expanding commodity categories, enhancing brand influence and optimizing channels.

In 2014, the structure of Jingdong was adjusted: Jingdong Mall was renamed Jingdong Group, and its business was divided into four parts: Jingdong Mall Group, Financial Group, Patting Network and Overseas Business Department. The subsequent change is the job change of senior managers: apart from the change of Liu Qiangdong (from the former CEO of Jingdong Mall to the chairman and CEO of Jingdong Group), the position of CEO of Jingdong Mall has been vacated, leaving Shen Haoyu, a representative of professional managers who has previously served as COO. However, the prosperity of "Westernization School" was not long, and the status of early CXO began to "degrade", many of them were transferred.

In the second half of 2015, Lanye was overhead, and his position was transferred from CMO who holds the power of marketing to CPO (Chief Public Affairs Officer). He was mainly responsible for the business of Group Public Affairs Department and Logistics Real Estate Industry Department, and title became "Executive Vice President".

veteran+Guanpei era

Liu Qiangdong's self-description, published in 2016, describes the ideal senior managers in his mind, who can adapt to the corporate culture of Beijing East and integrate with the team of Beijing East:

"This person must be in a private enterprise or in China." Executives who worked in previous environments. If you have been working in a foreign company, or spend most of your time abroad, then I think there may be problems in team integration.

On August 10, 2016, the transfer of Shen Haoyu, CEO of Jingdong Mall, was regarded by the industry as a "landmark event of the failure of professional managers in Jingdong". Shen Haoyu was appointed President of Jingdong International Business after he stepped down as CEO. Lei Jianping wrote at that time that there were less than 10 people in the international business of Jingdong Group, and there was only less than 100 square meters in the United States. Shen Haoyu was equivalent to "soft class". The reasons for his transfer are also "family reasons". After Shen Haoyu immigrated to the United States, he almost disappeared from the east of Beijing.

You know, Shen Haoyu was the first CXO to join Beijing East. In August 2011, Shen Haoyu joined Beijing East as COO and later as CEO of Beijing East Mall.

"Lao Dao Xin" concluded in the 2016 article "Beijing East's authoritarian faction has been overthrown": by that time, the former "Beijing East Standing Committee" had almost been annihilated by the whole army. Former CTO Wang Yaqing left early in December 2012, Shen Haoyu "soft class", Blue Ye was overhead, only the rain is still in. From its establishment to now, the changes of Liu Qiangdong's senior management team can be summarized as four stages: (1) before 2007,

< blockquote > < section > < section > < p > before 2007, Liu Qiangdong spoke in the grass-roots group stage;

< p > 2007-2011: local veterans followed Liu Qiangdong to dominate the world;

< p > 2012-2015: foreign enterprise professional managers took the power of speech;

after 2016: veterans took power again. Guan Peisheng and other senior executives have risen.

With the transfer of Shen Haoyu and Lanye, the status of professional managers in foreign enterprises has further declined. Substitutes are the senior employees who joined Jingdong around 2008. On July 1, 2016, Jingdong promoted two senior vice presidents: Xu Lei took charge of the marketing department (once replaced by Xiong Qingyun) and Wang Zhenhui took charge of the operation of Jingdong Mall. In addition, Yurui, the former vice president in charge of East China business, has returned. From 2012 to 2018, the "relationship" between Lanye and Xu Lei also changed greatly: after Lanye joined Jingdong in 2012, Xu Lei reported to him on his work. In July 2018, Jingdong Mall announced the implementation of the rotating CEO system. Xu Lei was also the first rotating CEO of Jingdong Mall and reported to Liu Qiangdong. On the other hand, Guan Peisheng is gradually grasping the right to speak. After Longyu left, Yu Rui, who came from the second management training student of Beijing East, succeeded him in the post of Beijing East CHO. He is a post of 80. In 2008, Yu Rui joined Jingdong as Guan Peisheng. In mid-2014, he was promoted to vice president of Jingdong Group.

First Finance and Economics points out that the departure of Lanye announces to a certain extent the comprehensive end of the era of Beijing East Airborne executives. After his departure from Longyu and Zhang Chen, the current top management team in Jingdong is as follows:

ul>li>p>Liu Qiangdong;

li>li>p>Xu Lei, CEO of Jingdong Mall, joined Jingdong in January 2009;

li>p>li>p>Wang Zhenhui, CEO of Jingdong Logistics, joined Jingdong in April 2010;

li>li>CSO (Chief Strategic Officer) Liao Jianwen joined Jingdong on April 17, 2007. Huang Xuande, Chief Financial Officer, is one of the Westernization School and professional managers. Beginning in September 2013, he became Chief Financial Officer of Jingdong Mall;

  • CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) Li Yayun (the only female executive) joined Jingdong in December 2007.

  • < li> < p > CHO Yu Rui: New recruit, 2nd management trainee of Beijing East. The era of professional managers officially ended and Veteran General + Guan Pei came back to power. Is 2019 a new starting point for Jingdong?

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