Thunder stock warning! Or there is the risk of delisting or suspending the listing. Look at what you have?

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Thunder stock warning! Or there is the risk of delisting or suspending the listing. Look at what you have?

2019-04-25 21:30:05 785 ℃

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1. Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets both fell significantly, with the Shanghai index closing down 77.78 points, almost falling out of a "4 7"; the GEM index also fell 2.84%, while the Shenzhen stock index fell more than 300 points and broke through the entire threshold.

, however, what Mr. Cuige wants to say this time is not the development trend of the A-share market, but the implication that a stocks group with "landmines" may face serious and even delisting risks.

img src="/1ydzximg/0Lq3mIAM0h"/>p>2. As a public company, the annual and semi-annual reports of listed companies are audited by accounting firms with professional qualifications in securities auditing (one-quarter and three-quarter reports are not required to be audited), and accounting firms will issue audit reports after the completion of audit work.

clubs usually issue standard audit opinions without reservations on the financial statements of listed companies.

< p> but also for some listed companies with serious financial problems and risks, non-standard opinions will be issued. The two most serious types of non-standard audit opinions are

< p> < strong > < unable to express opinions
< strong > and < strong > < negative opinions . Just last night, Eagle Farming and Animal Husbandry, a small and medium-sized listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange known as "the first share of pig farming", officially disclosed its annual report for 2018, indicating that the company had lost more than 3.8 billion yuan during the reporting period.

of course, this huge loss amount has been disclosed in the performance forecast before, because there will be a huge loss in carrying out the large scale goodwill impairment and calculation. At that time, it was also dubbed "" by netizens, "because there is no money to buy feed and starve pigs" .

Because it has issued performance forecast, it is not surprising that the company has suffered a huge loss of 3.8 billion yuan. What really attracts the attention of the company is that the annual report has issued an audit opinion of "unable to express opinions". Moreover, because of this, the chicken Eagle farmer and animal husbandry will be punished with *ST treatment after the resumption of trading on April 26.

This is also the first listed company in the 2018 annual report of China's stock market to be issued with an audit report of "unable to express opinions".

4. In the audit practice, the audit with "negative opinion" is generally only common in the internal control audit business, while the "negative opinion" is very rare in the annual report of listed companies.

and "unable to express opinions" means that accounting firms do not express opinions, which is mainly applicable to auditors in the process of auditing because the scope of auditing has been severely restricted, leading to auditors unable to judge the fairness of data and information reflected in the financial statements of the enterprise, which is a very serious negative evaluation of the annual reports of listed companies.

Just because it is so important and influential, the auditors of the clubs can not freely express such audit opinions. The auditors must have sufficient evidence to prove that the financial statements of the audited units are unfair.


For example, in the annual report of 2016, 10 listed companies have been audited by the audit institutions to issue "unable to express opinions" audit reports.

In the annual report of 2017, 17 Listed companies, such as Le Video Network, Bao Qianli, Huaxin International, Tianma Stock and so on, were issued audit reports of "unable to express opinions" by their auditing clubs.

Even four of these 17 companies had been warned of delisting risk by the exchanges before their annual reports were officially disclosed in 2017, because they might face the huge risk of suspension of listing.

The 17 listed companies are Le Video Network,* ST Zhonghe, Baode Stock, Tianma Stock, ST Youfu,* ST Entene Carbon,* ST Rich Control, Dongling International, ITU Hi-tech, ST Baoqianli,* ST Hairun, Tianye Stock, Huaxin International, ST Bus,* ST Xintong, ST Longli and Tianlong Group.

Seeing the names of these companies, investors should have some impression that they are basically the "net red" listed companies last year, and most of the stock prices suffered a tragic fall last year.

Chage gives a few examples.

The famous net-bonus stock Baoqianli dropped 87.84% last year:

Recently, a number of Le-VIEW networks with suspended listing risk prompt announcements have been issued continuously, which dropped 83.76% last year.

and today it is also the fourth consecutive day of stop-and-fall. Although the stop-and-fall was opened in the market, it also fell 7.65% at the end of the market. Before

, there were many readers who asked him about his views on LOVEVIEW. One of his opinions was:

Laojia will not go, I will go! <<<<

, but even so, Jia Yueting in the United States is still its largest shareholder, while Jia Yueting's $790 million bank deposits are frozen, and Levision faces the risk of suspending listing tomorrow:

< p> Tianma Shares, now * ST Tianma, fell 80.57% last year:

Others are no longer listed. The share prices of the 17 companies that have been issued "unable to express their opinions" audit reports have fallen by 78% in the past year, and some are facing the risk of long-term suspension, delisting or suspension of listing.

Therefore, when shareholders see that a listed company has been issued with an audit report of "unable to express opinions" or "negative opinions", they should pay great attention to guarding against the risk of its stock price falling rapidly and sharply.

Even when the continuous drop stop is opened, if shareholder friends want to copy a short-term technical overshoot rebound, they should first measure how much their funds can withstand losses before they start.

6. Studying earnings of listed companies can not only identify potential bull stocks, but also be used to avoid risks.

Our common people's money is hard earned, so we should pay more attention not to lose too fast. < p > < p > The stock market is risky and trading should be cautious.

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