The "Death" of LOVEVIEW

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The "Death" of LOVEVIEW

2019-04-25 21:30:04 563 ℃

Tomorrow, Le TV will suspend its listing.

This suspension is different from the previous one. After the suspension of listing, if there is no Daluo immortal rescue site, Le Video Network will definitely withdraw from the market.

There are too many articles to tell the truth about Le Shi. From all angles, Le Shi has been polished. However, more stories and passages have been written one day, and even more grand dreams and feelings have been consumed one day.

从乐视网在创业板上市,到2015年在牛市达到巅峰成为两市中最闪亮的星,再到融创孙宏斌带着150亿救场,再到2018年复牌以后连续十一个跌停板,再到孙宏斌自嘲“断头求生”,最后到这几个交易日放弃挣扎趴在跌停板上,乐视网用1800亿市值的教训,给中国股 There is a vivid lesson in the city.

Jia Yueting's most famous PPT has a sentence on it: "Let's suffocate our dreams together!"


Pictures originated from the network

This time, Jia Yueting, who did not know the other side of the ocean, did not know that Le-VIEW was really suffocating. < p > < p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < strong > Le Video Network: Video website pioneer < / strong > < / P > < / section > < / section > < p > < p > 2004, Jia Yuetang established Le Video Network in Beijing.

The early video website industry is a barren land, all of us are crazy to pursue user traffic, rash everywhere, chaotic rules. But < strong > Le Video Network began to focus on the genuine and charging model.

Chinese people do not pay attention to copyright, Le Video found this feature, bought a lot of copyright with very low cost ; Later, competition websites began to buy copyright, Le Video shifted its focus to homemade drama ; later, competition websites began to make homemade drama, Le Video turned to the field of Internet TV .

So several years ago, Le Video has played the routine of video websites on the world.

In fact, Le Video Network is a real pioneer of video websites, compared with Youku and Aiqi, which are still doing well in the field of video websites. Les Video Network was successfully listed on GEM in 2010, the sixth year after its establishment. It is also the first video website of Les Video Network to be listed on A-share market.

can be listed in A-share market, which means that has been profitable for at least three years before listing. < p > < p > Excellent! You should know that even in 2019, whether it is Aegean from Fengshengshui or the representative of station B of the second yuan, it is still in the state of loss of money burning. In these years of development, outside doubts about music and television have never ceased. However,

Les Video not only withstood, but also created a huge empire step by step among these queries: in 2010, Les Video and Film Industry was established in 2011, Les Video and Film Industry was founded in 2012, and Les Video Super TV was launched; in 2014, Les Video Mobile, Les Video Sports and Les Video Automobile were established; and in 2015, Les, Les, Les, Les, Les, launched Les Video < p > < p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < img SRC = "/ ydzximg / 0Lq1GdCZel"/> < section > < / section > < / section > < p > < p > < pictures originated from the network < / P > < p > in the striking pace, and soon, Le Video Network entered its golden age. On September 2, 2014, Ren Zeping, then the chief macro-analyst of Guotai Junan, published "On the Last Battle of Bear Market", shouting in the research paper, "5000 is not a dream", and a bull market began vigorously.

The reflective arc of LEVIN seems to be a little long, and it did not start to rise until the winter of 2014 when Jia Yuetang returned home, but this did not delay it from coming back.

On December 23, 2014, Le Video offered 6.37 yuan to start its bull market tour.

On May 13, 2015, Le Video offered 44.72 yuan, reaching the peak of its share price.

Photo Source: Tonghuashun

in the past five months, the stock price of Lexun has risen by 602%, the market value has reached 180 billion, and it has become the most shining star in the two markets.

Le Video uses one conference after another, one after another PPT, one after another new terms, so that the Le Video Empire looks bright and bright. <<<<

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>>""/1ydzximg=//////>>>>>>>>>>>>>p > Pictures from the Internet

< p > Now the rejuvenation network was crazy at that time It's hard to generalize it for a single reason.

At that time, local investors may be pursuing a concept of science and technology, or an Internet concept, or a dream concept...

and Le-TV just hit the gun of the choice of the times. It can only be said that Le-TV chose the stock market, while the investors chose Le-TV and jointly created the largest GEM "Black Swan" in the future. < p > < p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < strong > funding chain is difficult to break, creating Sun Hongbin's 15 billion rescue field < / strong > < / P > < / section > < / section > < p > < p > 2016 is a watershed between life and death for the whole pleasure ecosystem.

In early November 2016, when the Lexus capital chain broke down , Jia Yuetang released the letter "Lexus's Water and Fire: Was it engulfed by the huge waves or boiled the sea?" "

Summarizes this inspiring letter. In fact, Jia Yueting gave the mobile phone business the matter of lack of money and arrears, which is considered a problem in the mobile phone supply chain, and announced that he would stop burning money to expand.

In fact, in order to seize market share and sell mobile phones at lower prices than the market, the abnormal sales strategy of buying members to send hardware is the main reason for the breakdown of its capital chain. < p > < strong > Le-VIEW mobile phone loses 200 yuan every time it sells one. In just two years, the net loss of direct cost is at least 4 billion < / strong >, which makes the cash flow of sales unable to make up for its cost completely, and the problem of arrears in the upstream supply chain is unavoidable. < p > < p > < p > Le Video mobile phone suppliers can not receive money, stop bleeding, and < strong > Le Video debt crisis broke out completely.

In the heavy crisis and the four-sided Chu song, Jia Yueting met Sun Hongbin from Rongchuan, who is like a hero of the world, who raised $15 billion in funds and stepped on his feet. Caiyun came to see the rescue field. < p > < p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < img SRC = // ydzximg / 0Lq1GdF4Z2 /> < / section > < / section > < p > < p > pictures originated from the network < / P > < p > on January 13, 2017, and Le Video announced that Rongchuan had entered Le TV. Rongchuang has invested 15.541 billion yuan in Le Video, of which 7.95 billion yuan has been exchanged for 33.5% of < strong > Le Video Zhixin , 6.041 billion yuan has invested 8.61% of < strong > Le Video Network , and 1.05 billion yuan has invested 15% of < strong > Le Film Industry . Sun Hongbin was impressed by Jia Yueting's dream and feelings, but as a businessman, he still < strong > made Le Shi a "golden cut" and got the best assets of Le Shi, the listing system.

But Sun Hongbin thought better about the beginning and not the end. Jia Yuetang's dream is much heavier than the reality of LVN.

Since April 15, 2017, Le Video has experienced a suspension of for nine months . Up to January 24, 2018, after the resumption of , Le Video began to drop 11 times in a row . < p > < p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < img SRC = "/ ydzximg / 0Lq1GdoreT" /> < / section > < / section > < p > < p > Photo Source: Tonghuashun

< p > March 14, 2018, after 237 days in the position of chairman of LOVEN, Sun Hongbin chose to resign. Sun Hongbin's departure has also become a hot pursuit of all media. It seems that as long as he writes articles on the topics of pleasure, failure of financing and investment, and breaking his head to survive, he can become a 100,000 + explosion. However, the capital market does not believe in tears. Rongchuang has failed in the investment of Lexus. Sun Hongbin himself said that "Lexus is a failed investment and has lost 16.5 billion yuan. How can you say that a hero broke his arm?" It's a broken head." < p > < p > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < strong > came to a gloomy end, the "death" < / strong > < / P > < / section > < / section > < / section > < p > < p > if you want to tell the story of LOVEN, you can write too many.

But from Sun Hongbin's withdrawal, or from the debt crisis of Le Video Network, this story has been doomed to end in tragedy.

On April 9, 2019, Le Video Networks released the "First Quarter Performance Forecast of 2019". According to the GEM regulations, it can be basically determined that Le Video Networks has moved towards the countdown of suspension of listing.


Photo Source: Listed Companies Announcement

By the end of April, Le Video Network also issued frequent announcements to inform investors of risks.

Photo Source: Tonghua Shun

and the last three days of continuous downs and downs have transformed Lexus from a big star with a market value of 180 billion to a "black swan" with a market value of less than 7 billion.

You should know that GEM and motherboard stocks are different, there is no ST. The stock suspended from listing needs to satisfy three conditions for re-listing:

picture comes from the network

that is to say, stock can resume listing unless the business situation improves. Otherwise, Le Video Network will face the direct delisting after a year's suspension of listing. < p > < p > Negative news is flying all over the world. Now there is only one empty shell left in the network. In the shell of

, it is the shareholders who believe that LVN will take them to eat meat, the fans who believe in Jia Yueting's dream, and the tears and lessons of nearly 300,000 shareholders. At present, Jia Yueting is still manufacturing Faraday's Future on the other side of the ocean, and the way of LEVIN GEM has come to an end.

Although Jia Yueting has repeatedly stated that he will be responsible for debts, the total amount of outstanding debts under his name has exceeded 7 billion RMB . It is estimated that there is a long way to go before this "oral cheque" is cashed.

At one time, Le Video Network has created many miracles in the history of Chinese securities, but this time, Le Video Network may be doomed. < p > < p > < p > < / P > Collection complaints < img SRC = "//"> < textarea placeholder = "make your brilliant comment s" class = "comment-input"> publish < H5 > latest comment s < p >